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: > [{quoted}](name=Mr SuFe,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=egVJah8n,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-22T01:53:59.447+0000) > > so if I get honor level 2 now I cant get the boarder Was it some kind of a ban or just chat restriction? If only chat restriction then you have time till February 11 to get to honor level 2 to get your rewards.
it was chat restriction for 10 games I think thx god that I can get the rewards ty for info
: no u can't, u need to be atleast honor 2.
so if I get honor level 2 now I cant get the boarder
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: > [{quoted}](name=Mr SuFe,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=KojYlxFt,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2018-05-07T18:54:31.572+0000) > > Thank u for your comment first im not Politician so sorry i cant help u out .second , the boards to share players ideas that can improve the game so i hope you find another place to share Your racist thoughts. I'm sorry, but racist? If anything your assumption I'm racist is revealing you might actually be racist if anything. Fact is that there is a fat chance that the political, diplomatic and military instability in the middle east is a reason for a company like Riot to not make it profitable enough for them to consider hosting a server infrastructure there. The risk are probably deemed high and the rewards possibly too low. This is not my policy, it's Riot's. If you don't agree with that that's fine, but calling them racist by proxy for sure isn't going to get you anywhere. This instant "racist thoughts" accusation is probably also one of the reasons why Riot wouldn't want to be hosting their gaming services there. I believe it is possibly very telling for a large part of the potential playerbase. Do you believe Riot is motivated and equipped to police players hateful behavior to one another? They can't even do it properly in their native language and culture so you can forget about foreign cultures where players are even more bound to not get along. Maybe if they forced randomized summoner names and disabled chat all together then maybe it would not be as high maintenance for them, but still they would be associating themselves with foreign governments that they might be opposed to. It's easy to see why that could be a risk Riot would not be willing to take. The fact that you are not a politician does not mean that you cannot do anything. You are showing activism here on the boards. I'm merely suggesting that you might perhaps show it elsewhere and have more chance to get your wish realized and improve the situation in the middle east to boot. If you personally would want to help me though, then do me (and a lot of other players) a favor and just don't play a game where your connection issues are the cause of trouble for someone else. If you are talking about improving the game, then do your part and don't play if your connection or location is not up for it.
Will my English is bad and i dont understand any think but OK. i have seen a a lot of your comments and i understand that you hate Arab in general i mean late riot think what they should do . and if the game not for middle east players *LIKE WHAT U SAID* send me post or video from riot dont talk stuff that bigger than you. Im not leavening the game and will keep play for ever haters will still haters for ever say what ever you want we will get an Arabic server and u will cray for rust of your life and dont comment again because i dont have time to translate so dont waste your time . And u dont even work with riot when u work with riot u can talk with me . So this your personnel thoughts not riot thoughts .
Spearki (EUW)
: hmh why is't stupid do you know how many of them there is and do you know how many of them would even change server? it's hard to tell if riot is gonna get any profit from making a middle eastern server or not tbh. you can't expect every middle eastern to play on the server even if they make a server for them and then you have to find out how many ppl are actually gonna be playing at x time of day to find out if it's worth for riot and for the q times (it will also affect every other servers q time too)
I dont know how many people will do but i dont think u know many people will dont . but if u ask me to play with 150ms or 20ms i think i know what im going to chose. and it will dont hurts q in other servers that much might be 20 second at the heights because the high elo will dont get effected at all because most of the people in the middle east play with 150 so they cant get high rank like Challenger or master and lot of them are gold and lower so it will dont effect ques time for high elo at all but for low elo might be 20 second or even lower .
: Just don't play maybe when your connection is not suitable to play the game? Go play turn-based games like hearthstone or something or play single player games, or better yet get your lazy asses out of your chair and get together to get your governments in check if they are the ones causing so much wars, violent, diplomatic and political tension a gaming company like Riot doesn't want to get you a server closer to where you live.
