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: Back when I was learning to jungle for the first time, I picked Jarvan as my first champion. He is relatively simple to play, offers good ganking potential both before and after level 6, and has an average clear speed. Give him a try and see how you get on. > And i need some advices to: When should i gank and when should i leave, when to push with my laner, when should i take cs after 1 for 1 trade, when to counter jungle, and also when should i do dragon, and when should i leave it. Ask every single jungler this question and you'll likely get a different answer from each. There aren't any hard or fast rules when it comes to jungling and a lot of it comes down to adapting to the situation at hand. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding what to do: 1. The jungle match-up. You need to know which jungler has the faster clear speed and which would win in a 1v1 fight. Not only this but when ganking a lane, unless you know for sure where the enemy jungler is, you should assume they are waiting to counter-gank you. 2. The lane match-ups. You need to know which lanes have an advantage, as this will affect what you can safely do. There is no point trying to counter-jungle if all your lanes are losing, because you'll just get collapsed upon by the enemy team and you'll get no support. The lane match-ups also define which lanes you can safely gank and which objectives you can take. 3. Your team's win condition. It's unlikely that you will be able to snowball all 3 lanes whilst also keeping up your own farm. There simply isn't enough time to do everything, so choose what you do carefully. I've seen a lot of junglers lose matches because they focus entirely on a lane that they didn't need to win in the first place. For example, they will try to snowball top lane which has a full tank Malphite but then their bot lane loses. The result is you have a really fed tank but your carries are too weak to do anything useful. Figure out your team's winning condition and then focus around that lane.
Thanks you for these advices! Helped me alot. And also Jarvan IV was first champ that i bough, because i wanted to main jungle, but i swapped to top, but I found it boring playing against tanks 24/7 that can beat you in 1v1.. Anyway, thanks you for these advices! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Amumu. Basically the god jungler of solo que, has amazing ganks, extremely good teamfight potential. Can be played both full ap and full tank. And have really good monster clear. Downsides are easy to be invaded, due to slow clear and relies on mana. Objective to win: Control your blue buff, get ocean dragons, and carry lanes. Don't gank lanes who has a lot of CC, since you are most likely not gonna synergize with CC at the start, which just leads with the kill that you meant to get runs away without taking too much damage. You have no damage early, but a lot of stuns. Position yourself towards to closest ally as much as possible when fighting alone and use pings frequently.
Thank you, it helped me! I like crying mummy, and advices helped me too. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Okay so here are my small advices: > (...), and i want to play more jungle, but i don't know what champion should i start with. Now for my personal opinion, you can not do anything wrong when playing warwick or amumu. Warwick is not too bad in clearing the jungle and has high enough sustain. Amumu is a nice jungler with nice clear speed and good base tankiness. You also have some good base damage, in case someone invades you. You can try and fight him off, since you get damage reduction by your E, have percentage consistent damage with your tears and some nice burst with your E - which btw reduces its cooldown everytime you get hit by an autoattack. Since in early jungle fights, there are not much spells included, you might win alot of fights actually. > When should i gank and when should i leave First things first: Whenever you gank, you get spotted by the enemy team. This could have consequences. If you have some Jungle Camps up and get spotted, it might often happen, that the enemy jungler just go visits these jungle camps and clears them. Whenever this happens, your gank has to be somewhat succesful, else you are harmed by loss of EXP and Gold. And you don't want to compensate this loss by starving your laner, by taking away his gold or sharing the EXP. So first tip: Try to clear most of your camps before ganking. You should leave if the gank did not work as planned or you get a feeling, that the bush you are waiting in is warded. There is no point in trying to gank your enemy, if he knows you are hiding in the bush, right? Also there is something called 'Counter Ganking'. Whenever you see, your laner is in trouble of getting ganked and also you are close enough to him -> Run there. Who knows how the fight may turn, maybe you two are stronger than the enemy two people and you might turn the fight. If not, maybe you save your laner. You might aswell predict, where the enemy jungle might gank next by having a clear view on the mini map and using wards. Ward the enemy jungle (deep wards) and meanwhile have a look on which camps are up and which are not. If the enemy has done his chickens and they are not up yet, and you spot that your top laner is pushing alot then you might logically put these pieces together and you will know that the enemy jungler must be somewhat top side and maybe will gank your top laner. In that case, you can either try to run there and get a Counter Gank or do a Cross Map Play. 