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: > Again i climbed to platinum 2 with no problems, and again exactly at platinum 2 i started getting some degenerate players. Riot has no control over how players actually play during a match, matchmaker is working fine aslong as those players have a similar MMR > What about fixing matchmaking instead of making 900th skin for lux? Well you don't want the art team working on code, so the two things are entirely unrelated > Meanwhile rito is deciding which champion to rework, what the theme for the next skin for lux will be. Again, entirely different teams :P
No it's not fine, it's a complete fiesta of coinflip matchmaking. I've ppl in my friendslist that were diamond/plat etc in most of the other seasons and they r now 1 rank bellow and struggling to go to their ranks, and i've friends that barely played ranked in their life and were always silver that are even getting to low/mid plat (and not getting boosted, playing by themselves) r u gonna tell me that the diamond/plat players downgraded and the hardstuck silver players improved that much? Hell no, it's totaly coinflip unless u'r a chalenger smurf. Some ppl get lucky, some dont.
Haze97 (EUW)
: My games look similar now. Multiple under 30% winrate players in every %%%%ing match. I am considering leaving this game for good because it is an insult to match me with such shit players when I have an above 60% winrate at any given time.
It's coinflip af dude, and then i look at ppl from my friends list that were silver players for like 4 seasons and are now plat 3 with 70% wr in under 100 games (?????) like HELLO RIOT? (and none of this players is smurfing or getting boosted) And i see their match history and they have like 10 to 15 games win streak where they always go vs players that end game with scores like "3-10" "5-15" etc, %%%%ing coinflip matchmaking, u'r either lucky or gg.
: Sudden FPS drops around 7-10th minute of the game
Wow that just happened to me right now, all of the sudden i couldnt move (trying to reconect while internet was working perfectly) reconected to the game and was playing with a huge fps drop. I usually play around 200fps (or 144locked) and i was playing at 90-110 after reconecting.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: 28th. It was always scheduled to be released then.
So it kinda makes no sense "day 5 started" if it actually starts next day... ?_? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Remmeh (EUW)
: Disapointed on how this season start is being handled, especially as an EU player.
%%%%ing boozekill indeed, i had like 5 days to pick from work break from last year (days i didnt use for hollydays) i chose today and tomorrow, i wake up and see this %%%%ing shit. If they had previous anounced about (urf/sylas) were coming later, i wouldnt use this days i had. Was all hyped for nothing, thanks riot.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: Soft reset? Not.
If i got g4 in 1st placement then u can most likely get plat if u win 9 more{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: About season 9
Indeed, im triggered af too mate. Like, why u do this to us riot, whyyyyyyyyy????{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: The r word is actually on the zero-tolerance too iirc :(. That will most liekly be why support can't really assist. >You could talk about the "%%%%%%ed" but i didnt directly insulted anyone The thing is you did direct this at someone when you said "are _**you**_". In future it's best to just not engage with these people at all. Muting and reporting is always the best course of action.
There's a difference between "you are" and "are you?", you wouldnt be ofended irl if u made a stupid statement about something and i just asked u if u were %%%%%%ed and this is not me beeing rude, now u cant actually say anything in chat? It's not like i said "u are a %%%ing %%%%%%edd" asking is not the same as directly insulting and you know im right. But that wasnt even the point since the support problem ended up beeing the "K" word and me quoting him he spoke a bit about the R word but he got to the conclusion i wasnt actually beeing ofensive.
: >idk if it's necessary or not mate It's definitely only one report that's needed. You can find the source here from Riot Tantrum confirming: >Multiple reports do NOT increase the likelihood of flagging a game for review. One report is all it takes. There is no benefit to asking for others to report a player. source: One thing worth noting is it can take the system a game or two to catch up with people. The K acronym is on the zero-tolerance list though you are right. It's generally best not to repeat it, even when report calling as a result. Again though, without chat logs I can't really over analyze the situation and offer advice because I can't really see what was said :(
Oke i'll give ya. Game 1 Pre-Game Bunny Pooh: yo Bunny Pooh: can i adc ? coz premades and she got filled? Bunny Pooh: can i adc or not? Bunny Pooh: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Bunny Pooh: he's afk... Bunny Pooh: he wont even pick lmao Bunny Pooh: ok In-Game Bunny Pooh: some ppl max Q on jax others W and i still dont know wich one is better Bunny Pooh: since i usually max E ^^ Bunny Pooh: in champgg most frequent is W highest win rate is Q Bunny Pooh: ok Bunny Pooh: i pressed ignite wtf Bunny Pooh: i need help Bunny Pooh: he has no ult Bunny Pooh: neither fiora Bunny Pooh: wait gragas was there too wtf Bunny Pooh: i have smite on death recap Bunny Pooh: idk Bunny Pooh: but i have Bunny Pooh: rly kassa? u had to make my death not worth? Bunny Pooh: stop pretending to be better lmao xD Bunny Pooh: wouldnt call beeing fed outplay Bunny Pooh: lmao tp was nerfed go to champgg are u %%%%%%ed? Bunny Pooh: r u inting too ? c: Bunny Pooh: we wont win so hard lmao Bunny Pooh: ye u dead Bunny Pooh: i got 900gold out of fizz u high? Bunny Pooh: k we cant baron Bunny Pooh: do baron Bunny Pooh: she pinged mana coz heal to kassa xD Bunny Pooh: ez game Bunny Pooh: banned Post-Game Bunny Pooh: lets ban fizz Bunny Pooh: report him for "%%%" Bunny Pooh: but report fizz Bunny Pooh: write on report "he said %%%" Bunny Pooh: idk but pls report fizz and type that Bunny Pooh: he will get banend 100% Bunny Pooh: *banned Yes i "spamed" he was still talking in the post game chat beeing ofensive xD You could talk about the "%%%%%%ed" but i didnt directly insulted anyone, they were just spaming "ahahah everythihg explained why u suck ignite on jax noob" so i just made a statement and a question. Also i muted them all arround the "i got 900 gold..." and un.muted the last 2mins of the game when we made the comeback.
