Surma (EUNE)
: Yorick still not fixed
Yoric is totaly broken give him{{item:3078}} and its game over
: After alienating ADC Players now Riot wants to alienate Junglers
Im getting flamed for not ganking LOL how i should gank when im lvl 4 and the enimys lvl 6 ?
Kailyfe (EUW)
: Sylas gameplay report: Underpowered champion
Nah he is Perfect but like Shadowflame said his Ulti realy needs more range
: Sylas
True a lot of ppl said he will be OP but i say he is Perfect cuz I played with him and against and he is realy balanced . You got the skill ? then u will be Fine with Sylas ! U dont have the skill ? U will lose hard ! First Time Riot created a new character which dont need a boost or a nerf ! Perfect Character im having fun with Sylas :) Btw played him as Sup today and ye worked very good EDIt : there is a reason why Sylas is slow :D dude he can jump with w and sprint with E , he can escape so easy man :P But good luck playing him against Kassadin no chance XD
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Welttan (EUNE)
: When is season 9 starting on EUNE.
Some ppl told me Riot will run the patch tonight its 8:22 pm now here . maybe they will do it in few hours ? idk
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: keep this game mode up all the time
Old U.R.F is the best Mode ever ! Im missing the Mode :(

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