Xyltin (EUW)
: It is intened and got even mentioned in the patch notes (6.22). At first Riot also reduced the cost of the ward to 50 to compensate but they didn't go through with it.
Hm, I can't remember reading about it but you could be right. Nevertheless the range of 900 makes the ward useless for objective control. Since riot says they want to make Support more attractive for people they shouldn't nerf this sort of stuff which primarily hits Support mains. You could say that Wards is something for all roles, but the fact remains that 9/10 times it's the support that places control wards for objectives like Baron and Drake.
: I just want to point that i noticed yesterday problem on mid lane bush. If u place control ward on the one edge of bush it wont show u sight ward on the other edge of the same bush. Damn i didint notice it earlier...
You had the same issues with Vision Wards, the 1000 range wasn't enough to full cover mid lane bushes if you placed them on one edge. You needed to place them a bit away from the edge for full coverage, however the control wards need to be placed close towards the middle of the bush for full vision control.
Mefagar (EUW)
: At least I got an explanation !! I did not understand some plays from the enemy team, stealing dragons/barons while they couldn't have vision, or sometimes still having lenses and finding wards whereas they were 'control wards' IN the pit. Yeah this nerf is a really big one. Please change it or at least tell the players. (mb if i miss the info).
The thing is that Riot never mentioned it (atleast I can't remember it).
noob infant (EUNE)
: what makes you think that it was unintentional?
Because the previous nerf on vision wards was unintentional, but they kept it eventually.
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BramQQ (EUW)
: Nieuw team op zoek naar Diamond 2+ Top, Adc, Support voor Frag-o-matic
Ik heb interesse. Ik heb BramQQ toegevoegd, maar je vriendenlijst is vol op iV KipCarry. Mijn IGN is Mutatie en ik speel al sinds S1. In S2 was ik gold, S3 D1, S4 D1 en S5 ben ik uiteindelijk D2 geeindigd aangezien ik het iets te druk had de afgelopen tijd. Ik ben ook al een keertje eerder naar FOM gegaan en we zijn toen 6e geworden. We hebben toen verloren tegen het team dat uiteindelijk nr1 werd.


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