Smerk (EUW)
: I don't know about limited icons. Maybe those that were granted as mission rewards? I have one of those equipped right now, but boards icon isn't updated yet. Boards icon shows green hand and I think it can be counted as limited one as well, you couldn't buy it in the store. And now I equipped Kayn icon, one of those we got as reward for his release mission
U got the Baleful Grasp icon (green hand) from the mystery icon box?
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Yup. Part of the fun of banning rengar every game.
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: He's from the Netherlands iirc, so I'm fairly certain it was EUW.
ahh thank you
Rondö (EUW)
: what happened to him? he still alive?
y go check his you tube
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: Doesn't that describe about 75% of female champions?
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: Cool places to take your girlfriend to
Saibbo (EUW)
: Kinda the wrong place to ask LUL Cinema? Did you watch the Black Panter film yet?
no i watched red sparrow but my atention was on her xd
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: > [{quoted}](name=Gmrs Fnatics,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=U6sEbAkF,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-03-10T00:09:39.896+0000) > > Hard to find the perfect one, isn't it? :) well, it was more like a trade, i would go out with her to places of her choice, and she would play whatever i was playing, Ragnarok online, MU, BoI, lineage 2 and since 2012 LOL, otherwise things wouldnt have worked out :P
: wrong boards.. noone would play league if he got a gf
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TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Where is the joke, dude? YOU BETAYED ME!!!!
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