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: No, he is better as an AP. First, we didn't have an ap bruiser in soo long. Second, you need to check his lore. He is a demacian mage (like lux) that was imprisoned because he is a mage (demacian's hate mages). He have the ability to sense and steal other people's magic. The chains he have are made of petricite (a pale stone that can absorb magic, Galio is made of petricite). So him being a mage fits very well with his thematic, his magical chains and his ults stealing ult. Btw, I oversimplified his story, it have more details than that.
Yeah but i dont Read lores that often tho and hé looks more like a AD bruiser in my opinion. And i won't classify him as a AP bruiser because hé isnt tanky so hé is more like a mage
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