: EUW Servers down
There seems to be a global, massive >15s lag in various actions (receiving game invites, banning/picking champions, starting custom games, etc) The thing that baffles me is that they still didn't acknowledge the issue ... Anyways my friend and I had a Battlerite 1v1 session in the meantime, it was pretty good coming back to this game ^^' EDIT: We just managed to start a custom 1v1 by waiting patiently between each step ... I've never noticed that message before: [(https://i.postimg.cc/Rqrrt9ck/Capture.png)]
: What? It went pretty damn smooth for all of us. A few hiccups here and there with the client, but other than that no lags, no sudden errors, and no crashing and burning of the entire thing in general. I'd say this was a success. Here's to hoping tomorrow goes just as well.
Actually I had a bugsplat mid-champselect ... however, this isn't related to Clash, I've had these random client crashes here and there, sometimes when I'm doing absolutely nothing (not even touching the mouse, not alt-tabbed). All I'm hoping is that the new client comes out ASAP ! Other than that, I haven't read much complaints so it seems like we're right, things worked well for the greater number ^w^
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Jaremaru (EUNE)
: Riot wanted to make URF *better* and *fair* with All Random, sadly its worse then blind pick
So you're basically complaining about being unable to pick your favorites, and in the meantime, you complain about certain champions being broken in that gamemode. 1. Some champions are broken in a mode with no resource management, super low cooldowns, and augmented various stats. How does this seriously surprise you ? Besides, Riot shouldn't spend much time balancing URF, considering its a temporary fun-oriented gamemode, and balancing the normal game already is quite a heavy task . 2. You don't like facing certain champions that, as a quick reminder, GOT "PICKED" BASED ON RANDOM NUMBER GENERATION. Well, there are many people here who don't want to see the same shit literally EVERY game. This is what used to happen, and would have continued to happen if they had not switched to random selection. Sorry but I had enough of {{champion:238}} ,{{champion:89}} ,{{champion:53}} ,{{champion:35}} and SO MANY OTHER champions that were either banned, or picked every single URF game, just because of some tryhards. Of course, as you stated, it is still possible to face these champions ... Fortunately, now you can feel "unlucky" about that, rather than completely stopping the mode because it has no point if the picks are the same everytime. Another good thing that random brings, is that it reduces the chances that the player mains the champion, thus being able to perform well with him even assuming he has never tried him in URF, nor ever tried URF at all. TL;DR There'll always be broken picks in URF. This isn't meant to be a balanced gamemode, move on with that. Random is better than blind pick, case and point. No overpicks, no overbans, no OTPs. And still there are people raging in this mode ... This community is somewhat depressing sometimes. People can't have fun in League anymore, except when they literally shit on their opponent and eventually verbally abuse them to boost their big ego a bit more and feel good about it.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Not all masterys have to be useful early :D Fervor gives very little early both because the value is low and you won't be in long enough fights to proc it, doesn't change the fact that it's my number one choice on pretty much every ADC for late game reasons (fully stacked L18 is about 60-70 AD - comparable to IEdge). A good skillshot slinger will play around the AA "freeze" anyway, an energised AA won't change that.
Completely agreeing, especially about the basic attack freeze. With that being said, imo Warlord is not THIS relevant early either. Firstly, even 15% Lifesteal is pretty low when you have around 70-80 AD at this stage of the game; Secondly, it is less noticeable when attacking minions, and EVEN LESS if you're ranged. With some non-accurate simple math, this mean that you will heal: ~ 10HP/hit on champions ~ 3HP/hit on minions All of this, **assuming you are low on health**. That's another part of the debate that people seem to forget, if you're not below approximatively 40% Health, the mastery is close to uneffective.
: > Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the current Warlord ? Really don't like adc's getting low because of an engage only to heal up in 10 seconds due to a keystone.
Okay. you don't like when an ADC kites you and survives thanks to his mechanical ability. Now, do you think that ADC players like: - getting oneshot because of the unbalanced state of lethality - not be able to kite, neither sustain, neither do damage at all due to Tanks being so strong (Mao presses W, RIP adc) - not be able to farm due to constantly playing against lethality ADCs (Jhin, Varus, MF) which is bullshit because they actually need to scale WAY MORE than these casters do. You've gotta have NEVER, EVER tried playing a traditional Marksmen to complain about Warlord being efficient on them. It's their only effective tool to sustain besides getting a lifesteal item. Problem is, ADC builds are expensive, and buying a Vamp Scepter in the middle of your build not only delays your power spike even more, but also limits your item slots to one less. When they are not locked down, Marksmen kite and sustain. This is what the role is meant for.
