Raigh (EUW)
: Riot's worries about "Urf - Burnout"
I would love to see URF or ARURF as an alternative mode like ARAM. I love the fast passed gameplay in URF, the silliness and just having fun without wasting too much time in one big exhausting match like normal or ranked can be. Yes some champion variety or viability would be nice, so I would rather see an ARURF as a permanent mode and I would love the option of URF as a custom game mode with friends or up to host. I absolutely agree with the OP, the URF-fatigue is more due to the exclusivity of the mode and not the mode itself. Yes l, if you play ranked or normal right after 10 games of URF, it feels wierd and a little bit off, but if it's just a fun mode on the side. Why not? And if it becomes the main focus of the casual players, so be it. I see nothing wrong, asking the players have fun and pay for cool skins and champions.
Moosekito (EUW)
: Too much damage is flying around right now
Ok wow I am amazed how many are confirming my view. Thank you. Now how can we "fix" this problem? I don't like nerfs, so lets talk about buffs and changes. What's need to be done?
: In what world are not adcs the tank killers ? A 3 item assassin, can't even touch a 3 item tank, what are we even talking about ? About fighters, that's a whole different story. If you build full damage, with even items, it becomes a skill matchup. If you build offtank bruisers, you shit on any assassin, again even matchup. Only things that shred tanks are true damage or hybrid damage / on hit HP% damage on attack speed AA champs + kite. Guess what, Marksmen are the ones having these traits, at least some of them. Those are the tank-killers.
The issue with ADC at the moment is, they take too long to come online and they need some time to do the dmg, but with no escape or security. An assassin nowadays can pop a tank as good as an ADC usually with some sorts of escape and mobility build in. I see and understand the problems with tanks. IF they are too good, they rule the game and stall it, what would bring ADC back, what will make a niche for assassins. But right now this cycle has been broken. What is good. But right now the assassins/mages can shred tanks with not too much effort and apc is even better at taking towers. With some lane manipulation, demolish rune, zz'rot, rift herold and ap towers melt really fast. An ADC provides little to a team nowadays. Other can do their jobs better/faster or don't need a babysitter.
Fendokil (EUW)
: 2 problems: those Who play tanks doesnt build tanky. They still build full damage. And mage supports is Meta. All riot needs to do to fix the current issue is make mage support unplayable (nerf spellthiefs edge) and make bruisers have less base dmg or less dmg scaling. Or make them scale on % bonus hp instead of ad and ap. Theres No need to nerf assaasins, those are meant to deals tons of dmg. But right now adcs are useless because of the support Meta and tanks aren't played as tanks.
I agree with you. If you go fill right now, you probably end as ADC {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I don't call for a nerf for assassins. A healthy and fun counterplay-option is all I ask for {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Zanador (EUNE)
: You got it a bit wrong. You are not surrendering your lane to him. The best tactics against shaco was always to just not chasing him unless you have a clean way of killing him fast. His Q+box combo is probably the best disengage in the game, so chasing him is nearly as futile as chasing Singed. So in lane a Shaco will try to taunt you into chasing him. Against top laners he can't win a 1v1 fight in the open field. And as Ronin Tamos said, you will outscale him very quickly if he does not get fed. So you are not surrendering your lane, you are winning your lane every second you don't try to jump onto a Shaco who still has his Q. One of my friends lover that champion, and because of him i watched quite a bit more videos from Pinkward and shaclone than i normally would and they all have a common theme: they are trying to taunt people into chasing them because shaco has a very good kit for juking and then they post the "outplay" videos happily. Just stick to the open field, don't go into bushes, don't follow Shaco into dark areas, don't miss CS by chasing him, and you'll be rewarded by a completely free win. Top lane Shaco can't win his lane, only his opponent can lose it.
Thank you Zandor for this clear and nice answer. Ty for explaining everything clearly. Wish you a nice day and happy gaming!
: Well no one is forcing you to engage on Shaco in the first place. Its like playing vs a Teemo. You will most likely get harassed a lot and cant enter brushes. Keep cool and get as much CS as possible. Invest into MR if he really goes for AP Box Shaco. Keep track of the places he puts his Boxes. Let your minions walk into them if he puts them into your way. All in if you feel strong enough, get Merc Boots for Tenacity. Pink Wards might also help to get you Brush control. Otherwise his tactic mostly revolves around you losing your cool and taking reckless trades.
Thank you for your reply, So I have no other options than surrender my lane to the Shaco player? Just try to get cs and exp and wait for the late game?
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sirDarts (EUW)
: Because the investment of about 10s ever few days that "bothers" a few people is not worth wasting resources on.
Well they did something, now there is no more "are you sure?" and all works much smoother! Thank you Riot!
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