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: You haven't heard of Ashe's Ult yet?
Hecate (EUW)
: I've always thought it was me being bad or going crazy (especially vs Nautilus or Fizz) because I would get hit by a skill though not being in the range of it and would say in-game "nice hitbox" and people would just flame right back at me...
No, it s a really big problem, and i so want some improvements in this aspect.
HercaZ (EUNE)
: I watched the videos and this is pretty much what I am saying to you. well yaso wall was awkward, but its the same thing really, in "reality" (what the server see) he was looking towards the opponents and used wall, but your monitor showed you differently due to the latency issues...
If he was looking at an opponent, he would give a wall in his direction, lol. Do servers see a hook through the wall in a different way? And ultimate jinx? This is utter stupidity, neither in Hots, nor in DOTA, nor in StarCraft, I have not seen such a large discrepancy with the HitBox.
HercaZ (EUNE)
: It is due to the internet latency between servers and our computers. To be honest it is pretty good the way it is, because it is quite hard to ensure good performance on game this fast paced where the combos can get in 0,2sec. range. I am not saying it is perfect, I am saying there is hardly a way to make it perfect.. When you match people playing thousands of km`s away from each other its already astonishing that you can have ~40ms of latency through the whole match... hitboxe mechanics like these have to be there because the server is receiving different latency signals from each player and it has to keep the video equally shown for ever each of the players. It is already working pretty good. What you see in your screen not always the same as a server sees... You might see you ult as 100% hit, but in reality the enemy already moved, but the video issint reaching you yet. That`s why this mechanic is there...
You just ignored all the videos, right? Plus, I was playing Heroes of the Storm in the far East... On a European server... 3.5 years... And you know what? I'VE never even met anything like it. What's more, you can check in the training room. The hitboxes of so many characters and their abilities don't match what we see on the screen.
PreDaJ0R (EUW)
: same for nautilus and thresh Q
Yaya, almost for all grabbers. Exception - Pyke
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