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: New Bronze might actually be new gold?(flex que)
Well flex has been weird for me. Granted it was end of season (like two weeks ago), but I decided to get my placement done. I'm a Silver scrub, I did 8-2 on the placements, and got placed S4. Which is fine. Now looking at the level I found some interesting things. For instance my last placement game had 2 ex DIamond solo queue players and some Platinum. Needless to say that for the Silver that I am it was rough. I don't know if it is because people use it to play for fun with friends hence you get Bronzies, Silveries and Diamondies in the same game or if something's not right there. I insist that they were that rank in Solo, in the flex they were tagged as Silerish. So I don't know, seems like the old D1 in solo and B3 in % ranked ^_^.
Frosteddie (EUNE)
: Reporting
Totally agree. I don't know what people think but having a bad game is not report worthy. It's not because you don't like the way people play you can report them. Now if we face it, it does not matter. They can report you all they want it won't do anything in the long run. Problem is with the baby rage we encountering everywhere. You could put funny pictures and design it for 4 years old they still would not understand cause they don't want to. I'm playing mostly normals to define my champion pool and test things around so I don't screw up my team in ranked. but I see a rate of raging I've not seen in ages. Report mid feeding, report mid noob, well yeah. I'm not good with this champ indeed. But see my friend it's not a valid reason. I'm not feeding on purpose. I'm learning. I'm trying Azir again, it's tough, but seems I'm report worthy in their mind as I'm ruining their perfect 1-10 kda an losing them their normal game! It's just it seems in this game, people will just press tab look at the score (never theirs, I mean come on) and then proceed to flame. I don't know why or when people forgot it was a video game. Don't get me wrong winning is better than losing I get that, but sometimes you lose and that's it. Just move on. Maybe it's because somebody played bad, maybe you played good, but that's how it is. Mmm seems it turn out to be an another rant, damn, sorry about that. Now on how to fix this? I have no idea. My method is to not argue with flamers and try to promote positive attitude. I get a kys, or uninstall? Just mute. My team mate do something good? Just say gj. I think my last logs over like 50 games must be: Gj, gj, gj, gj, gj, care bot, gj, care top, gj. Anyway, we need just more positive thinking and less ragy ragy, but I don't know how.
: Why is this wonderful game so toxic?
Well it is an idea. Thing is Riot has here a great game, but a really poor community, to some extend of course not all players are bad. I think it's not easy to deal with toxic people and considering the average age it's not easy to deal with teens/young adults. Now where I agree is that i think the report system does not seem over effective. I can only say seem, cause Riot has 0 transparency on this. Only thing I can see is that people keep playing after saying horrendous things. By horrendous I don't talk about noob, or you're bad or stuff. I had recently people calling me the N word, slave, said literally nazi things (like nazi ideology), wished terrorists attacks. I'm not even kidding. So I think there that there should be no tolerance whatsoever. If there is a justified report with those words in it, it should be an insta ban, no questions asks. You may say what do you know they weren't banned? Well I can see them playing on like nothing happens. Maybe they got chat restricted, maybe not but even so. This is where the problem lies for me. Riot says: no tolerance, we are harsh, and then this happens to you. So it gives a message. Again I won't say it's easy to fix, but imho people like that only react to punishment. And people like that should not be able to play, and don't give me we all have bad days crap, I had bad days, I never ever wished someone dead or called him really degrading names. I said it before, I come from Dota, in there when you get punished you have to play x amount of games in a all random mode and you have to complete those games before you can play again. It shows the people what we have to deal with. I know Riot said before as well they are against it, but honestly it's getting out of hands. It's just my opinion but it seems to me a lot of people are getting fed up with the really toxic ones and the toxic ones are getting worse and worse, or I'm just becoming an emo, who knows :p
Mr Naekh (EUW)
: Quick question on afk
Thanks for the link and explanation! It's clear now.
: 1 report doesnt get people banned. keep reporting people and if they keep behaving bad, they'll eventually get punished
So that mean you got some free afk right? I thought you had some restriction like dodging where you can't queue up for some time out something. I come from DOTA where you go to low priority for afk with people that afk like you. All rights then, thanks for your answer.
