: Like I said before: >I see that Jayce and Kata are a premade with a really good winrate together, they simply didnt have a good game. That happens. But Lee just... Didnt have the same skill as rest of the players in said game.
then he probably had an off game, he probably still turbo climbing
: So you are telling me that 6 plat 4 players and 2 fellas on a huge win streak in Gold2 have Gold4 MMR? Oh I don't think so.
I would 100% rather have a gold 2 player with 30 games on my team than a plat 4 player with 700 games
: MMR is screwed this season. I did placement match 1, on my 2nd account in TFT last week. Here is what i was up against player 1 Gold 3/94LP player 2 unranked player 3 Gold 3/15 LP player 4 Bronze 4/74LP player 5 Gold 3/34LP player 6 Gold 4/46LP player 7 Gold 3/0LP Here is a [picture](https://ibb.co/9sWNX36) And all i got was iron 1, 1 LP. Please come clean with your MMR riot.
Thats tft and thats your first placement game. Maybe look stuff up before firing shots
: So, how exactly is this matchmaking balanced?
enemy team is a bunch of hardstuck p4's
: The Most Hated Role?
ADC I guess people just how freelo support was


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