TTekkers (EUW)
: I actually quite like it, it makes warlords far more interactive and still gives the same main bonus - lifesteal. It makes it more balancable and easier to find a point where it's good for marksmen and melee AA'ers.
That's a nice point of view there. What I'm most afraid of, is that the lifesteal value on the energized attack is irrelevant in the early game. This would again make this mastery freakin' useless before you grab items, which was already the problem before they made it what it is now. But yeah, assuming that the energized attack gives you a decent on-hit heal, even without items, then I definitely find it more interactive, as it allows you to sustain really well, BUT can also put you further behind if the ennemy anticipates that attack and plays around it (e.g. Leona waits for your auto-attack to press E)
: Trying to make every champion a jack of all trades breaks the game. Trying to give every ADC mobility breaks their intended mold of strengths / weaknesses. It ruins balance. No deal.
Despise I personally wished that ADCs get more mobility for kiting (which is hard these days with so many OS assassins, and targeted CCs on tanks) I agree that this would break role interaction, thus balance. Imo this is why Warlord is fine atm, it's "nothing but" a great sustain option that works at all stages of the game, just like any other Keystone does ... How are there seriously people complaining about sustain in the current meta ?! Obviously they dont play ADC and have no clue how weak the role is atm (not mentionning caster ADCs, of course.)
Rismosch (EUW)
: I think the nerf has to do something with the Aatrox changes. Maybe, I don't know :/
It obviously has something to do with it, indeed. Kind of sucks if they're changing a keystone (thus affecting plenty of champions and the game state in general) only to make it "not op" on a single champion rework ...
Smerk (EUW)
: Those champions that you mentioned were supposed to run Fervor mastery as they are AS oriented and can easily stack it. Also Warlords mastery grants a bit too much consistent healing, basically you have to either oneshot champion or see him getting healed to full in mere seconds
Disagree that these champions were "supposed to" run Fervor. I mean, it sure works better on them than almost any other; **But this was actually the part that I liked, you either chosed to amp damage, or sustain.** For the little story, I used to only run Fervor. A player once made me notice the existence of Warlord, and from the time I tried it, I realized that the loss of damage if running Warlord is less noticeable than the loss of sustain if running Fervor. At least for me. Finally about the Warlord user "getting healed to full in mere seconds" --> Uh ... isn't it what marksmen are actually SUPPOSED to do ?! Sustain is their only defensive option besides kiting, so if they get CC'd and focused properly, they'll die anyways, no matter how much lifesteal they have ... I don't see where this is unbalanced, especially in the current state of the game.
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Febos (EUW)
: There's not point in hiding your name in the pic, since we can see it in the boards: Crutoks {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Facepalmed myself as I did not even notice this outrageous mistake from OP. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Musiicy (EUW)
Well, "kind of" happy to see it is not just me xD Keep commenting guys and don't hesitate to **upvote** so that Rito senpai notices us !
xMarlucia (EUNE)
: Cant buy Dragon Trainer Lulu! Help
You should rather write a ticket to the support: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us You are more likey to get proper help from them. Hope this helps
: "THIS WAS SOME SCARY SHIT" http://giphy.com/gifs/the-simpsons-scared-homer-simpson-jUwpNzg9IcyrK
How could I not think of it ? lol, describes my feelings with such accuracy. x)
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blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I truely love(d) Katarina. But I stopped playing her mid-season 4, when she started to get all the consecutive nerfs that killed any chance for her to win or even hold her lane, with the exception of the opponent being a completely new LoL player. Sure can't tell if there's anyone else having the same opinion as you, that being said, it's not much of an "opinion" when you are stating it like it's a true an non-negociable fact: **"a rework that is utter shit"** Also apart from saying that you don't like it at all, could you at least give a short explanation of: WHY? why do you think it is utter shit ? That seriously leave me thinking that you only love Katarina for her clear lack of mechanical assets ... it's been 2 entire seasons already that she's only about going in at the right time. That's her only actual gameplay. Personally I can't wait for this rework, Idk how you can call her E rework "utter shit", it's giving her way more opportunities than ever before. She's going to have those dagger mechanics, meaning she'll be able to play around them and potentially outplay the opponent's placement, or stuff like that. Anyways. If you prefer a dumbfuck champ that's all about going in when CCs are down, rather than one that can dash everywhere and properly bait/trade people, that's your own right, just take into account that it's your opinion, not everyone's.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Do you even logic ?