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MicroBr3w (EUW)
: TL;DR: Players get banned for obvious disruptive behavior, whether chat toxicity, AFKs, feeding, etc. It's usually pretty obvious when someone ragequits, AFKs, intentionally feeds, etc. Just try to be polite, say something like "GG otherwise, all. Next time!", and report them. Most times, the polite part and the obvious bad behavior will get support reports from the enemy team as well. Now, remember that people can simply have bad games. I'm sure you've been in a lane, barely lose a 1v1, get back to lane and then get jungle ganked to quickly be 0/2. It happens, but it's not like you're trying to throw the match. Give people the benefit of the doubt...sometimes someone is going to just have an off match/day/etc. Imagine this scenario: Each team is comprised of 1 low Gold player, 3 mid/high Gold players, and 1 med Plat player. If the low Gold player is matched Top against the medium Plat player... guess how that lane's probably going to turn out. Sometimes those bad matchups happen, which can look REALLY bad. I understand the frustration. I really do. I was doing awesome leveling up on my new EUN account. Start my placements: 1. Loss. Balanced game, they just played better. 2. Loss. 2 rage quits on my team, 5 minutes apart. 3. Loss. 1 disco on my team. That disco'd player was doing well, so I really don't think it was a ragequit. Probably a local ISP issue. 4. Win. Much like game #1, we just played better. So I'm 1/4 in placements. Game #2 is the only one that makes me salty. The other 2 losses? Welp, such is the roll of the dice!
My point is is different. I've play up until now 180 games in ranked this season. I was Silver 2 last season, now S3 and was climbing. Rating does not really matter. My point here as following: this dude here went afk after three minutes. Well actually he was staying in base in spamming the chompers (he was Jinx) so he was doing that on purpose. Yeah people have bad days. But when you obviously act like that you should get punished, no matter first time or not. The punishment should be less harsh if indeed it was the first ever time, fair enough. Nobody flamed him for anything, nobody said anything. Even when he was afk, people just ignored him and did not insult or anything. I get you can get frustrated in this game. I get you can say stuff because you are emotional, I get it. Here he was ruining the game on purpose. Now you look at this dude history and, oh! he did that like two or three games ago. So here goes not the first time. Now let's be real. I have more than 1000 normals and 180 ranked, I know how the community is, I know how people are in this game. My problem is that Riot has a discourse: we do not tolerate yadiya... But the whole we do not tolerate thing is not true. Yeah I went here to rant because I lost 60LP (which in the grand scheme of things is nothing, I mean it's a game and LP are basically non existent). It's just about doing what you tell. For me Riot is not a trustworthy company and that's why I've not purchased LP in months, cause I love the game but now I don't want to support Riot anymore. I was gladly giving like 10 euros per month, cause I thought they would do good. I was happy to get my skins and thing hey I'm supporting people making a great game. And this game is great, people playing it not so much. You can trust me or not, but I've never been punished and I never flame. Because I'm here to play. My way of contesting is not giving money and posting here to share my experiences. TL;DR : Son I'm disappoint. And give me more cookies, I want to do a Gragas cosplay :)
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'd hug... but I might have been one of those 10K damage ADCs at some Point... But there still are plenti of Cookies left! {{item:2010}} {{item:2052}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2052}}
Again doing low damage in ADC happens, lack of protection, falling behind, whatever the reason is I'm fine. Just that if you don't do damage because you spend 90% of your game typing to insult people that's when I don't agree. Can I have some more? :p
: I didn't read the rant, but I got some cook... Nevermind, I ate them all :( Will show myself out now
This day gets worse, now my cookies are eaten... :/
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: LP gains and stuff.
Did you happen to play with buddies? It can affect your MMR. Or maybe it did match you against lower MMR player so you earned less LP. I usually take an average on what I can gain/lose.