'Cross Map Play': A Play for an objective or a gank on the opposite side of where the enemy Jungler is. > (...), when to push with my laner, (...) Now there is this general rule to remember: Whenever your Laner wants to teleport back to base, because he has enough gold, but is hindered by the enemy constantly pushing him in, you can give him a hand. Go to the lane, push with your laner as fast as possible to allow him his backport. Most of the time you will see, when this situation is necessary, if your Laner is low hp and out of mana, but tries to stay (because he is forced to, else he would lose to much gold and exp). Another rule: If you got a succesful gank there are some possible outcomes: You get the kill -> Push with your laner until the minions reach the turret, but try to take as few CS as possible. Your laner gets the kill -> Push with your laner until the minions reach the turret. This time you can allow to take some CS, since he got the kill gold and if you would not take some CS, you would be starving. > when should i take cs after a 1 for 1 trade Now this is an very interesting position to be in. Here my advice is to have a look on the minion position and composition: Is the minion composition equally strong? (same amount of minions on both teams) Yes -> Which teams minions have more HP? -> Your team: Push the minion wave to the turret and take all the CS, so when your laner gets back to lane, the wave will reset. Enemy Team: Enemy minions have more hp than your minions so their minions will push towards your turret. In this case, you can freeze for your laner by tanking the minion auto attacks yourself (once your teams minions died) and prevent the enemy minions to walk into your turret, until your next minions come. This will result in the enemy minions not dying and also stacking up, until your laner is on his way to the lane, so he can farm them easily and only miss very little. Here is a little side note: This only works if the enemy minions have way more HP than your minions, else it would take too long. If this is not the case, you can just leave the lane since the enemy minions will push slightly faster, but not fast enough so they wont run into your turret anyway. No -> Which team has more minions or a canon minion: Your Team: Same as above. Push fast, since when your team has more minions and/or a canon and they do not anymore, your minions will push sooner or later ANYWAY. So just speed this up a little so once your laner comes to lane, the lane is in the middle, completly reset. Enemy Team: their minions outnumber your minions, so again: They will push your minions and you can freeze them by tanking some hits, until your next wave comes. > when to counterjungle, also when should i do dragon This highly correlates with what i mentioned as 'Cross map Play'. If you see the enemy jungler does something on top lane or gets the Rift Herold, then you might want to attempt ganks bot lane to take the turret or dragon or counter jungle the enemy. Since you know, the enemy jungler is on the opposite side of the map, there is not much risk in doing so. If you gank bot, you outnumber the enemies. If you gank mid same thing applies. They can not contest a dragon when you are 4 people ( mid lane included ). So you can freely gank or counter jungle. Side note: There might be always a reason, why enemy jungle is not in the bot side of the map. He may not have any camps up bot side, so remember this to not waste too much time. Another way, when to counterjungle is when you are strong enough cause you got some feed off of enemies or succesful ganks. If you are a strong duelling champion like Xin Zhao or Kha Zix, and you are 3/0 there is a high chance you win fights against the enemy jungler so at this point, you can go for it. Also notice, that there is something called Priority: 'Priority': A laner has Priority, if he is pushing the enemy minions faster, than the enemy is pushing your minions. If your Mid laner is shoving the minions hard to the enemy turrets, the enemy laner has to stay at the turret and focus on last hitting. Whilst your laner is free to do whatever he wants in the meantime, since he just pushed the wave and is waiting for the next minions to arrive again. If your midlaner has Priority, he can come to help you in Counter jungle actions easier. And also, a positive side effect is, that the enemy laner has to make a hard decision: Give up all the minions, that are on his turret and miss alot of Gold and EXP, to help his Jungler vs you and