: Hi Bunny Pooh, A few things with your post: Report calling is a bit of a moot point. All a report does is trigger a review of the game by the system. Multiple reports don't make it "scrutinize" the game any further - so repeating what someone said to call for reports isn't necessary (or encouraged). Unfortunately without your chat logs, your story is just that. Posting them means we can check and see if that was the specific reason, or if there is more involved. Would you be able to clarify if you've had any previous chat restrictions as well?
Hello Cyclone, idk if it's necessary or not mate, i'm not sure how the system works coz it's said that the "k" word is 100% bannable and yet i've seen some players go on with it, but sometimes u'r frustrated so u just ask to report that person, so i did, and i wont say "report" without the info why im asking to report. No, i never had any punishment or any restriction, i've always been a honorable player (was already honor 5 for kinda long time) still have those old honor icons for back in the day xD dont recall anyone even saying "u're toxic, stop flaming" whatsoever.
: Unnecessarily or not, it's unfair af, havent done anything wrong. I know it doesnt care, like u said it's automated. I spoke with a support in live chat till the support noticed it was a quote and not me saying, was told to wait what it could take a day, and i've been ignored since that live chat 4 days ago. Tried reaching out another support with a different ticket but even tho he understood he told me i had reply to the same ticket i started, but those just ignore me.
And im pretty sure even you or most ppl already did "report this player (for wtv reason)" Or "report this dude" and someone asks "why" and u tell them why, lmao
Mada (EUW)
: So basically you think the automated system that checks if you say something flagged as bad cares if you're just unnecessarily quoting someone? I understand
Unnecessarily or not, it's unfair af, havent done anything wrong. I know it doesnt care, like u said it's automated. I spoke with a support in live chat till the support noticed it was a quote and not me saying, was told to wait what it could take a day, and i've been ignored since that live chat 4 days ago. Tried reaching out another support with a different ticket but even tho he understood he told me i had reply to the same ticket i started, but those just ignore me.
: Is the system made by humans? If yes, then it is indeed flawed. Look at the amount of money and effort that goes into fighting crime, and yet for some reason there are still criminals out there. Obviously the justice systems are flawed.
Well depends mate, i got a 2 week ban for asking to report someone and i quoted what he said i went like this "report this dude for saying (K word)" and i got banned. S
Endellion (EUW)
: He got banned so what’s the problem that end? I don’t know what Riot’s official stance on parroting other people is (we’ve seen this before), however as you know saying %%% leads to a 14 day ban why did you say it? You’re only asking for trouble.
What are u failing to understand? Legit. I said "fizz said" i quoted, im punished for quoting now? Like imagine irl, lets say someone punches u and none of the 4 persons that were with u saw it so u tell them "that dude punched me", the police come and u want someone to back up ur story, the oficcer shows up and hear u saying that to them so he arrest u and a few moments later he arrests the other guy, but u still stay in prison. You're doing a presentation idk in school about Hitler, you quote him, are u a naz* ? I've done some reports already about the "k" word, i've reported players called "Ultra (K word)", and it wasnt a 100% ban, since you can simply go to opgg or leagueofgraphs and see them playing again, so if i see someone beeing non stop offensive/abusive/hate speech etc i ask for "help". So ye, blame me for quoting someone and ban me, drop me from honor 5 to 0, take away my rewards, my time and money spent, for not beeing ofensive to anyone and not doing anything wrong. Makes sense.
Endellion (EUW)
: > and u get banned for asking to players "helping" reporting someone? -.- You. Don’t. Need. To. One report counts.
1st, 2 reports didnt work, it only worked after the live support chat checking that player, he eventually got banned. 2nd, since when is that a reason for me to get banned?
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