Kruami (EUNE)
: Help Choose champion
Lucian: Good damage, mobility, poke. However need good positioning and not that easy to play really. Ezreal: Excellent mobility, good poke. Takes forever to scale though. And squishy as hell, you have to be on point with your dash. Heavily reliant on skillshots as well. But tons of fun and once mastered you can 1v9. Jhin: Speaking from the heart ( I love him), crazy damage, awesome kit, ult can secure kills, scales like crazy. No mobility though so you have to be really good in positioning in team fights. Varus: Wait there's a champ named Varus? Draven: Mmmmmm Draven? Imo too hard in low ELO, though if you are good at Draven you can carry like crazy. But damn catching dem axes whilst poking whilst last hitting, yeah, hard. --------------------------------------- Pure solo queue I would go Ezreal for the mobility. Duo with support I would go Jhin.
kaketsuu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Naekh,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nxzKRFEs,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-07-28T08:42:35.429+0000) > > I don't get people complaining assassin's are one shoting people. That's the whole point. > > Don't forget LB is weak early, she's very dependent on not being CCed, and as others she works when people are alone. If you W in and get stunned you are most likely dead. > > I started to play her not long ago and I still see 0 magic resist on the enemy team, not even talking about a locket. Ranged mid that will come close so I can QR them, like why would you do that? > > Regarding the impossible to gank, she is not. Again she's weak against CC and has very low HP. its a team game, not solo burst targets down. so no 1 shotters are not in healthy position.
Well it is part of a team comp. Her role (and assassin's) is to pick someone up or try to delete a damage source. The counter to that is to not wander alone and/or have some resistance based on the assassin's damage. Some prefer utility mid such as Lissandra, other would be burst damage. There are plenty of different mids.
: chill.. its just a name.. i had another name , unappropriate apparently, rito made me change it.. and well.. bad decisions xD
It is just a joke, got the hardest time to get my jokes across today ^_^.
: 71% winrate as kata.. skipped s5 to s3 , i just dont play it as much.. can get gold easily xD
BEST KATARINA EU is Silver, actually seems about right ^_^. Jokes aside all champs are noob champ if you listen to people. You should fuel your skill in their tears. When I play LB I love when I see an enemy raging in all chat: Fu**** noob cha... :getsoneshot: -> Report mid for rage quit :p
: Girlfriend finally said yes!
In before: we broke up, she told me to git gud n00b and rage quit.
InTheory (EUW)
: What was the best compliment you got from an opponent during or after a match ever in league?
Get a f**** life fat f*** (was gragas jungle, ganked a Riven twice, I know it is cheating) Obvious scripting reported (Was playing LB , Veig' walked to me I just QRWed him) And a real one: A guy told me thanks like 50 times cause I carried mid with Swain and it was his last promo game et got out of Bronze there ( really the enemy mid kept on engaging me when I was Swain 4-1 or something). Ended up 10-1 and won in 16 minutes.
Doomley (EUW)
: she is weak all game and not just early :) the 1 stun = dead -scenario is valid all game long.
It was not clear indeed, I meant she has low damage early, and she's weak to CC all game long indeed.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: 49 cs in a 20 minutes game and you want S? 100 cs for S in that game and like 12-13 kills would've been more than enough.
This is ARAM, that's why.
Duckimo (EUW)
: LeBlanc Balance Change
I don't get people complaining assassin's are one shoting people. That's the whole point. Don't forget LB is weak early, she's very dependent on not being CCed, and as others she works when people are alone. If you W in and get stunned you are most likely dead. I started to play her not long ago and I still see 0 magic resist on the enemy team, not even talking about a locket. Ranged mid that will come close so I can QR them, like why would you do that? Regarding the impossible to gank, she is not. Again she's weak against CC and has very low HP.
Loonstaaa (EUW)
: report someone for Smurfing/Boosting?
Uh maybe they were just good. You can usually see if the account is being boosted when you have all of a sudden a huge win streak with champs barely played before. Like is this guy usually play some random stuff top and all of a sudden he has 90% in LS jungle then yeah, it looks fishy. I got accused of boosting on my LB cause I went 10-0, but not all my games are like that unfortunately, oh and it was in normal so, yeah... ehhhh, logic... I'm boosting my account in normals!
