: The Honor Climb System (from dishonorable)
Pretty obvious i am not the only one who has reservations about riot's direction as a gaming company. Perhaps profit is the only thing on their minds right now, but i think if current trends continue they will suffer in near future. I see game taking over riot at top, Blizzard is making a come back and Single player games are on the rise again. No wonder fortnite has 4 times league's viewership on twitch. Riot has successfully alienated the lower level player base who are the ones who watch the most and are eager to learn.
: Funny how you left work there, I was working in two serious jobs. Both toxic as f. Every second word would lead to permaban in LoL. You can't expect people that come to game from real world to take not flame that serious. Our boss knew, that flaming is bad, it was also in our job codex to keep good mood in office. Btw you can, but then you are loosing players. From last year riot lost about 1/4 twitch viewers. I would not wonder, if the guys missing would be exactly the ones getting banned or their friend being banned.
They need to wake up and real soon, other wise newcomers like Fortnite are gonna sweep em away. You cant just focus on pros and high elo players and ignore your major player base and maintain your level. I sense more and more disappointed players in this game.
DutchPro (EUW)
: I have been grinding honors and since I didn't play season 7, I had to start from the start of honor 2. After climbing nearly got to honor 4 by just being a respectable player. Slipped up in 4 games, got a chat ban (deserved, I needed the wake up call that my behaviour no matter my circumstances should better than that). But now I am at honor level 1, and since it already took me over 1500 games to get to level 3, 3 checkpoints , I would now have to play over 3000 ish games to get some decent rewards again. I always liked the challenge of getting honors and being respectful, but now that it's like soo harsh and will nearly give me nothing for working hard for it, I don't feel the need to be super respectful. (Sure I will keep away from any form of unsportsmanlike behaviour, but it will be less than it would be if there was actually a chance of growing in honors and getting rewards.)
Thank you. That is in fact my entire argument. Players stop caring about honor. Sure they wont be too harsh, but they would know how to flame without using any flag words(words that alert Riot's algorithm)
EmptyHole (EUW)
: it's the law of the game like in the real life there is law, if you kill someone you have to stay in jail 5 years, doesn't matter if after 6 months you feel really sorry about it, you have to stay 5 years, same for the law of league of legends, if you need to play LOTS of games to come back with the honor, you must do it, becuase is, that's it
But in real life atleast you are told how long the punishment is. Its not like this invisible system that you cant seem to get out of. Moron, Idiot these words are the extent of my flaming. And viola, honor locked. Not to mention the people i used these terms on started flaming just because i helped one lane more than other as jungler.
: I find it bullshit that if you grind over 1000 games, only 1-2 games where a troll got on your nerves is enough to completely wipe out all your progress down back to zero.. It's unfair, it's bullshit and it shouldn't be like that.
IKR, riot has stopped caring about their players recently.
Naranjo1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name= Førest Wølf,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Nx2tKuae,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-19T23:42:51.373+0000) > > I misread that part ^_^ > > and here is my ticket lol > So Lux flames you the whole game and you get banned for saying one negative word, and Riot only banns your for that... Totally unfair system. It is a useless system. Toxic people will still be toxic. If they receive perma, they will just create or buy a new account. I think that Riot just doesn't understand what it means to play with boosted animals, morons and trolls and how players actually feel when playing with them. I mean, looking at almost every patch since preseason 6, it looks like as if they don't care about their players.
Exactly my point. Why does riot not look into things that make people flame? An Anivia starts feeding cause you dont give her second blue as she is 0 4 0 already and you know that blue will end up on enemy Fizz, now you call her a Moron and boom, chat restriction.
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: Online Survey about player motivation
I think the best way to motivate players is to improve the honor climb system. Only thing that has been able to demotivate me in like 5 years of league.


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