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: Thank you
Today i played.My team kept complaining about 1700-500 ms I guess that is due to my bad internet... Maybe they will get banned to or get a leaver buster for having high ms..maybe it is not even their fault..but until everybody is having the same problem or at least the majority who is on forums its ok... There is an issue and it is not our internet...even if it makes everyone feel better to just blame our internet connection..
Infernape (EUW)
: So why did you keep playing knowing full well that your connection's unstable?
My connection is not unstable,as i said..there is absolutely nothing wrong with my internet.
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Dr Twingo (EUW)
: [RP ART] How much rp do you think is it worth?
Perilum (EUW)
: Tze denglishz äre stronk in meh. I shouldn't open threads before my first coffee... damn.
The joke was still fun:) We forgive you the title:P {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
FooI (EUW)
: if you see your team mates flaming and won't stop just do this and focus in game /mute all I'd like riot to make reward system more then just a badge in honor so the toxic ones can stop and try to be positive in games. {{summoner:31}}
But until you use the mute button it was plenty time to make you not enjoy the game anymore.
D1nzu (EUW)
: people should learn how to press a CC spell on him.
Many cc spells are skillshots and its not that easy to hit a yi with ulti and alpha..CC is hard againt champions with big mobility.
Moon4Lord (EUNE)
: If you ever used a program to put skins in LoL ur probably gettin banned lol
Well i used a program until i found out its bannable i stopped.I used it only anyway so i can try skins out in game before buying any.But i stopped.Does that mean i near future i should be banned?Somehow it does not feel right. if you make a mistake,but you realised it,correct it,why should you be punished also for it?
: I think this dude is addicted to ducks and "ducking". I feel for you though, this shit is so common and riot really doesn't care..
Duck and ducking i think was a replacement for other words.I might be wrong;d
MrBunnyFluf (EUNE)
: I need help with a girl.....
Man up,and talk with her.No other way:)
Derenick (EUNE)
: It's low level that should be cared the most for. If people are toxic at low level they will just get worse when level 30 doing ranked.
But most of those new accounts are smurfs.Here comes the problem.Its them who flame.For many levels when i started didn't even know how to chat..or did not do it.Hell..when i was just starting to play LOL i left the game going because Dr. Who started and i had to see it:d I was thinking i just go back to it after the movie and will have it the same way.
Derenick (EUNE)
: EUNE is a very toxic server...
Strange,i made an account on EUNE just because i read about this,but my games were good.No flame,no afk..nothing bad really. Maybe i got lucky^^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Congratulations Riot Games on your attrociously garbage matchmaking
It's frustrating and can male you toxic after awhile.
: thinking that the words "gg ez" are toxic is a tremendous effort of mental gymnasitcs. on par with reporting someone for "sexual harassment" for saying "hi guys gl hf".
: Why some posts getting like 1k+ views?
: League of Legends in British and American English?
: That dutch politician who hates any muslim and immigrant and who thinks the EU is bad.
Everybody has the right to think what they want.Until they harm someone ,there is nothing you can do to change that person's mind. I bet many people think they are open minded ,accept everything,yet when it comes down to it,if the other person has different opinion or don't like what they should like ,they are bad,should be banished..nazi..racist..rapist..whatever comes in your mind. Open minded people..:) Sander599..this comment is not against you,for just came out of me reading your comment.
: Yeah, this is how populism works. A few hundres get molested and stuff stolen by a few others. And than someone pops up and yells RAPE COVERUP and the mob prepares the torches.
You are so right..what is being molested and raped anyway?Or what is being groped and robbed? Really..silly people...not a big deal. Just get used to it! Right?
Charibasa (EUW)
Good one :d But he is still..and always be tooo damn cute:( {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: "I cant boost, I dont have money" *Spends 5000 rp into Teemo skins
But he is just too cute! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
xXMephXx (EUW)
: There's not a single dot in your post, lol.
Which makes him a very VERY angry man^^'
: You are telling lies. It's not common. Your case is an exception, not a norm.
Well its not common to have daddies bank acc,but its rather common for those kids to get money quite easily from parents.
: Yorick's laning is so strong it's actually toxic, it's the reason he's not in the free rotation.
But he is just sooo boring. Actually i find all top lane extremely boring:/
: 4 months no play, I come back and what do I see...
: Minnions stop in lane and do nothing bug
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: I had ribbon three times, but after moving to EUNE from EUW I lost all my honor points as well, so you're not alone buddy.
