Muryoo (EUW)
: ♩Parade Skins♩
Wo should be next??
Muryoo (EUW)
: ♩Parade Skins♩
actually did a morgana one last week xD
Chirika (EUNE)
: Well, you know they are making it. The thing is that we are using porcelain so our figure are more like piece of art but not just figure. I really would like to share my love for fantasy worlds with people.
i know the chibi ones, i have a leona. but i mean a real figurine with original like proportions x3 uhh porcela :o i xcan imagine its reeeally hard to work witht he material
: photoshop
okay, use a color dodge layer then, helps alot :3
: I like some of them, i feel like caitlyn is too similar to base skin (might just be my impression) and not sure if it fits with leona. I really like evelynn and janna
jeah maybe you're right :3 I try and have a similar silhuette so it still feels like the champ even if its another skin but maybe i could have gone a bit bolder on her xD thank you :D
: :O You will do it for all the champions??? :O You gotta send me that as soon you make new ones... I would surelly buy a teemo one too :3 (now that i remember, probably the clarinet idea would be better on teeto ahah ^^) Anyway, dont Forget to send me more whenever you finish them... I really enjoyed the idea ^^
Jeah if i manage to find the time :D If you follow my facebopok you will see the updates there first :3 jeah would be awsome xDDD haha thanks fo enjoying them x3
: i shall try make it abit more glowy xD
whit what programm do you draw it :3?
: Must admit... These are better then starguardian ones... (jk, weaboo things are the best) But you did a really pretty amazing good job... Kinda want some of this skins in game now ._. Expecially soraka, kata, riven, sona and diana... Those were the best ones... All the other ones are still pretty beautiful ^^ Good Job Once Again ^^ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (you could also do some male champs, like mundo, throwing drums... Ekko, hitting with a clarinet... Jhin, ulting with a tuba, kappa... But some males you look awesome too)
weeb weeb <3 Thank you, super glad you like it!! Haha nice to see that someone wants to buy them x3 maybe riot can take a peak of inspiration from my work :P I will once I've done all the females.. i know, lot of work but im determined to do em xDDD
Zurkrem (EUW)
: One thing you have to keep in mind is that you shouldn't use the exact same colour scheme on every concept.
Hey, thank for your opinion :3 Actually thats exactly what i wanted to achive. I look that there are some details in other colour but i want them to be all the same :3 maybe i can change it in future skins a bit :3
Chirika (EUNE)
: The figures of League of Legends champions
nice! I wish riot would already make figurines....
: tinypic photo
Could be a little more glowy, but the concept is good i think :D
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: Pijama-Party-Vi, so cute, and those legs... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
hahaha x33 jeah i like it too :D
Muryoo (EUW)
: Vi Splash?
: She is already getting a warring kingdoms skin soon... so i get an even higher powerjerk to ban her in my games
jeah i can imagine that xDD altho i reaaallly love the new skin <3
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