your Laner or let the jungle deal with it alone and instead farm all the minions. These decisions are hard to take and will guarantee you, that the enemies sometimes make mistakes. Use these mistakes to gain advantages. > and when should i leave it (dragon) Now this one is simple: If you are outnumbered by the enemies, or if you spot them through wards that they are coming and a fight might happen which you might lose. You do not always have to fully commit to finish a dragon, but instead can leave it once the situation gets dangerous and sticky. Now i have spent alot of time to help you with this and i hope i could make some things clearer, even though i explained alot of stuff maybe confusingly. Greetings, Doktor Run{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Thank you, it helped me alot! But i have one more question, what do you think about this thing {{champion:141}} , should i play him? I played 4 games with him, I sadly won only 1, because i wasn't able to carry all the games, 3 games i did rly well, and 1 game i did meh, and the reason i lost these games (i think) are : 1 game i had 1/10 Darius rushing bloodthister and trying to 1v1 lvl 6 teemo while he had lvl 3, and Akali that was 1/5, i ended up with 10/5 i think, next one it was just because we did bad teamfighsts, Singed and Jax destroyed us, third one i won with stats 0/1/12 i belive, and last game i did 14/5/10 or something like that, and we losed because of afk yasuo :/ . I had fun with him, so i am just asking, is it worth training jungle with him? i usually go rhaast, but som etimes shadow assasin too. Anyway tho, thanks for these advices! :)
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: It does mean both gameplay and visual but this doesn’t mean it has to be large. Ezreal and Warwick both got a VGU without much really changing, both only got one ability replaced and the rest stayed the same or got modernised... Morgana is gonna be the same, very little is gonna change it’s just gonna be a VU with modernisations in her kit. Likely same with uydr... he needs some work on his kit just to make him more modern and easier to balance but he has a lot going for him already so it won’t be major... it’s also got the added benefit of letting him skip the queue this way, VGUs have a higher priority to just VUs, so he’d get it sooner this way.
Well, i hope he is not gonna get changed a lot, he is one of my favourite champion. I just swear the god if they are gonna change his Q i am gonna quit LoL ;-;
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: To make you buy Spirit Guardian. Duh.
I don't have many for Spirit Guardian Duhdyr
Yraco (EUW)
: Pretty sure he was supposed to get a visual rework at some point in the past, then they realised it was really good and could be made into an ultimate skin instead.
Everything for money ;-;
: Cause he is old, his model was from the early days of league and like the others from that time it hasn’t aged well... he is due a VGU
VGU? What does that mean? He will get reworked abilities too or what?
: He's ugly on every skin
Urgot is THICC {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Play Urgot then...
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Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: {{champion:555}} Just think about it You get to be blitzcrank (hook), Zed (mobility), Tahm Kench (healing passive) and Darius (reset execute ability) all in one single champion. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I prefer tank supports, and i don't feel like Pyke is supp, he's assaysn with cc, he actually only help his adc with kills, and go roam. Well, but i'll think about him!
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: What about riven or vayne? Kappa
Riven is nice tbh, she need actually skill to lear some matchups and combos, but Vayne, i don't play adcs, but if i would i would never play Vayne...
: ehmm...ehmm . . #TEEMO {{champion:17}}
Teemo is love Teemo is life
: you forgot to say yasuo... im gonna join you on this one downvote marathoon...
I can play everything, but no god, no YASUO ;-;
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: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Hubson,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZleQpPyz,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-08-21T19:16:21.565+0000) > > I am thinking about Tahm, Braum or Thresh. Which one of them is best for maining and most fun to play? (Well Thresh is good champ, that's why many people play him, that's little problem tho :/ ) I think Thresh is fun, quite fun but hella situational. He's quite tricky if you don't do things correctly... He isn't one of my mains, so personally, I wouldn't choose him. Like I said, Braum is lots of fun. I would definetly pick him or Tahm Kench, since you'll feel badass and needed if you ult well. Plus, his quotes are worth GOLD. But on the top of the three, I would say Tahm. He just imposes so much respect. And I do know what it's like to not like playing a popular champion, we want them for ourselves only right?