That was you punishment for leaving us:P {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Delàs (EUW)
: mastery chest
So,you can get mastery chest only if you play premade with someone?I dont get it:/
Hannsen (EUW)
: > He has only one cc or damage and even that one is tricky... He has Stun/Slow on Q, Slow (single first, then aoe) on his aa with meeps and his ult. Were is this one cc? Like him very much. Playing him in both SoloQ and Team and also cannot understand why he is so underestimated and often called troll pick ...
His ult is more like a Zhonya,also easy to misuse.His Q gives you or slow or stun depending on circumstances,and really depending if enemy knows what Bard can do and how.His aa does give you a slow but significant will be only in late game. Counting all this i don't think he has loads of cc.Also Bard is very fragile champ at start for someone who should be roaming... Don't misunderstand me,i started to play him and absolutely felt in love with him,but he is very difficult and sometimes feels like he lacks something.He is much fun still<3 This is obviously my opinion.I am not ranked,neither do i play for ages,but i think that does not mean i can't have and share an opinion.(that's for those who will jump on me for not being even ranked,yet still daring to post an opinion...) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Agidyne (EUW)
: Tomoe Mami Jhin skin when?
I think i'm turning Japanese... Why all the skins you want are from Asian cartoons?:( (anime?)
Jonxx (EUNE)
: He's not a trollpick. He's solid pick if bard player knows how to play him.
How many times they said i am trolling..and if the game was never was because they were running alone against 3-4 or not watching the mini map it was always because i picked Bard. Sometimes i get so frustrated about this,ill tell them i just defend the nexus,i pick my meeps ,ward .... Last game i had,our nexus was almost lost ,we had super minions coming and the team ran away to chase a couple enemy.. I defended the nexus,somehow as Bard.Then enemy fed Riven comes,i am alone..because once again everyone runs to find someone to chase. We lost.In the client chat i said maybe we should had pay more attention to the game then to just chase personal glory.One enemy called me crybaby.I said this is the chat ,people should be able to actually chat.I got reported for offensive language.Now,i know it wont make any difference as i know i did not say anything bannable..still feels shit. You know what else feels shit?The feeling that people with who i played with and against all felt like people who come to normals to get away from ranked pressure.Which is perfectly fine,but not everyone plays ranked and the fact that this is not ranked doesn't mean you can ruin others game..But i will get the downvotes that only ranked matters and you should take all this BS because its just normal.. ye..frustrated today :/ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Niryn (EUW)
: I noticed something while playing other roles and looking at how higher elos play them. I feel very vulnerable for example mid when I play them, but I saw many higher rank players buy pinks when in other roles than support! O_O It seems to work, and from my experience silver elo's bigger problem is that people forget to use their trinkets altogether. :'D Aaand also the "I want to try Brand support too" players who think sightstone is worthless of course. ;o I... I still lose every game that I don't build it, I've tried because I thought it's somehow meta now. Turns out it's still very much worth it and without it I lose.
But then..there you are going to place a ward in the bush when know what's coming don't you?:(
: Playing as marksman isn't any excuse why you can't buy pink ward. In late game when you have full build switch your trinket to oracle if enemy has rengar or talon & you are afraid that they will go for you. And one thing what I hate the most as support is when I see someone is going for our marksman I stick with him/her so I can help, when enemy reveals themselves what does the "ADC" do? Run away FROM SUPPORT so I can't do shit. I use my flash to get closer to help and still adc runs away... Because they panic. Marksman vs assassin - we know how it usually ends but you have little better change to survive if you keep calm and stick with support. 75 g isn't much or just change your trinket.
My adc's run away from me also many time and i could shield/heal/save them but hey..what can we do if they don't want that?:d
Niryn (EUW)
: Yeah I agree with this. I remember it being a pain to bother with stealth champs because everyone just countered them with pinks in stead of outplaying them.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stell,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=lj1oFOkW,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2016-01-12T13:24:25.844+0000) > > with lotus soft embo tissues? But of course, what else?
He is gentle and kind after all:d
: > [{quoted}](name=DireXcon,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WJFemUjf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-01-12T10:59:34.473+0000) > > This must be a teaser from Riot for {{champion:432}} rework bard is amazing and actually fun to play unlike 80% of the support range which are boring as hell lol main reason people dont play supp is because its boring but bard makes it fun everytime
Indeed.Very very fun,but they need to make his Q more reliable.He has only one cc or damage and even that one is tricky... I read in many places that Bard was made for LCS and ranked,he is no good in soloQ. I do not understand why make a champ like that?? Its called trollpick in soloQ.. Still love him:){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Riot already does that. The PB systems aswell as the leaverbuster are harsher on new accounts. You should also keep in mind that what you experienced was not actually a new players experience...but a smurfs experience. You and your GF were matched with smurfs because you are a smurf. Actually new players are normally not matched with smurfs and don't face this kind of toxicity that much.
