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MasterL1n (EUW)
: your shop
i was on my account but forgot to open your shop with about 1000 rp left over {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Kalista is one of the top champions right now, in Esport and premade teams. In Solo que, she's like a kog'maw. Extremely weak early but have an amazing early game. But unlike Kog'maw you need to constant be moving with her. If you ain't always on your feet, you will be punished very hard. You are also in need of that your support need to auto attack the target the same time as you do, which increases your spear damage by double. This is weakend but teammates who have no idea what they are doing. Last but no least her ultimate is somewhat of a troll ult. 2 negatives with this ultimate. If you use it to save a teammate he might just use it to jump in and suicide anyway, and the 2nd bad thing with the ultimate is that if you are tilted at your teammate you can legit just use the ult to troll them and ruin your team totally. If a Kalista is tilted on all 4 people. The chance to likely win will be refused to 20%. Simply cause you might be feeding, afking and troll ulting which makes your teammates unlikely to win as 4 people.
thanks for the help but I usually keep a calm head. Also I played with a nami yesterday. It was a five man knock up with the tsunami she had casted and could be even more if she had clicked into the enemy team Instead she used the ulti to get to the mid laner to heal him back up to full health. He wasn't even low. Bronze = ????? sometimes
Wen294 (EUW)
: imho jinx is like a tristana without escape.
true but w slow e and passive help her out
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Envy Poppy? Greed Syndra? Whatever you've been smoking, I want some
have u read Syndra's lore?
: Last time you peoples see rengar in actual ranked game.
{{item:3147}} buffs and he was up there tho, also he can prock it rly easily with stealth. I don't think he will be forgotten, just underplayed until his items like {{item:3031}} and {{item:3046}} get buffed. Unfortunatly they will never buf IE or it will be adc hell again
: I've just realized how much Fun the game is without the botlane
Being an adc main I understand but completely disagree. I got shut down rly hard by an oriana as kalista yesterday. Some champs do deal with adcs rly well.
: I'm glad that my comment could help you :) Standard build for jinx you'r build should be something like this: Hurrican - atk speed boots - IE - Blood thirster - Lord dominik - GA Personally, i do like to buy frozen mallet instead of lord dominik, or sometimes buy more cirit dmg like ststic. OFC these are very situational :)
: If you have someone who is MAIN supp and you can due que with then kalista is a good choice for you. Although kalista is NOT a good adc for low elo AT ALL If you don't , then i recommend you JINX which is easy to play and carry games pretty hard ! Consider this fact that jinx is simply BETTER VERSION OF TRISTANA! (at least imo) you should find you'rself right in home! :) If you are looking to main a champion for better claimbing, twitch and vayne ARE ARGUABLY the best marksmen to do that! Twitch is not realy a mobile champion (so you can take him out of the list) but vayne has good mobility as well as haveing a good Dmg and aggresive playstyle ! The trick with vayne is to MASTERING ATK MOVE. after that you will sitting on gold or plat! :D
thx for the help. Ive played jinx but haven't really found the right core build. If you could jus tell me below that be great, thank :)
TTekkers (EUW)
: How to nerf Tristana
Hey, I was wondering if you could help me on my kalista post. I see you've played her a bit
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: There must be a way to blame someone else when you get stomped in the bot lane and your already flamed your support, your jungler and your mid...
still tho im not ranting im thanking them. not everyone in the word is selfish and flames the entire time
: ... Top lane is not the reason why you are in Bronze 5 bro.
well did just drop form b4 but im not blaming the top laners, im thanking them
TTekkers (EUW)
: As an ADC main, I would very much like to see TP disabled on the bottom side of the map. Purely selfish reasons. ___ But you can read your post as 50% truth and 50% sarcasm depending on whether you've got the winning/losing top laner :P
: > Thank you for always being there with {{summoner:12}} to help us in our lanes. No offense but most of us can't deal with the lane bully, not miss any cs and be constantly looking at bot lane at the same time. > Thank you for roaming and setting up kills as well as taking rift herald for us. I do actually take rift herald whenever I play Yorick. >Thank you for almost always being the front line tank and for sacrificing yourself for the greater good of the team fight. I do that a _little_ bit too well. >Thank you for shutting down the broken champs like {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:133}} Yeah ... about that ... >and laneing against them. I never chose to be laneing against that. > But most importantly thank you for carrying our games and all ways taking one for the team Like I said ... I take one for the team a little bit too well. > From, An ADC Main Thanks. Now go have fun with the enemy Zed while I do some random stuff on the top turret or something.
thanks dude but I ban him...and {{champion:119}} {{item:3070}} to be fair
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Voldymort (EUNE)
: A message for perma banned players who are annoyed about the money they invested in the account
RallerenP (EUW)
: IMO it doesn't matter if you DC'd due to unforeseen circumstances. You still ruined games for alot of people. If you can't regularly keep a stable connection you shouldn't play. Also people would just abuse it. You could just lie, how would Riot confirm it? The system is designed so you won't get punished if you absolutely have to leave a game once in a while. That said, alot of people seems to have problems connecting due to the new client, so they should work on improving that, not implementing a LeaverBuster-evasion system.
True, but riot do have the ability to see exact details of the match
: I think he is good to main the issue is hes like a second support to me. He dosean't do enough damage just has the CC and you have to expect someone else to carry by picking up the kills. That of course might not be the case every single time but most of the time you gotta rely on your teammates.
I agree. I've been playing him botlane as a support and he works quite well with coin
Defect (EUW)
uhh wait did I see and arelion jungle. In plat 1? that better be a joke
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: Leaverbuster system
I dont think cheating is the answer. Riot should implement a legit system where you can explain a reason for disconnecting or being A.F.K. and they will take the queues.
Q Ren (EUW)
: Don't worry dude, at least the flamers that have no real impact on the game will get punished.
Thats the problem tho. This post shows that they aren't. This hiemer is obviously toxic but we need riot to take problems and fix them. No one likes to play with a graves supp or a heimer jung. Even if he is i the correct role he is still toxic and it has to stop for all of us who sometimes int ourselves.
kendrask (EUW)
: Rule Nr. 1: DONT PLAY SUPP IN LOW ELO SOLO Q that's all. Did this mistake in my placements and regretted it ... I won 3/10 and was placed in B1 (would have been B3 if I had played badly) If you aren't premade with your adc, don't play supp. Focus on playing mid/jg/top, so that you have at least some impact on the game. In higher Elo supp will be a very important pick (G, P, Dia) but in B / S you have literally no impact on the game because you are too dependant on your adc... and when your adc is bad you feed, too...
Btw dude it's actually easy to win games as supp. They have the most impact on the game overall.
: What am I doing wrong in ranked?
Dude, there are alot of things that can go wrong in bronze/sliver/gold. If u want a fix to ur issues then i recommend PHYlol. He has some great tutorials and can really help you climb the ladder. It really helped me. You dont have to sign up or anything, just watch his youtube videos. He can actually help you get up the ladder again.


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