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Xneaki (EUW)
: Ekko needs changes
After next patch i think riot has balanced him more (sry for my english) my experience is that every new release champ is op, then riot fix them. Hope Ekko will be better cus he is to op right now.
: Server EUW Having Problems
Im so mad at riot.... played a game, 25min in game we got dc (gamecrash) we start a new game 30 fucking seconds in game same thing happens!! Its 5th time it happends for me now!! Riot pls fix!!! Or u will loose tons of players!!!
tofh30 (EUW)
: Firewall error or bug.
Just had the same problems, was in a game and got dc. Added Lol to the "allow program communicate through firewall" and the problem is still there :S dunno what's happening... riot pls
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Arviya (EUW)
: error error error
I finished the patch after 2-3 hrs work... could play like 3-4 games then i had to re-patch for some stupid reason :s dunno what is going on!! RIOT PLSS!!!
hm.. i let it patch for like 40 minutes then i was so mad that i just closed the lol patcher and hoped to the prob to be fixed tommorow (today) but i still have to patch.. its only a long waiting
zeffe (EUW)
: patch 5.3 is getting on my nerves! HELP!
I have the same problem... played 3-4 games then i closed lol for a little break 2 hrs later it was scanning files and it was on 33% gettin little mad at riot....
Cmon no one else had this problem sometime?
Lijer070 (EUW)
: patch 5,3 269 mb need help plz
U should try to press the "?" up in the right corner of lol and press "repair" it worked for me on 2 pcs :)
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Glewar (EUW)
: Same Question and got no idea what happens.I even cant install the patch for unknown reason.
My stopped and 99% and a error message showed up :s
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