But then again i left many games when i started because i did not know how the whole game mode works..
: Nope. I cannot. It's the same as playing LeBlanc, Zed or Yasuo. I cannot play those. So I don't. There are still over 100 champs i can play :)
Practice makes the master!:) Have faith in yourself,and if it does not work for long time you can give up,but never without trying^^
: They will never understand. Their damage means nothing if the whole team can't see the enemy team.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I admit it was quite some time ago since i last tried anivia in support role, but those there the issues i noticed right away, i know how to manage mana, but it's just not enough. and it's only one of the problems she has as support.
Try her out then,maybe you will come back with other thoughts.. I did face her recently..and many times,so i am not talking about a far memory or something that somebody said to somebody..
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Anivia is good as a support only on paper, but if you played it a bit longer issues start to arise, anivia is already know for weak pre-6 and in bot especially as a support comes REALLY late and for a support her Q stun is really unreliable. Then there's the fact that anivia REALLY needs some flat mana so she has to rush {{item:3070}} and she's an overall late game scaling champion she doesnt have that much to offer early, even late game scaling supports are usefull early. Still you mentioned only 2 mage supports Now you're drifting away from the discussion, nautilus is a tank, not a mage and overall nami right now is doing really well.
I made a comparison why pick this and not that and you tell me i am drifting away from discussion.Sorry mate if i don't know what you actually have in your mind...or aspect from me..
: Bard is insanely good IN THE HANDS OF A GREAT PLAYER. I thought i was a good support player. I could play any sort of tank sup, all the utility supports and even tried like every mage, half the bruisers and tanks as support. I cannot play Bard if my life depended on it. There is so much more at play than just protecting your carry/harassing your enemy. You need to deep ward. You need to go to other lanes to help them gank. You need to make the enemy team uncertain where the fk you are. You need to make them want to chase you. Then you just run around the jungle and bait some more. Then you use your ultra long magical journey to escape. If they follow you, congratz, you now can stun them to the wall/to each other if there were 2 people chasing you. You now wasted tons of their time and lived yourself. Also the ult can be used in so many different ways.... This is definitely not a support for beginners
True,but exactly because its so different you can not learn him if you don't use,practice him.
The Droop (EUW)
: Nah, just what you said in the other posts sounded very salty. They told you that you have to respect their "personal space", in your answer you complain about their overwhelming damage. That sounds very salty to me, no offense. If you really want to play Bard, then read a guide about him, there is plenty of in-depth guides :) Sure he can do nice stuff, especially with his E, but it's very hard to actually make it rewarding, compared to other supports. I hope I could help you with what I said and didnt demotivate you too much. Good luck on the Rift, Mate! :)
Please for the future do not call salty others because you think you might know how that person thinks,feels. Calling others salty its like teasing or bullying them..oh look you You want to be respectful ,then be one and don't just call out names of nowhere.. I do love Bard and i want to learn him more.That's why i keep playing him,that's why i keep trying new items on him,that's why even if i always walk next to my tunnel i still cast it and try it over and over again.If Bard is no good then maybe we should just open another post when we ask him to be buffed. The practice does make it worth thou.More and more i am hitting my Q right.Maybe one day i'll be good,or he will be buffed. I did play Lulu a lot,i loved her.But i got bored and my love towards Bard started to grow.I will not abandon him until i feel that i just can't play him.If its true that he is no good comparing to other supports then i was right when i said that some supports are just not good enough and maybe a buff is needed. Good luck to you.Thanks for the information you shared. {{item:2054}} Have a freshly baked cookie<3
: When she asked you for your name you should've say you can't tell that ...
