: black screen during selection
new problem during champ selec. it seems everytime it is my time to selec a champ, game breaks. i am currently at -7 points due to this bug..... all hail riot. let's see how far underground can i get. well, answer in 22 mins beacuse of undeserved queue ban.
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: Don't rage out on Rito, bugs happen, they posted on the client yesterday that they were aware of it and are fixing it. Repair tool worked for me. Riot's statement: Network Operations – Yesterday at 3:21 AM We're investigating reports of the client becoming unresponsive after accepting matches. We recommend enabling Low Spec Mode under Settings until it's fixed. Hope this helps
i merely stated FACTS. the beta is focusing solely on looks, 0 thoughts were given into actual efficiency. just now, i was in cahmp selection, i select my champion, lock, guess what, pop up : a problem occured during champ selection, i'm kicked, 30 queue ban. banned 30 minutes of queues because : black screen, unknown break down. I'm sorry if you mistook my stating facts for rage...
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