: After a series of indirect nerfs Shen suffers a direct one. And his win rate was already negative!
No love for the ninja :/ I think it is because of the pro picking him maybe? That said I don't think it will affect him much but it is always annoying to see your loved champ being nerf, because... Well because that's why!
: Someone from high ELO help a newbie?
I would not really watch imaqtpie to learn, too much goofing around really. I would watch Phylol, really interesting and educative content, main ADC. You also have Geranimo. That said Vayne is really hard to pull off, maybe try some easier stuff first? Or get a good understanding of her in normals? I'm not high elo in any way just throwing those ideas around, and good luck!
strut (EUNE)
: Aatrox is really strong in lane he becomes bad after the laning phase. Like Yorick
Possible, I hear everywhere Aatrox sucks and such and everytime I get crushed, so I feel worse than bad :p
: Most players who go afk or feed don't get punished, maybe with longer queue but normal message is everybody can have bad game. But from what I see (that happened to me once, got 10 games chat restriction) system use those players to bait others to flame and automatically punished them. 2 months ago I sent ticket where are had print screen of player who was feeding and said he does that when he doesn't get jungle, plus his history where you could see he really did that before and ofc. answer was people can have bad game there is nothing wrong there.
I don't see why this is downvoted tbh. It really feels (maybe just a feeling) that they don't really care. I had obvious boosting, death threat, people feeding on purpose and saying so in the chat, those people are still playing. It is not about the punishment itself but the message Riot is more than willing to promote. Like: we have 0 tolerance for homophobic or racist people. Yeah well I encountered both and those people are playing just fine. So yeah maybe they had a chat restriction, maybe not, but in the end it is not 0 tolerance when you say , eh they had a warning! 0 Tolerance in my book is that if you go to the extend to wishing death or do racist and or homophobic comments you should just get insta banned. Yeah this is harsh, but the people saying those words are harsh as well. They want a second chance? Create a new account, level it up again and at first strike you get out. Well that's my view. What is frustrating with Riot games is that they claim stuff and do something else. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, I love the mechanics, but it really feels that sometimes Riot has no idea what they are doing with the community and toxicity. This is personal and not based on any stats or facts, just how I feel towards them. Maybe I'm in the wrong 100% and I sure hope so but from personal experience it really feels like I'm not. Rant over, let's go play some LB and one shot some squishies!
Mini Baws (EUW)
: That champion you HATE
Mmmm let me think: {{champion:157}} : Cause obviously in my team will go 0-10 and flame, in the enemy team will be godlike in 4 minutes... {{champion:238}} : Can't outplay a Zed, I just can't I don't know why. {{champion:266}} : I know the champion sucks, I know it is weak, but if I lane against it I will lose, no matter what, I have no idea why. {{champion:85}} : My nemesis. I never, ever, ever, ever won a game against a Kennen. I see it I mentally FF, this is ridiculous. {{champion:92}} : The game will not be interesting, will feed, go afk or rage, does not matter the team :p
: I really hate when...
Eh, was 78 gaining around 20 to 23, so I was hoping for 22 but Riot gods heard me, and I lost three games in a row so no concern there anymore ^_^. Oh and nothing to do with AFK or anything, I did simply suck those games so, here you go. Unlucky tho when you get to 98 or 99, thos 1LP games...
: Does leblanc needs skills to play?
Trying to learn her at the moment and yeah she's kinda easy to pick up but you notice really quickly the skill cap. Sure if you land your QRQWE combo you delete someone, but you have to land it and if the enemy stays in range to get QRQed then yeah... Also she is squishy as hell, a lot f people can one shot you and if they CC you, oh boy. And team fighting is somewhat hard as for all squishy assassins. As for the OP factor, she is not. She has counters, both champion wise and item wise. So all in one, yeah LB is tough to master and no she's not OP.