Perilum (EUW)
: {{champion:84}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:62}}
You forgot {{champion:120}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}}
: Jayce has been like this for a almost a year/over a year ( Im not sure) and no one complained about it, once he gets picked in worlds everyone starts complaining about it. Same case with kennen.
That's true, but: Just because a champion wasn't criticized before being played by pros, doesn't make him less unbalanced ...
Rismosch (EUW)
: So Toplane Tank Ahri is a hard counter to Jayce? lmao
If that's what you played against him, that definitely just means he was bad AF :)
Enlight13 (EUW)
: You're telling me you're not going to try to counter Jayce and then complain Jayce has no counter? O.o Jayce has a counter. Doesn't mean it's GP. Gp has a low early game. Hell most laners will shit on him. Also really? Interesting? You shoot barrels and minions till 6 unless you can bully lane then you use your passive. You use your R to help other lanes and finally late game you hit barrels that have almost no counter in solo queue. I would deal with early game Jayce anyday to a late game GP. He is like a more effective Nasus.
Have you ever played GP to say that ? First of all, his early is way more powerful than you are close to imagine. You would have to play something else than supports tho to realize such a concept. Do you have a single clue about how managing barrels is tough against ranged matchups ? Especially when Jayce can zone so hard, and can also press W to have a free **lightspeed** auto on any barrel around ? Let's say i got this defensive barrel close to me. If Jayce stupidly goes all-in, EVEN considering he doesn't attack my barrel before me (which he would do in most cases unless he's really lacking a brain) My best trade would be: AA on barrel -> Q -> Passive. Now guess what ? he's going to outtrade me anyways with this combo: (starting cannon stance) W -> R -> Q -> AA, AA, AA -> E. Seriously give a try at GP in a normal game, and come to my face say he's easy to play man :'D I'll just consider you have a great sense of humour. Because that's one hell of a joke. You sound exactly like the kind of players who haven't understood yet that killing Gangplank's barrels is important. I win lane everytime against these opponents for obvious reasons.
: Well against Singed, you prolly have enough waveclear and sustain (Oranges baby) to facetank the wave before it hits tower and freefarm is golden for GP. Also if he wants to 1v1 you in lane instead of proxy, your Passive, Grasp of the Undying and W allow you to trade even. An early Hexdrinker neutralizes the threat from him even more. With Ult and TP you can control the minion wave easily against Singed. Playing {{champion:41}} there probably are a lot of champions you can only sit and stare at lul. I know that because I love taking my beloved {{champion:122}} into enemy {{champion:41}} :P. Forgive me.
See that's funny because I personally never have issues as {{champion:41}} vs {{champion:122}} ^^' I just play around my defensive barrels and wait for him to be greedy, which he usually will end up being. You're all forgiven. <3
MadClown (EUNE)
: Well I am in platinum 4 so can't say that I have seen him that often. Not sure what normals have to do with anything I was purely making comments based on my ranked experience, if anything people noticed syndra more so I try to ban her if I am the one banning.
My bad on calling normals, I looked up your nickname on the Launcher and seen you unranked ... just didn't notice you were from EUNE. Well I don't know bro. I'm not inventing things, Jayce is banned in most of my ranked for an obvious reason. I don't belong to another dimension than yours, so that leaves me thinking you're just a lucky one x)
: Anyways, as {{champion:41}} you should be able to outscale Jayce eventually if your team doesnt fall behind too much.
Okay, now THAT is a good point. But I still generally can't win lane against him, unless he does very, very tough mistakes :P that's really the part that pisses me off. Hate those champions whom you have to stay away and stare at in lane, in order to properly "counterplay" them. That said, i'm having less worries against {{champion:27}} than {{champion:126}} and that's intriguing me. xD
MadClown (EUNE)
: Hmm I don't know in which elo you play but that could be the difference.I don't main top but I have played against jayce when I do end up in the top lane haven't lost to him but I did only play against him twice.
