: Would you mind playing in a team with people of a lower elo (well just me actually) ? (Me and my friend want to be on the same team but since he is a higher elo mid laner im looking for a top laner that knows what he is doing. Preferably between plat 3 and dia 5)
i don't mind im still getting in shape and it's better to have people with a good attitude than having people with skill and shit attitude
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: I hate it when people say Ez (Family friendly version....kinda)
I have wetdreams about meeting toxic players:) i hope one day this will come to happen. I will be soooo happy i dont care if hes underage or not. Best way to teach these people manners is you know:) make love to them.
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Mr Boogie (EUW)
: Low Landers (Jungle gezocht!)
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