Loonstaaa (EUW)
: im so sad, troll on my promo game = lose after weeks of trying to climb .
There will be others, keep the faith bro. i lost one of my promos because of a Teemo 0/10 mid. but bounced back and finally got it. Just keep trying and good luck!
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Naekh,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fyr9GZ3Z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-22T13:54:03.653+0000) > > Snowball out of control and play objectives. I'd say. > > Don't look at the support you will die a little inside every time. Make sure you have your vision setup with trinket and pinks and kill everything. > > I noticed in my ranked that especially bot lane is totally random but either way they feed like crazy or carry like crazy. If they start to feed I don't really know what can be done. I usually buy a lot of pinks and ward overall a lot when playing mid lane, but I just don't know if I should bother even trying to get back to mid because I carried myself 2 divisions up by supporting. Is it actually worth trying? I do enjoy supporting but I find myself supporting not because I actually want to but because I have to because if I don't I'll get bad supports who will ruin the game for me and for my teammates.
Honestly do what you enjoy. I can't say much more :) I'm way better Top than mid for example but I'm bored playing top so I'm queuing as mid. Sure I may clim faster if I go top only but as I'm not enjoying it and after all this is a video game, I want to have some fun, so I play mid. Only thing is I do not care much about my rating and won't complain about it as I think as it is reflect my skill level for now. If I go down then so be it, that means as a mid player I don't deserve better.
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: How can I climb by playing mid lane instead of supporting?
Snowball out of control and play objectives. I'd say. Don't look at the support you will die a little inside every time. Make sure you have your vision setup with trinket and pinks and kill everything. I noticed in my ranked that especially bot lane is totally random but either way they feed like crazy or carry like crazy. If they start to feed I don't really know what can be done.
Tet2 (EUW)
: Mute everyone as soon as you load into The game, from my experience: noone has anything useful or good to say below Challenger anyway
And even there, when you watch some streamers... But for the OP this sounds like a nightmare game. Sad but happens. You can only move on. But I get you sometimes it feels better to let it out. They can call for reports all they want if you were correct, no worries.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Just to respond to the discussion that was removed, i wasnt taunting anyone, i just thought you were bming someone who was bronze ;p
Oh misunderstanding then, no worries. No I never taunt anybody based on ELO (basically I never taunt at all). As you said I'm Silver 4 so far for being able to do so and even though I would be Diamond (and that won't happen :)) , that's not correct to do. What I meant there is the guy seems to be performing poorly then suddenly wins all games, looks like: game is hard damn it! Then suddenly, oh! Plugs keyboard back, oh this game is easy! Elo does not matter there ^_^. Was just a joke really.
chiakiBoy (EUNE)
: Meta and least popular champions.
Jarvan was buffed recently, but he's not that into the meta. The Trinity force changed and that item on Irelia or Heca is really strong. In top/jungle it depends on the ELO. Rek'Sai and Gragas are really popular in Jungle in LCS. But you see them less in non pro games. Top Lane was tanks everywhere but now seems to be a bit less with Gangplank coming back. Swain and Malz are also very strong at the moment (Swain is played top a bit and Malz everywhere). Xin and Wu are nowhere to be found honestly. But I think they can still do good.
: S6 main champion pool and why?
When I started the game I was a Blitz main, I wanted to support. Then I played ADC as my GF joined me and played support (cliché I know). Finally I was a main top because: - I was too bad to carry from mid. - Support is hard when you don't know your ADC and I duo most of the time with a support main. - I could not last hit for my life, so no ADC - Jungle is way too complicated, no global vision. - I like solo lanes. Since then I learnt to last hit, carry from mid, position myself. So now I'm confused to where I want to play as main :D. In ranked I play top/mid and play Lissandra and Swain, I like them both and at my ELO CC wins game, so Lissandra is really good for me as she has some sort of mobility and crazy CC. Swain is a safe pick, can harass freely, you are tanky and deal crazy damage. Sometimes I pick my Malphite, because, you know, tanks and stuff. I want to carry more so I'm thinking of playing Brand/LB/Syndra mid, with a preference for LB and Brand if we need crazy AOE. I'm currently S4, coming back from Bronze 1. Last season I was placed Silver 2 which was unfair as I was definitely not that good (and Silver 2 is already not that good in itself :p). Happy I was placed Bronze so it made me improve on a lot of stuff without being destroyed every game. Coming back to LB, I like champions with high mobility. I also like to make plays and I feel I can finally find a balance between going too ham and play too safe. And I like when I see the famous words: LB noob champ! Here you go!