He's popular starting from top gold. That's maybe why you don't see him often. Also people don't play him in normals ;-)
: Well, I also would to be able to not die to any and every Bruiser/Assassin/Tank in my face as {{champion:202}} but you cant balance the game around my personal taste, can you?
Thing still is, even if you are able to "stay alive", that leaves him winning the lane: considering you can't take the risk to push, you'll always freeze and he'll end up poking you down enough to either flash kill you, or force you to back in the best scenario. And then he presses W aaaaaaand turret's gone. You didn't feed him. But he won lane hard. You mark a point tho, can't balance the game on personal preferences and all ... That said, game could be balanced around the majority of the players. LoL doesn't BELONG to a handful of well-experienced players ...
MadClown (EUNE)
: I haven't seen him that often, but when I do he mostly loses lane and people mostly play Kennen or Jarvan into him.
Then you're lucky bro ! I face him EVERY single time he isn't banned, at least in ranked. And despise I play very safe and trade back, there always comes a time when I have to stay far away from the minions because he would oneshot me otherwise. Finally, according to LolKing, with all elos taken into account, he has a somewhat 50% ban rate atm ...
: Play the bigger bully: {{champion:80}} Or {{champion:59}} starting {{item:2033}} If you have ever seen AD Jarvan Top you know this doesnt end pretty.
I've almost never played J4, and rarely Pantheon. They're both not my cup of tea. Would bother me aswell to learn a hard counter just to be able to face him until he gets nerfed ... I started to OTP {{champion:41}} recently, if played to its full potential he has CHANCES to win the lane against Jayce. But that means I should be 100% effective on my spells use, placement, wave management, dodging, ALL THE TIME. That's what I hate with Jayce, the tiniest mistake (especially when it comes to placement) is generally an ensured death. Finally, if you wonder why I OTP {{champion:41}} instead of {{champion:126}} to climb the ladder: - GP is interesting to play, mechanical, his kit invites you to be creative. - Jayce is about landing your skillshot (probably the fastest travelling skillshot in the game, despise its massive hitbox) and also learning a single combo.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yesrerday I rekt one. You should learn how to lane against him :^)
Well that really matters on your pick, and if the enemy Jayce knows what to do ... Bad players still exist and will pick something they never played just because it's op atm. Trust me, if he knows his shit, you WILL lose your lane with the only exception that you play a hard counter.
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: yeah maybe also there are tons of videos on internet like change that documentry file to that one bla bla.. but it reall doesnt seem right eighter lethal. ill look that in game option more carefull
No need to check, you just can't bind left-click AT ALL from the in-game options. From being a lefty player, it used to piss me off sometimes ... Fortunately, I use a Lefty Razer Deathadder mouse, which basically inverts the signals sent by your mouse, so that I have no issues and don't need tweaks at all. But if you got any common mouse, well yea, even using the Windows mouse buttons swap option doesn't work for LoL. As far as I know, there are certain mouses that have a swap option in their dedicated software/driver, that will sometimes work, sometimes not. Overall can just agree with you, it's sad that Riot have just never considered that option. It'll also be cool if you could bind left click to anything, like attack-move so you can easily kite, in which case they should add a "select" bind so you can replace the original left-click by anything else, like the spacebar or whatever.
Your Mate (EUW)
: I actually hate league of legends
Just pause for a while mate. I feel what you're saying, I myself uninstalled the game a few times, this always happened RIGHT after a game where people got me tilted. As far as I can tell with my experience, **having a few weeks break is the best way to come back with a fresh mindset**, and once again be able to ignore trolls/toxics/etc. If you've been putting a lot of time, effort, and maybe even money in this game, it's obvious that totally quitting it is not the worthiest choice (tho it's still a possibility, it's all up to you.) I'm gonna be honest, I'm an overall very positive player, I always reward good plays from my teammates, or even ennemies, and whenever it's possible I try to settle a nice climax in the chat. Despite that, it happens that I lose it to toxic people, especially when they are cursing me/one of my teammates just because they do mistakes. Because of that, I got banned two weeks twice. Now I have to wait for months before I can loot some hextech craft, and I'm really pissed since it's just came out :( Overall it's a good thing that I got banned, it got me thinking a lot and working even harder on my issues. I started working on my attitude WAY before getting banned, but sometimes it still happens that I lose control and enter a shitty arguing war with an asshole I don't give a fuck about. But that is it, I guess I'm now totally getting a permanent ban if I ever step aside only one more time. So yea mate, if right now you're not feeling able to deal with such behaviours, just have a break. If you really love this game, you'll naturally come back to it, I can tell for sure ;-) Wish you the best, peace !
