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: i kind of like the idea but every champ should be able to do it. but these routes most likely have a big impact on winrates for champions like hecarim evelynn etc. (i think) and champions like shaco etc would it be way harder for to escape and trick people also the flash over the walls for the risk to take a baron or drake or going back the other way round whe nyou are in trouble wouldnt save you anymore most likely. so thats also a bad thing
Hi, I get what you mean. but it could also open a new dimension in parts of the map to play for, and where to spend your (limitet) wards. For example, Yes you could open the back of barron pit. When your on red side. and you notice you are falling behind, i could be a good team objective to take out the wall. This would mean a steal is more easy yes. But it would also take away that when a team is ahead and they get barron (big chance because a steal now is hard) they will end the game direct after if you have more chance of stealing. Don't get me wrong. i do think i should be quite hard to open these routes. even the ones in the jungle. It should not just be 1 chanp doing it in 30 sec. it should be a real investent that would hurt you if you dont use it to the full after. MrDumbbutt
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