Rhymas (EUW)
: Awww.You are so kind {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
haha ye cuz people argue and or fight to much im semi stuck in my elo ha ha and ofc of some choises i make during the game
Rhymas (EUW)
: _**- Summoner name:Yoda Does Yoga - Age:23 - Current Ranked Tier:G2 - Main position:Jungle/Support - Main champions:Shen/Alistar/Morgana - Why you want to play in a team:For once I would love to play with a team that has synergy and wants to improve 2gether towards higher Level.**_
league really need more of these kind of players +1 > - Why you want to play in a team:For once I would love to play with a team that has synergy and wants to improve 2gether towards higher Level.**_
: Visility Gaming - LF Botlane for our ranked team! (NL)
: From Ireland but I live in Netherlands so that's why my name is 'Meows' in dutch :D
aah ye figured im from the netherlands aswell , but ye names u never know where people are from , but cool that u live here now , what brought u here ?
: DuoQ partner!
Hmm are you dutch ?
Armakar (EUW)
: You can't main 3 roles. Pick one.
Pamcakes (EUW)
: Girl looking for people to play with , add me!
Alcrid (EUW)
Add'd u , i feel every single point u made out in this topic ( about the game play )
: hard stuck gold 1 draven shitlord lf teammate
Tyler would be embrased with this draven kda
: Master elo support main lf SMURFS, Silver 2. 3-5 men premade.
aah i see , well im always in for a fun play feel free to add
: Master elo support main lf SMURFS, Silver 2. 3-5 men premade.
why stick around in silver elo shouldnt be much fun for u in there xD
Tc DarT (EUW)
: Team Chemical eSports [EU] LF Head Coach
http://school.egg-one.com/en/league-of-legends-lessons/4058 that's a legit coach in case one with a pro history
Killio (EUW)
: G2 (D2) Support searching ADC g1+
no problem i might add u on my main later but ull see the ''add'd u'' comment if i do
Killio (EUW)
: G2 (D2) Support searching ADC g1+
Add'd u :) {{champion:42}}
Valarin (EUW)
Trick , 28 , Netherlands , S5 , Corki luc , mf , kog , cait , sivir , urgot , jinx , Mortalitas
1LLuSïoN (EUW)
: Dutch marksman main LF people to play normals with!
xSilvestr3 ook uit nederland plat 2 en silver 1
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Déàth (EUW)
: Would you mind taking a look at my [thread](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/PHptrGEi-lft-ex-diamond-support-looking-for-semi-serious-team-read-inside)? I believe it will cover most of the information you might ask me in case I contact you.
: Hey I wouldnt mind supporting for you team, add Tombi Toni in game if you are still looking for someone :)
sorry man ur comp now is full adc , looking for a main support
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Simonixx (EUW)
: how much per hours?
ye i got some people now that are willing to coach me abit because they wanna help people not earn cash of it
: LF Coach for Jung/Adc role
smurf doesnt say it is a high elo player smurf simply means he got more than 1 account :D anyway indeed outa bronze boost is with a carry role , carry isnt the problem problem is too stand up as a leader ingame so people will follow up things beisde going solo all de time and get that flame game going on
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
if u get reported for verbal abuse a counting goes of to see how many u get in a sergent time . from there u get restrictions there is no tribunal or w.e dat looks over it
: When I leave a game, why do I get reported for inappropriate language?
i do think the system is corrupt from the reports , because other teams also report u for verbal abuse when u just simply rekt em and in revenge they fake report u and u'd get eventually a chat rest too this need to be fixed or remove report for verbal abuse and screenshot the player flaming and send in through a ticket
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: Ranked team looking for a jungler (Silver/Gold)
Feel free 2 add me ! i play 7 days a week esp after 6 pm Currently silver 3 i and i play all lanes , weakest is midlane rest i can survive easy Jung / Support main Regard xSilvestr3
: Last Season Plat 3 ADC (currenlty Gold 3 ) LF Gold 3+ Supp for DuoQ
Funny thing is i got the exact same thing with adc's i moved from NA server to Euw as former plat 4 and prov's got me in S2 here but G G hard 2 find any follow up adc's
Tweetee (EUW)
: Last season silver, but obviously this time ur acc got hacked (like, obviously some1 is gonna hack ur acc just to play provisionals). Damn man, this post rly made my day. Keep telling urself ur just way better than the other people in silver, instead of actually improve. That's the way to Diamond right there!
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