LPhawk (EUNE)
: I honestly don't think we need to know the damage from every ability that hit us. I'd be happy with something like: Killed by LeBlanc, 962 damage. Damage sources: LeBlanc: 86%, Nautilus: 12%, Minions: 2% Magic: 91%, Physical 9%, True: 0% (All numbers matching the color of the damage type in which the majority of the damage was dealt). This would give you all the info you need without cluttering the screen. Disclaimer: all numbers are pulled out of nowhere and are in no way meant to be real.
I totally agree with your suggestion ! After all, what you usually want to get out of the death recap is who dealt you the most damage, and what damage type it was. So yea, I really hope Riot considers something like that.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Thanks bud. I honestly did not expect this kind of reply on here at all! I'm really surprised! :O But yes, I'm already watching youtube videos from known challenger ranked players, I'm watching lcs when ever it's on, streamers I don't watch instead though but I'm reading guides, trying out new item tactics and mastery's in normal games too. And if 1 works then I try it again a few more times just to be sure and certain of it. About some toplane carry champions, I already have 3 of them and play just 2. I still got no idea how to properly play with {{champion:157}} and can't do that in normal games either because I'd have to constantly mute my entire team due to their rage towards someone that is trying to learn how to play a new champion (guessing that these are the smurfs..). Anyway, thanks for the tips and thumbs up mate. I'll try to follow them when I'll decide to go in a ranked game again. So, see you on the rift ;).
It's a pleasure bro <3 I always encourage people who look to improve, basically because so many League players get quicky too confident in their skill level, and end up flaming whoever does a mistake, going "wow dude you suck, are you fucking bronze ? oh no you're plat, nice boosted" or this kind of shit talk. I really hate that part of the community, especially considering this kind of behaviour gets me easily tilted, and I got banned twice due to arguing with them ;___; So yea, as for I am eager to improve, both toward the game and my attitude, I could only give you my best tips and encouragements. <3 Feel free to add me if you wanna do some games, I might not play much until Friday but that's it ! See ya around pal :)
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Yeh thanks _hugs back_. You said just what a plat friend of mine also told me but in other words _"In a week from now you won't remember that game anyway, so don't focus on it so much, just move on"_ which is pretty much the same as you said. Well I played normal games a lot and still play those more often than ranked so.. xD Anyway, sh!t happens, but mostly to me so don't worry ^_^. P.S: I'm pretty negative lately due to my experience so.. meh xD
From what you wrote mate, you sound like having a realistic and objective point of view. Yo do realize what mistakes are, how complex can League be, and so on ... that's just great, carry on with that mindset, imo you're on the right path for improving and climbing the ladder. :-) My personal advice would be, that you try your hardest not to bother too much about lost games. Especially if you encoutered trolls/toxics/afks or whatever in your team. I do understand that this is a totally common thing at this elo, but yea, if you have trolls, what can you do ? Only a bit, so if the game ends lost, just say to yourself you were unlucky to meet these guys, and that's it. Now that's the first part of my tip, the second being: if you have these kind of games, focus on yourself, and only on yourself. Be really harsch on the tiniest mistake of yours, point it out, work to correct it. Read guides, watch videos/streams (if you don't already); just keep a student's mindset: "I'm here to improve, not to win." Victory will naturally come through improving. I think the "challenger wannabee" thing you mention is actually a crap mentality. LoL is a team game, individual skill is never (or very rarely) the sole factor of a game being won. Obviously, the whole concept of teamwork is unexisting in B5, so what can you do ? Again, focusing on yourself is the best imo, not only will you be proud of doing plays, but you will also naturally rage less to lost game, since you'll be focused on your individual performance. I know it's easy to say and hard to put into work. Still, I do hope you understand my thoughts ^^ Finally, I think you're totally right to tryhard toplane, you even stated the reasons why it is the best place to solo carry. You could try to look for some advice/guides on carrying top, what are the best champions to solo carry game, etc. And last but not least, never forget you're playing in B5. Don't be afraid of thinking outside the box and going with an unusual pick, honestly at this elo this is actually a good strategy to exotic pick, as long as you're handling the champion well and applying a certain strategy toward winning the game on your own. Best of luck for you to climb !
