Cortex101 (EUW)
: are you sure about darius because his a great champ i dont get why dont pick him
No gapclose unless you build righteous glory on him which makes him lose some damage pressure early. (Tbh: champs are only as good as their summoner.)
: Passive aggressive/defensive mid lanes?!
Anivia and Viktor are possible too (I mean its possible to play in that playstyle, I play em more aggressive.).
Sdars (EUW)
: That's intended. Her ult has a delay, and can't be stopped, just like you can't stop an ezreal from ultying unless you kill him.
Dont even bother trying to argue with this guy, all he is doing is opening hate threads against champions he is too silly to play against. ^^ Not worth your time.
: Seriously wut
Champs which are hard to master in the current meta and therefore rarely played and played against are always pretty high in win rate till someone will play this champ in the LCS, be sure the winrate is going down then.. ^^
: Mark runes for Sejuani
Do you run trailblazer? (You should) Clearspeed with attack speed is way faster cause the main damage comes from your auto attacks or the first hit of the W which doesnt get affected by magic pen too much -> not worth it.
: Reported by 4 premades, banned for nothing.
Yeah get used to it... Same stuff happening to me continuesly...
: Fitting in by taking the lane they want to dump on you and a display of power, through skill in-game, is the best way to deal with it to be fair. In some way, shape or form reports from an entire team should be heavily scrutinized on premade status before it reaches the Tribunal. Or it should become visible in Tribunal only, as it was removed from every ingame info provider (LoLNexus etc.) I find myself reading "Report [me/champ] x9", repeated by every premade in my team because I didn't fit their grand trolling plan of X/Y/Z / {{summoner:12}} +{{summoner:11}} lanes. Less frequently lately, because of duo-queuing.
I myself am an Allround - Player anyway, so I fit in in every game, never call for a role. If I want to play a specific role, I use the teambuilder nowadays.
: > I used to be toxic but I quit it Orly? > and you actually get restrictions for basically doing nothing ^ Then that shouldn't happen.
And yet it happens, thats why I pretty much question the funtion of the tribunal these days. All they do is pretty much dumping on you cause you were toxic in the past.
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: Ok riot, as you wish
You simply have a negative attitude. People in your team always quit and you never had someone in the opponent team who quit. Story of my life.
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