Thank u for your comment first im not Politician so sorry i cant help u out .second , the boards to share players ideas that can improve the game so i hope you find another place to share Your racist thoughts.
: I hope to open the server
Gjelstad (EUNE)
: I live in Iraq and i have 73ms. Where do you live???
I live in south of Iraq and i have 95-110 but for the people from Dubai and other Arabic counters in the south have higher than 130 ms and the new server will help all players from the area to have batter connection.
: Riot games pls do it because i have a high ping i dont play league a alot beacause i dont want to tilte me self with 200 ping
yeh the game will be more available for people from middle east area.
: become a refugee in germany. No ping issues anymore
Will thats the only way but what about other people from middle east east not all of us can be refugee in Germany.
: Yeah, it can be nice, though it will probably use mostly Arabic language, and since I'm from Israel, my Arabic isn't that great. sticking to Europe :)
Will i dont think Arabic will be the main language because most of Arabs like to speak English in video games we just want server close to us to have batter connection .
: is league halal?
: saudi arabia is a bad country with bad people
you just one of those people who watch tv . And believe every think that u see . you Racist. but i get it from ur name
: middle east severs
they wl friend
DutchPro (EUW)
: Companies often don't want any connection to countries like Saudi Arabia. Eventhough Saudi Arabia has been improving corruption-wise, there is still conflict for example with Qatar. I don't know what factors Riot takes into consideration when putting a server somewhere, but that might play a role. I suspect the extreme difference between rich and poor won't matter in their decision making
Why they dont want . I mean whats the wrong with the Saudi Arabian we want to have the best connection possible like other players btw im not from Saudi Arabian but i think its the best place to put the server they could put the server in United Arabic Emirates but people from south Africa will still have a high ping and we dont want the server only for Arabian players we want to help as much player as possible .
Mr SuFe (EUW)
: Open new server in the middle east
A lot of players when they play ranked they get some one DC because not he want to Because he have bad connection to the server so if riot try to open more servers and give the players best connection for there servers u might be dont have afk for the most parts so opening new server to give the players better connection is good for every single league players so you should support this .
: Middle east is part of euw but yh i hope they add servers there.and Thank you !
thank for your comment
: Also in the turkish server they don't speak english. I've been to Turkey before and even in the airport the staff are struggling to communicate.
yeh thats one of the biggest problem in Turkey server riot games make the turkey server only for turkey players
Lesoń (EUW)
: yes I agree with that, we really want a middle est server to have the best experience to enjoy playing league of legends And thank you all for your hard work.
The new server will be really great for all the players from the area because lag is really annoying to have in game.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Which one could the server be in? Is that central enough so people from for example South Africa could also use it? (South africa now plays on EUW with 200-300 ms) Also, isn't Turkish server close enough for decent ping? Middle east is closer to Turkey than some parts of USA is close to NA server
first thank for your replay. they can put the server in Saudi Arabian and people from south Africa will have like a 50-100 ping and i think thats a lot better than 200 ping. second most of the players have tried to play on Turkey server but the EW server have better connection
: There are a lot of smaller areas wanting a new server. Southern africa for example. Thing is: even on EUNE people complain about the lack of queue choices due to lack of players. You would maybe have a better connection. But would you also like to have 5 min queues and only blindpick?
I have good connection but the server is to far and dont think the queues time will take that along and if u ask me to wait 2 more min to have no lag i think i have no problem.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Is there any stable not corrupt country that could provide this server?
i think thats not the real problem because they can open the server in United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabian with out having any problems there.
: Agree. Please.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: > and i doubt there is enough middle eastern ppl playing for them to make a server they are a business in the end you're wrong, simple as that
Dont worry they are enough players
Spearki (EUW)
: tiltreliia got challenger with like 250ping i'm sure you can climb with 150ping as well :) and i doubt there is enough middle eastern ppl playing for them to make a server they are a business in the end
First thank for your comment second im not tiltreliig. I just want to play with low ping like other players.
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