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: will sion ever retun???? :(
i play Sion just not often... (i am helpful)
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: Has the Dominion icons been seen out????
Im so piss of why even bother announcing the icon at all? I've been relay screwed over then
Rena (EUW)
: If you got your 100 Wins before the 10th of February, you don't have to worry :D
but i stared grinding when riot put up the post about them taking down dominion and there post never said anything about having the win on the 10th it just said that they was taking dominion down on the 21st
Infernape (EUW)
: You will only get the icon if you had over 100 wins in Dominion (not including bot games) at the time of the announcement (which was the 10th of February). If you didn't have 100 wins when the announcement went out, you won't get the icon.
no bot games i grind my ass off for a week for nothing
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings! You had to have 100 wins at the time they made the Announcement of retiring Dominion. Did you fulfill that requirement? If so, as Lucy kawaii desu said, patience. If you did however not have the 100wins back then, im afraid there won't be an Icon for you :s
wait you mean a week a go??? i had to of had 101 wins
Rena (EUW)
: Hay MortTheOrc As Riot said it might take a few weeks until the Icon is on your account. So all you have to do is wait and you will get your icon soon ^^
thanks im just wondering if anyone has them yet, just abit worried i've spent a week grinding for nothing
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ProTanker (EUW)
: Twitch Free +Skin
yeah you cant get the {{champion:19}} or {{champion:29}} (i have the skins tee hee) but i still think you can get free ones for {{champion:12}} and {{champion:18}} there maybe one more but i cant rember
rctboy95 (EUW)
: His damage got nerfed on e but slow is buffed and cd is buffed. He's not a damage dealer, he's a cc tank.
whhhhyyyyyyyy well there go's a champ i liked to play gone.
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Kljestic (EUNE)
: I had to dodge the game because of this.
this has happens to me too before relay odd only way i got out was i couldn't pick a champ so the game drooped never happened again, i guess i put it down to latency?
: Play-Display on your League of Legends Profile
my best play would just be bard getting stuck in a wall looped {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Is trashtalk reportable? Because I lured someone into a ban again!
i think if someone starts to flame go for it, if someone get that mad and flames every game and gets reported for it then good! i don't want someone on my team who will get mad at everything whats the point in being mad. When am in a losing over and over, I will flame like everyone in lol but then after that one game over i'll play bots and it cools me down no reason to get angry and a can just be happier at just seeing green in my mach history even if it is just bots (but yeah if someone flames in all chat there asking to get flame back just sit back and watch the show) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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Almighty (EUNE)
: Can someone explain this?
because riot don't care as long as they keep people playing they mach anybody up and it should apply to ranked to normal's that how you train for ranked why should it be any different i don't want to fight a gold player when im bronze riot just don't care
Sontax (EUNE)
: "Tobacco is bad for my health"-Graves
it dumb gragus had a tobacco in one of his splashs for his skins and its still there rito are just dumb and like to mess stuff up if they acutely cared about smokers they wouldn't of let it become a meme
Cænatyx (EUW)
: Taric owned Riven so hard
riven nufed to the gowned and taric is outrageous
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why is everyone so salty over the pre-season patch?
because this will be the worst patch riot have ever done enjoy this buggy mess because i don't want it id rather pay £30 for a need game and play that for the year
Bombardox (EUW)
: This meta is going to be awesome guys
all i see renekton now being supper bugge the new items make him unkillbul oh yeah he can out level you now if you leave lane for 2 seconds
Faithz (EUW)
: This is serious
i've not seen no change people still do it it wont change who people talk to one anther
LA Losty (EUW)
: There is always alot of changes in the preseason, this is where Riot tests out new things. Also Riot is actually gaining players, they are a bigger company with more customers than ever. Either way, i dont see the point in making a discussion here, and to be honest i dont care either. Bye.
dos'nt mater how many people they gane, there on here for the free to play that way there, comming on to try it not to spend money on the game then you have to think off all the smuf and null accounts there are coming if they start losing old plays they will start to see the drop like wow did like real people who invest in the game
: I Quit
i've just quit the game for the same reason am sick of this game being the way it is i thing riot is going to lose a lot off people this year
Papalox (EUW)
everyone who voted no needs to remove the noob baton from there bum she is op as hell all ways my first ban right after renekton the game is broken and everyone playing it knows it they just like a free win
: Games are reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally short!
yep eather we sur at 20 or they do the game is in a bad spot right now id wait a bit till something happens
Siguin (EUW)
: 500RP
i will have it if you don't want it? (wait for the sale get skins)
axbalex (EUNE)
: I am silver IV and i didn't get my rewards.
its a bit odd it hard to give out a border and a icon when you have to give out a champ and there skin to higher plays why do gold get there stuff before us silver?
