Agrippa18 (EUNE)
: I know trading is bannable, but how about gifting account?
Hello Sumadija, a small part out of the Terms of use: > You can’t share your account or Login Credentials with anyone. So, no you can't gift your account to someone. Greetings Morphre
: How do you unlock the Master Yi hextech chest?
ukay3a (EUW)
: I just got back into my 50 min game with 7k gold and level 7... lost the game and no loss prevented...
I directly reported this problem, Riot should be on it soon.
Dylbad (EUW)
: eta -2 mins 110.7MB/13.2 MB <------------ Thats what my patch bar currently looks like ????
Hey there, try this:
: What champ should i buy? (Expanding my ADC and Support rooster)
Hey, I would recommend you to buy Jinx maybe, she's a champion with loads of different playstyles. She has a balanced set of abilities you can need as adc: The Q: You can choose between faster singletarget autoattacks and slower autoattacks with aoe damage and a higher range. The W: You have a high ranged spell that slows enemies if it hits and makes them visible. The E: Pretty simple traps that cant hold enemies if they run into them. And finally, the Ultimate: An infinite range Rocket with loads of dmage to finish off an enemy or deal dmg in the beginning of a fight. Thats why i would recommend you to buy Jinx {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Greeting Morphre | Hendrik
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: [7.11] No mastery banners at loading screen
Hey, maybe that could be, because no one in that games had a Master 5+ Champion? Start a custom game and pick a Champ that you've got on rank 5 or higher and look if its getting shown :) Greetings Morphre | Hendrik
: I got S rank and i didn't get a hextech box
Hey, It could be that you already reached the maximum amount of boxes per week as you can see in your profile: Or you already got a box on Camille before, because its only possible to get 1 box per champ in each season: Greetings Morphre | Hendrik


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