: Sivir's spell shield
"Sivir blocks the next **enemy ability** used on her within the next 1.5 seconds, restoring mana upon a successful block." It isn't supposed to block summoner spells at all. Either it was a bug, either a common hallucination ? If you're really sure it was a bug, you can report it [here](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu). That being said, if you don't have a video version of it, Riot is probably not going to take it into account.
Silisa (EUNE)
: > Glad there are reasonable people around here still >.> Like yourself :p I've been on both sides (solo and premade: duo, trio, quartet, and all 5), so that probably helps my outlook on the whole thing. ^_^ http://media.tumblr.com/ab1e787f5bf3aba5564d51a0ffef81fc/tumblr_inline_mynhb7AVxi1qziitf.jpg
You both are totally right, I can only agree here ! I hope the community starts realizing how toxicity and premades are totally not related to each other ... personally, I've rarely encountered that issue, or maybe I just didn't pay attention to it at all. Honestly, when I'm going ranked (especially if going solo/duo) I'm not bothering about my teammates being premade or not ... I don't bother their individual skill, ranking, or whatever. **I'm just playing ranked to try my hardest and _that's it_** ! I really hope more people start thinking this way. That would naturally clear a great chunk of toxicity imo.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: the system is automated and what is below here is my guess of how the system checks your report. the system looks for: 1.cursewords 2.flaming sentences(I think... sucks f.e.) 3.spamming(just repeating the same thing over and over) 4.negative words(think noob/report, not cursewords/insults ) continuing from your game we are going to filter the sentences to see what the system reported you for based by number. Let me clarify that if this is your real ban text, I think you could maybe still appeal this ban because it isnt really bad or anything. now for how you were reported. I am just going to place down each number and _italian_ what words or sentence structures were seen by the banbot as reasons for your ban. **1:curses** just the usual curses, these aren't terrible and probably aren't the cause of your ban ++game 1++ xcaroutx: _fuck_ me xcaroutx: _fuck_ me xcaroutx: _fuck_ ++game 2++ xcaroutx: _shut up_ plz we didnt lose yet cause of me xcaroutx: _FUCKING_ xcaroutx: dude _shut up_ ++game 3++ no cursing here **2:sentences** this is probably the worst one for you and the one that riots bot got you on. A lot of your sentences are appearing on the list of standard flaming sentences(in your situation they are actually understandable because your team seem pretty weird/terrible ). standard sentences include: saying anything about fed champs being salty sentences(f.e complaining about flaming is salty) sentences will not be in Italian(that would be pointless) ++game 1++ xcaroutx: u solo lost bot xcaroutx: the feed is real xcaroutx: every1 is just flaming (i believe you but the bot doesnt take general flaming into account). xcaroutx: velkoz isnanly fed xcaroutx: u lost the game ++game 2++ xcaroutx: why not let me jung :( xcaroutx: u're sucking not my bad xcaroutx: dude shut up xcaroutx: u're bronze or silver? ++game 3++ xcaroutx: i hate cowards xcaroutx: sure u lose lane cause gragas **3. spamming** u dont spam. **4.negative words(lol related negative words)** the difference between negative words and curses is that negative words are game related. curses are things like ngger and fcker negative words are things like report and noob. ++game 1++ no words here ++game 2++ xcaroutx: _report_ nami ++game 3++ xcaroutx: gg wp _report_ lucian xcaroutx: _report_ lucian **in summary:** the bot did it's job and caught out those sentences mentioned above, but I think that if you appeal the ban, a human could look at it and give you another chance since you really weren't salty to a ban level. My advice if you do get your account back tho is trying to talk less, the more words you type the more the game starts to annoy you. I do hope you get your account back. good luck.