Well..i was calling in a hospital..did not aspect what was coming towards me. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
The Droop (EUW)
: What I would recommend you to do is drop {{champion:432}} for a while and play {{champion:40}} or {{champion:37}} or {{champion:16}} for a while. Those 3 have the highest winrate for supports in the current patch (53%-56%), while {{champion:432}} has around a 45% winrate. (Source: Lolking charts) Noone requests any buffs or changes for {{champion:432}} because they don't see any potential in him. And those who do are actually sitting and waiting for buffs, I know a handful of people :) I am not saying you are a flatout bad player, but I say you are not good enough to blame a group of supporters for being too strong. Also I don't say you should build all your items around the support, but if you happen to be in a matchup with 3 people dealing AP damage and one dealing mixed, while all of them have a gapcloser to render your gauntlet passive useless, gauntlet is not a good buy. Instead you should have gone {{item:3105}} into {{item:3190}} for the MR aura. This item would have helped you in lane and also in teamfights :) As I said I'm not flaming you or anything, but don't be too salty to take tipps/hints from other players here :) Sincerely
Only one question left.Why you call me salty?Do you call everyone salty who replies to you?... I do understand that they have more to offer,but once again Bard is just fun. Do i have to be challenger to have a word?... Edit: i don't like Soraka neither Sona's playstyle.i do love bard thou:( I did saw people doing really nice stuff with him,but how can i learn him if no playing and trying out items? Somehow all of them should be able to do their job.What you tell me is that Bard actually needs a rework or big buff and many people are waiting for it.I dod not saw any post about it thou. Thanks for the info anyway.
The Droop (EUW)
: Dear Mustachoso, while I agree that certain supports are stronger than others right now, I really think you don't know what you are talking about. Now, don't take this the wrong way: From what you wrote here I can see that you completely ignore every single argument experienced (support-)players have given you. You are frustrated for being on a losing streak playing against {{champion:63}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:34}} your favorite supports mentioned in this thread, while not knowing their mechanics. And like this wasn't enough, you also insist on playing Riots biggest abomination {{champion:432}} since {{champion:432}} the {{champion:432}} release of Quinn {{champion:133}} , screaming "Kill me!" every time it gets picked. Now again, don't get me wrong. There is good Bard players, but in your cases you just dont provide anything to your lane partner, take Nautilus for an example: while he can engage on your ADC, all you can do is maybe stun him with a skillshor unreliable as f*ck, especially if you want to save it to POSSIBLY stun both of them. Then your heals are too weak to even outheal the damage of Nautilus alone, which is not his but YOUR fault for being in that matchup. Lastly he can pin you or your ADC down the moment you overextend with his point-n-click ult, while you have to land the trolliest skillshot of the whole game. And why the heck would you EVER build {{item:3025}} versus a {{champion:63}} support?! You don't have any experience from ranked games to actually estimate the strength and weakness of a single champion, not to mention a whole group of champions, like you are trying to right now. Yes, tanks eat damage. That's what they do. Mages provide damage, they poke you, they burst you, and they kill you. That's what they do. And a utility support provides utility, whichever way necessary. If you can not do that, then dont play a utility support or complain about the other two groups for that matter. If you face them, do what YOUR champ can do best and AVOID what theirs can do best. Now, don't be offended, take it with some humor instead. If you want to we can play a game or two and I show you how strong utility supports actually are. Sincerely, a support main playing the game for more than 5 years now.
And how you think i suppose to learn any champ if i don't play it? If Bard is really so bad maybe it should be asked to be buffed or changed,yet nobody thinks that. I do understand you play from long time,but then why do you take me as dumb person who does not knows anything at all?I did beat with Bard a lane against Brand.No,i am not a very good player and no i am not ranked and awesome,but i do try my best. Why would you want me to build all my items also around one support?
Agidyne (EUW)
: Riot, will we ever get a cute league girl again?
Why downvoting the OP? he just asked a question and his kinda funny too.I never get these downvotes..
Phyrz (EUW)
: Overwolf is not bannable. But that skins is. Custom skins that only you can see etc.. But Overwolf is just like Curse or something like that. You really really can't get banned.
Why would be bannable free skin when only you can see it and makes no change in game whatsoever?
: Well then, you should have an idea of how bad it is to dive you :) _Le Xin Zhao with double buff and full HP sees 20 hp Caitlyn under turret_ _Le Xin Zhao takes the chance and charges at her with his E_ _Friendly Janna denies him the kill with a shield and a slow_ *I ALMOST GOT HER, ONE MORE HIT AND SHE IS DEAD* _Le Xin Zhao flashes to finish Cait_ _Friendly Janna is like "nope" with her tornado_ _Le Xin Zhao is getting chipped down by the turret, still he doesn't give up as his E cooldown is finally back up_ _Xin charges at Cait and would kill her with his E only_ _Janna is like "nope" and ults him back to the turret mid-flight_ _Caitlyn now finally stops afking and shoots Xin once_ _AN ENEMY HAS BEEN SLAIN_ _GG CAITLYN!!!_
As i said,you should not suppose enemy is always dumb .The example you wrote down just shows a very bad move.
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