I am still not sure xD
: Braum is amazingly fun. Timing his shields, using his R, listening to his quotes as he uses skills feels amazing. I would definetly main him if I didn't have my main already. I don't like Alistar, but he's sort of an assured save whenever he acts. Id say he's a safe, easy pick. I don't like Leona. I love Tahm Kench, you would probably feel very good with yourself for doing a good ult. I don't like Nautilus. Doesn't feel like a support at all. I tried Amumu support and I liked it. I also tried Malphit and I liked it. I was thinking of trying Sej support some day.
I am thinking about Tahm, Braum or Thresh. Which one of them is best for maining and most fun to play? (Well Thresh is good champ, that's why many people play him, that's little problem tho :/ )
Norglics (EUNE)
: kled is the most fun
PzyXo (EUW)
: jk bud {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I am not sure about Kayn or Rengo ;c
PzyXo (EUW)
: %% u both :( shadow and darkin the same u just need brain :(
What u mean with "%%"? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Fun to play junglers, good for maining?
What are you thinking about Rengar and Kha'Zix guys? Which one is more fun and better for maining?
PzyXo (EUW)
: Come and join me to the Shadows {{champion:141}} u can add me to see how to play him "if we got good team that can carry their lanes early u'll be ready"
Ok thanks! I'll try him, i played with him like 6 matches, and i always haved good fun with Darkin, but i always sucked with Shadow Assasyn, maybe I need to train :p
: Oh sorry , my bad just woke up. Try {{champion:141}} then, easy S
Ok thanks! I'll try him, i played with him like 6 matches, and i always haved good fun with Darkin, but i always sucked with Shadow Assasyn, maybe I need to train :p
: Start with {{champion:19}} , easiest for jng starters. Then test other champs.
I didn't said that i start playing jungle,i want some fun to play champions, that are good to main :p
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: I personally don't like Tahm or Braum at all - both are very defensive supports. Especially Tahm is mostly about when you eat an ally and he is very reactive. Those champions are in my opinion boring and not so fun to play. I personally love tanky supporst which are less reactive. I love champions like Leona, Blitzcrank, Nautilus. With those champions you don't have to wait until the others to something - YOU can decide when you want to fight. :D
Well, Tahm is not that defensive, yeah he don't have dash, but if he hit Q he can easly enage cuz of his passive + w.
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Most fun to play tank supports?
Hmmm.. I am thinking about {{champion:111}} and {{champion:223}} Who is better and more fun to play?
: you should not main a champion just because somebody told you so.... try them all, see how you like it also ''maining something''.... i dont know, not so much of a fun for me, i play whatever i feel like to play and that is kinda better for me btw i am big fan of every single of above listed, they are all fun to play with especially alistar and tahm, they are super fun
Main =/= OTP, i can main something, but still play whatever i want.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: From meta picks I tend to play leo. Playing her as a peeler instead of engager is definetly challenging, but well worth the trouble, cause people don't expect it
But from something out of meta? I want something fun, and something what is a bit worth to main. (Yeah i can main Yi tank supp, but it's not worth, but i can main Tahm kench supp and it's worth atleast a bit)
Ceberuz (EUW)
: {{champion:17}} , purely because it's fun watching people keep targetting you when you are building tank, they can't AA you, they can't kill you and you pretty much just run around making them insane. You can create easy setups for your team with this guy, for some reason {{champion:17}} is like a magnet for enemy players.
Ummmm... Oke?{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: {{champion:12}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:223}}
I am thinking about Braum... Is he fun to play? Or are Tahm and Nautilius fun to play? And are they worth to main?
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