**Upvote this !** Best explanation here. I myself got banned two weeks recently for the same kind of talk. When tilted, I tend to literally spam the chat, and I gotta say I never spammed THIS hard. Honestly OP, nothing against you, but you deserved it. You've been totally toxic simply because you were drawing a lot of attention on you in this game, and overall bringing your team down with your repetitive and somewhat salty talk. I'm sorry that you got permabanned, I hope I myself will really get over my rage and grow up, so that it never happens to me.
YerffejV (EUW)
: My friends are sending me a link for the halloween skins.. is that right?
Basically, you should consider these kind of messages as phishing. ALWAYS. If this was legit, it would come from Riot themselves, not an external website. Also ALWAYS check for the website's address. If it is ANYTHING else than euw.leagueoflegends.com, then it's fake and if you login into this crap, your account will be fucked.
Charibasa (EUW)
: http://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-baseball-favorite-a54WLlAZzJGfe
Correct me if I'm wrong, but a joke is supposed to be funny. :)
: I didn't test it yet, so... does she still remain in Valor form when she dies and respawns?
It happened to me too, I made a post about it this morning. There seem to be several ways to trigger the bug - personally, it happened because a friendly Tahm Kench devoured me during my ultimate. It made my ultimate go on cooldown in my spell bar, and when Tahm spat me, the cooldown simply freezed. It has also reset my ultimate duration in the buff bar, and when it ended, Skystrike activated but I didnt turn back to normal stance x) The worst part of the bug is, only your Q and E work like they should as Valor. Passive is still there, you don't get the movespeed from Tag Team, neither the permanent attack speed from your W, which sucks and makes you vulnerable as hell. And finally, if this happens you cant spend another point in your ultimate... Along with a lot of other weird glitches, check my thread "Quinn + Tahm GAMEBREAKING BUG" for more information. To answer your question: dying doesn't change shit. I've seen someone on YouTube triggering it by activating Tag Team while revived by Yorick's ultimate. Once the Quinn player respawned he got stuck as Valor. There doesnt seem to be a way to unblock it :/
Charibasa (EUW)
: How is this gamebreaking you turn into a fucking bird
1 - spells half-working 2- playing as an ADC (you might not know but an ADC isn't supposed to go in like that. He dies when he does.) 3 - We faced a Volibear and a fed Pantheon. Should I explain more ? Trust me dude, I found it funny early on but as the game went on, it was being more annoying than anything. The boring part is where my spells were working the weaker way they could ;-) - Passive, cool but need to go melee (marked ennemy = "HELLO PREPARE TO KILL ME I WILL DASH ON YOU LAWL !") - Q, melee ... - W, NEED PASSIVE PROC -__- - E, not knocking me back, and you might think "but if it'd knock you back as a melee you would be fucked" well actually, that would have allowed me to do some cool plays, and overall be safer ... - R, impossible to use execute AOE, and no added movespeed ;-) Still feel like it could be awesome ? K then find a friend and try to reproduce in a real game ... I swear you will soon hit the floor, dear Bird.
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: EUW downtime campfire
It's really back right now tho. You guys should hurry, login queue going to grow fast :>
: **|| SERVER UNAVAILABLE ||** http://media.collegetimes.com/uploads/2013/11/sweating-gif.gif
Goremaw (EUNE)
: What is this? Just pick {{champion:17}} . Oh your passive? Thats gone Garen. Oh you run? I run too. Oh look at the blind I deliver while you spin like an idiot.
A blind is a crowd control ability that denies the damage from a blinded target's basic attacks. Garen's spin is a spell -> it doesn't work, period. I even tried against a bot, with Teemo but also quinn and it just doesn't work. Also, my point mentionning Gnar was not talking about how to counter Garen (I never tried the matchup yet, but I guess Gnar loses it.) I was just stating this fact: Gnar > Garen. Overall, in every way.
ForDemGainz (EUNE)
: i guess you still haven't met {{champion:223}}
YEA. I was talking about {{champion:150}} but {{champion:223}} is also WAAAAY stronger than {{champion:86}}. Tahm doesn't even need A SINGLE offensive item to still deal shit broken damage past 6. He doesnt even need BOOTS ;____; He'll mostly be like {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3026}}
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