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Mali Zvrk (EUW)
: A compensation for this damn thing
Mate sry to break it down to u but this post has been posted like a thousand time... everybody wants a damn seperate client for tft but somehow rito is just ignoring the sht summoners ask for lately (lately in this case being like the past 3 years)
qBacca (EUW)
: It's just beyond ridiculous, It was disabled before as well. I played 1 game of ARAM and ranked queue was back on, but no issues was fixed in that regard.
U want beyond ridiculous? Last hour i spend looking how to fix it and saw so much probs ppl experienced today like gaining half or 0lp but somehow when losing losing the full ammount of lp.. ppl stuck up to 4h in ghost games, someone got in champ select but there havent been any champs to pick, a summone was told in support we get lp back but at the same time rito tweeted they cant restore lp etc.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
qBacca (EUW)
: Can you focus on fixing your god damn game? Instead of releasing unnecessary skins and other crap?!
The problem exists since like 8 hours and just by now they cancelled ranked queues.. friend of my won 3 in a row with 0 gain + they alrdy tweeted they cant restore lp..
Quınn (EUW)
: its not a new client patch without a good ol bug
probs tft related again.. cant even count the bugs happening since it came out.. this sht needs an own client
Kasadya (EUW)
: wow a rioter told me we would , bullshit company
haha what he told u that?! thats just fcked up.. making false promises just so they dont have to help further
Quınn (EUW)
: well i guess i wont play then
30min? my ghost game is just about to reach the 3 hours {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
rBRobin (EUW)
: well thats not our issue that they cant restore lp, how about we get something back instead. wasting 30 mins for nothing sucks. especially when you were 1 win away from ur promos
i feel u, some guy on my f list won 3 in a row and got 0lp from it´{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Kasadya (EUW)
: No they didnt , what u saw was old retweets of stuff off tft , they will give the lp back
yes they did.. tweets just about an hour old
: Are we getting our LP or not?
riot support just tweeted there is no way of restoring lp...
ChampZone (EUW)
: Client says I'm in game but I'm not...
Same here.. client keeps trying to connect me to some game that doesnt exist..
: Yeah i don't like it either. I likes seeing peoples mastery points if they are under lv4 mastery. Now it just looks more empty.
idk why riot is protecting first timers in rankeds now.. since that was the only useful part of the idea {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Etarga3ut (EUW)
: Yeah and no compensation
Compensation?? From Rito?? Dude, i mean reaching out for the stars is okay but ure tryin to get to some alien species there :'D
: Worst season yet?
Personaly fcked up by the new loading screen, since this major ass bs idea of showin mastery points i cant have a single ranked without getting at least 5 ganks and some massive flame within the first 10 min as hardcore otp.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: wondering how many people will still play TFT after the first few months hype passed {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Will end like dominion, causing bugs for a few weeks/months and taken down after... just that dominion was even better. actually wonder why they dont bring an external launcher for this bs since ppl have alrdy asked for it in the community a dozen times
: For everyone thats confused about whats going on with League today.
No Ranked, No Ward count, No Annie Morde Quiyana, plants on the map animated but not working, wards just showin a part of what it should.... They should just take this shty game mode down causing a buttload of bugs {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Damn, was ready to grind solo queue, log onto league and learn that its down for 8 hours
No Ranked, No Ward count, No Annie Morde Quiyana, plants on the map animated but not working, wards just showin a part of what it should.... They should just take this shty game mode down causing all these bugs
: solo queue
Problem with annie doin perma stuns, quiyana Q no dmg and smthn with morde.. all caused by this new game mode.. but instead of just takin down the champs or the game mode which is causing a buttload of problems rito just puts ranked down for straight 8 hours now. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I want to practice German and Spanish
Lifes too short to learn german
campp (EUW)
: 4 hours and still NO RANKS!
: Well they can't see it before the match loads (:'
Rammste1n (EUW)
: I have 600k on Olaf. But I noticed when I play normals with Olaf, people trash talk a lot. But thats more because my normal MMR is quite low, so I play with Silver and Gold players as a Dia player. So I get your point
haha k so its just the silvermentality as i thought ^^ thanks for the update!
Rammste1n (EUW)
: I'm an Olaf otp and i didn't notice any difference. Usually I play quite good, since I know my champ so well. No one trashtalked on me so far and imo it's cool that you can show off the effort you put into a single champ. Mastery points were useless before
couldnt see ur mastery points cuz of buggy client, but maybe thats the difference when playin in dia.. as i said i just got experience in plat :/ but thx for sharing
: Helps having a lot of points on a champ if you play it in a "strange" role. Makes people more calm in that regard.
I know right, I get fed on a regular basis with top Brand, but mostly my teammates ban him or pick him away as soon as they see what imma bout to do..
Necromant (EUW)
: I lay in the hospital ^^ it is smth serious
Oy veyy sry to hear that, i know the struggle since hospitals and doctors offices got my scnd home rip.. anyway get well soon! {{item:2033}}
: I dont think its right to bash you on your rank, its a known fact that most otp's cant climb to high ranks.
i thought its common knowledge as well since it just makes sense.. ^^
Necromant (EUW)
: I thought about the same way but couldn’t play just yet (cuz real life things). \- 1.6 Mio Riven
Hope it aint smthn serious that prevents u from playin, anyway lemme know when u gathered ur first exp with the interface
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