Eveninn (EUW)
: If we only had roles dedicated to that... :(
What a crazy game it would be. But no I have to rush the Guinsoo on Thresh, HAVE TO!
Eveninn (EUW)
: I yet have to see a truely supportive player that wouldn't simply buy sightstone tbh. That being said, I don't see a problem theory crafting and altering build, but if there really is a theory that should increase your Performance by not getting a sightstone I can't get my head around it. (you can delay it for e.g. Mobi boots rush, was quite common at some point in time, but you'd still get it)
Yeah but, no damage, you know... Like who's going to deal all the damage?
: Because you can't judge the skill of a player by playing just ONE game with him.
Well some people can diagnose you with medical conditions based on one game, so skill level should be easy :D
: well but then theyd be at the nexus, not the fountain XD
Wait so you mean you don't have to destroy the fountain to win? Ohhhh that explains!
: scared they might backdoor your fountain? XD
Yeah! Maybe Peke has a smurf or something in low silver ^_^. And he's that strong he can ignore inhibs!
: >Hell no, when I see 5 pinks on the map I know this is a free win. And all of them are at spawn. >Just buy a sightstone Literally the hardest thing to remember.
No backdoor, wise strategy. Don't care is turrets and inhibs are up, better safe than sorry :D
Eveninn (EUW)
: Not so daily reminder that warding IS the support's job
Crazy downvotes, supports are getting mad ^_^.
: I seriously want to know
I've seen Bronze player carry like crazy and Gold feed like there is no tomorrow. Because everybody has good and bad games. That's it. And as GPet said there is no logic in flaming. There is no logic in blaming. Just if you die like a nub nub you won't say, oops my bad, no you will look for something to find an excuse. And if you don't then you climb because you realize you make mistakes and correct them.
daylen69 (EUW)
: I need advice on Champions
TF is the champ, imo, that is always somewhat in the meta. He has good poke, huge mobility with his ult (none without tho) good damage and after some levels/stuff good waveclear. Now depends what kind of mid you want to play as well. That said he's 1350IP so you won't miss much if you don't like him.
xånåx (EUW)
: Help me find a main please...
Malphite. Malphite, Malphite. Get a Sunfire, an Iceborn, an Abyssal you will do crazy damage and be tanky as hell. Tl;DR: Malphite.
: Help picking a champion
Syndra is a burst mage. But her cc is somewhat hard to place and your are single target. Kennen never played him. Did you take a look at Lissandra? Good CC, good damage, some mobility, free Zhonya, overall pretty good. And regarding the tier list Swain and Vlad everywhere ^_^. That said when not banned Swain is incredible.
Fernanix (EUW)
: boosted?
Yeah and he is having a miserable time in his games and make his team bad, so he's punishing himself actually. I don't get the point in doing so. You can't be proud of reaching anything as you did not do it yourself and you are getting wrecked every game so it must not be very enjoyable...
: How do you deal with camping?
Usually for camping you want to bring a Tent, maybe a sleeping bag if the weather is cold. If you are not good at fishing or no lake or river close by some food. On a more serious note, place a pink, depending on your lane, and play extra safe. If the jungler is all the time on you the other lanes should be safe, and your own jungler should have free drakes and such. Usually hard camp is not really good for those reasons.
Someone16 (EUW)
: I went 19/2/14 @ 280 cs with draven and got an S once. Not S+. S.
That is because all Dravens are awesome, you can't be better than Draven himself. Only Draven can get S+.
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