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: You know, when you stand still waiting to remake the system sees you as afk as well. And leaverbuster doesn't punish only afks, also people who frequently leave for whatever reason.
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings Mulchy, Since it was ranked, and it was your premade who was at fault, rather than a random player, then the system is configured so that you are also responsible since he was with you. There's obviously more to this, such as if you had just sat at base for the first 3 minutes then you would obviously be considered afk as well, but since he was your premade this little detail wouldn't mean anything to you.
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: _"I lost against this champion = Riot must have buffed him."_ \*sigh\*
I don't play ranked for a pointless bragging right, unlike some people
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Smirri (EUW)
: Cant login aswell.. so i guess they're having a problem once again
There was a patch, switch to NA and back and you'll be able to login again
Is it down? The failure to login is vague and it's worrying me in case it isn't down and i've lost my account or something.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: 1700 damage ult lategame, AoE, 55%+ self-heal.
You do realise to achieve that you need 900 ap? The more you hit him, the more he heals. It's not a guaranteed self heal, it's based on damage taken. Katarina has an ult that is AoE, does that damage and you only need about 200 AP?
Petsho (EUW)
: They said Q will not become a skillshot, so it seems like it won't change a lot. W is a real signature ability of him so I don't think they will change that either. They said they will give him an entirely new E tho. Dunno about the ult and passive, but I wouldnt mind some changes on them.
This worries me because the passive move speed is such a Gangplank thing to me, I love Gangplank so much and would love to see him get some love but the move speed is just the best thing about him, when you're doing well you really feel like you're pillaging the rift, it's a great feeling to run around and pop a cap in everybodies behind. haha
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ArTanis4 (EUW)
: WTF Rito did with Ekko
> [{quoted}](name=ArTanis4,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6TN62y6E,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-31T08:05:40.525+0000) > > Who the hell in Rito's balance team thought that it would be cool to make Ekko's ult deals the same damages as a full charged Nunu's ult, but instantly? Dude Veigar sacrificed his mobility to acquire that amount of damage to kill one target, Nunu has to channel it for 2.5sec, now, Ekko just has to press R to rip apart the whole team instantly WHILE recovering half his health bar and becoming untargettable. So, here come the conclusion : WTF. If Ekko was just one of those immobile ap champion, then why not, but this one is all but immobile. So his ult just doesn't have to deal 1600 damage aoe instantly. Katarina does the same with barely even half the ap. Next question.
FPS Die Pie (EUNE)
: Nerf Ekko
He doesn't need nerfed, he's squishier than kata and his only escape is an ult with an 80 second cooldown. His dash kind of sucks, his damage is on par with other mages, what's wrong with him? Literally nothing
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: There are a lot of people who are downright toxic. The jungler role has the option of helping any lane and as such, is often blamed for not helping, no matter if he is on the other side of the map or anything. The ADC+Support are roles that need to rely on each other, as well as on the jungler. If just one of these people is toxic, suddenly the lane is lost, the morale is lost and everybody is too busy typing to pay attention to the game. At least this is my explanation for people hating the botlane. I enjoy playing both ADC and support but to be honest, i enjoy it the most when im premade with a friend. Why? Because this way, we dont rage. We are mostly talking via skype so the synergy goes way up. ADC and supports as a role are reliant on teammates. This is also one of the reasons the solo COD players suck at it and rather go mid.
Because ADC champions are either brokenly overpowered or so weak they have no reason to exist. I personally enjoy Draven, he takes at least some effort to play well, and not really a huge amount of skill but compared to all the other ADC's everybody takes, he's really hard to play as. Jinx is just straight up dumb, with the AoE and free attack speed, not to mention Zap! having a stupid amount of range, Kalista just kills everything with Rend which i swear has a whole bot lane brush distance of range, Tristana is just.. Tristana and Corki is just ridiculous (ADC's don't deserve free flash but at least Corki is sort of balanced out with a kind of weak ultimate) and very few of these require any effort to pull off at all. The problem with it is, all the ADC's I OWN are suddenly unplayable, because literally every time i go ADC which is a role i can't do well to begin with the enemy has the Jinx, or the Kalista Blitz combo, or basically anything untouchable like that. It is not fun to play ADC because when i feel like trying a new one i'm against a tryhard that has mained Jinx since release.. And it's just straight up no fun at all to me. Like i say, the only fun i have is with Draven, and I even think his passive is insane.
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: Well if someone is 13/0 then you generally do your best to peel for them nomatter what you're playing. No idea how to get round it, at the point where someone is that fed you're pretty much done for nomatter what happens.
This is the most helpful thing i've ever seen from a person called Hitler. Would i be a bad person if i appreciated what you said because you know, Jews and stuff?
Shiroe x (EUW)
: So you're mad because the enemy team are working as a team and protecting their most fed player. Am i right? hmm.
More like because i can't do anything about it. ever. Like, literally ever. Teamfight? more like get ccd and feed them more..
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