Dara Ara (EUW)
: Riot fix ur s**** ( featuring Yasuo, the one who shouldn't exist )
the game hasn't been fun season 3 i hate the game now its just not fun non of the champs feel good to play because there is always that one champ that op and some shit picks it just because its there riot should just instal a i want to win button just for people who play the cheap champs
: How do you actually mobilize to kill the Rift Herald?
i see no point to it eather you can take it if you behind because it kills you and it has little life so it gets stolen easy and if you have it when a head it makes no change your a head? and it just make the enemy team sur at 20. i don't know but i like the people i playaginst to have fun 2. its like a bad dragon just one that i would never touch why even go for it when dragon is just better and had an affect on the game late game?
: Is it worth playing ranked right now?
no, with all the champs being up in the air trying to make an new meta there no way all sorts of champs are being played unless your playing renekton in ranked then go for it he is broken right now he has a bug where he cant die ive seen him get a penta 2 time in different games when in solo
MrKosm0 (EUW)
: Help in Riven
riven wasn't designed in a way to be skill base but now the nufed her they try and call the nufe making here skill base the best thing to do is keep on at it she is pretty hard to play now and if you can master that against renekton in this meta you are a god
leagues is bad get out wail you can am going to sit around waiting till the game gets fixed in the mean time am going to blizzard
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CrySumPT (EUW)
: > **Ping Display Changes** > > Colored ping bars can be pretty arbitrary to the average player, as there's no accepted 'standard' of what someone should do when they see yellow - or red - bars instead of green. We're making a simple change so there's more clarity around what a player's connection speed is to the game server so they can derive meaningful information from that. This is a long piece of context to say we want to show you real information, not colors. > > COLORBLIND The colored ping bar (Red/Yellow/Green) has been removed, and now displays your actual ping instead. It was removed in this patch
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: lol Sion is an insane lane bully that eats Yasuo for breakfast
some Yasuo's I've had bad experience when mid has fed and out the blue is this full build yas ulting his ass off my poor butt cheeks
: Am i the only one?
{{champion:14}} Mr Sion was my main I love to play him its just all the crap they put him in at one point his Q and R would never come off cool down after ulting that pee me off then they fix it and made AP imposable to play so now he can just build Tanky AD, don't get me wrong he is so fun to play but by the time be becomes strong you have a full yasuo {{champion:157}} up your back shredding your health faster than my nan can devour a plate of brandy snaps {{item:3070}} {{champion:14}}
Frederico (EUW)
: Bug with Sion
If this is true am playing me some sion! {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:14}}
Shiroe x (EUW)
: People really buy freaking stars and plots on the dam moon? really. If you own a house and the surrounding land (buy/bought) Then you can do what you like. unless you want to build a house on your land. you need building permits ect. Renting you own nothing. It's common sense what ownership is. Well i would think everyone know's. just the let those moon land owners out there get more land {{champion:131}}
Perilum (EUW)
: No you don't. Don't argue with law, if you don't know them. Software is a licence like music. You're allowed to use it. You're not the owner. The LoL account belongs to Riot. So they can ban you or do whatever they want with that account. You only own the licence to use it. Please read the terms and conditions and take some time to understand and learn law.
Law is a funny thing when it comes to owning something this is with everything by U.S. and most intranasal you cannot own anything that's in space yet you can buy stars and plots on the moon? even coming down to housing if you have a endangered animal make it home in your back garden you cannot evicted it, so dose that animal own you land now? with out giving you money? in any case its swing and roundabout some law will state yes you have right to what you own but will never tell you what ownership is? {{item:3070}} {{champion:14}}
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Sorry, but no. We knew we had three refund tickets, and that was it. Riot is a company, not a charity.
I know there not a charity and all but... they all ready have that money that money is never getting back to you so there is no harm in give you back 3 refund tickets at the start of a new season you know when everyone has to start playing ranked again AND! if anyone one says but you can refund skins for new ones and they wont make any money. I say NO Sir! they volt skins all the time that you can never get and bring new ones out all the time would you refund UFO Corki {{champion:42}} just because for a Project skin HELL NO! you would buy the new skin and have 2 Rito is just greedy some times hell they would make you pay for champs if they could.
: Why don't u play Riven yourself then, if she is so broken and op She is fun to play and like u said "no risk, high reward" Why don't u abuse it? If u think it is that easy, do it The only thing that makes her broken is u, because u don't accept the fact that she is balanced and u are just too scared of her, that's you problem u have 0 confidence in playing against her that's why u lose
What? I see why you would say yeah play the broken champ but if everyone on league did this there would only be 8 champs in the game 2. why do you want op champs in the game its no fun for anyone if some says that's a noob champ and your rolling your face on the key board to win what skill do you think you have it then make you "scared" to play champs that do then you get flamed by the person playing riven
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Mortishar (EUNE)
: I am So sorry
dose this happen any more do people honner my hat go's off to you sir
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: Where Are All The Zed Skins?
well is same for Azir, Zac, Gnar, Kalista even Rek and Bard and some more...
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