: Bring back the reward after the game! Disappointed!
I totally agree. It feels totally shitty to not get any reward for playing. I almost have every champion I just wanted to get Ornn now but with this system it will take Ages... I want a reward for playing my game give me some BE when I win or loose not only EXP.. I do like to spent a bit money on the game every now and then but i only did that for Skins I dont want to buy champs I want to earn them through playing. Right now to unlock my last champ i would need roughly 2300 games? THIS ISNT RIGHT. Give us back a reward for playing!!! I want XP AND BE!!!!
Kunoki (EUW)
: Will Riot ever make older Victorious skins available? (NOT to buy from store with RP though)
I think, the best posibility would be making it available through Hextech System. So everytime you get like Platin. You get 1 Token for a Skin of your Choice. Lets say you need 10 Tokens to get Victorious Elise. Lets show it. Gold: Only the Skin and Border Rewards + that Ward Thing Platin: Skin, Border, Ward, 1 Token of Choice for old Victorious Skin Diamond: Skin, Border, Ward, 2 Tokens of Choice for an old Vic Skin Master: Skin Border, Ward, 3 Tokens Challenger: Skin, Border, Ward 4 Tokens So It would not be overflowing everything. You would need some time to get an old one. But the higher you get in the Season End the less time you need. Thats just a raw thing if you have suggestions how to balance it out. Youre Welcome {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Is Zed gonna be the new Kassadin?
I wanna know how any ADC then should stop Zed... he only needs to ult you do some dps and he can get out so easy.. if youre alone.. ur doomed.. thats it... i think zed will be nerfed to the ground.. people cant say he is not strong he can delete a carry without getting in to much trouble if he is not totally braindead
: I actually own this skin myself and love it. I've got skin code for it, going to contat you later in game.
Well NOW I just love you :D Apparently I wasn't there then :x and tommorrow im getting a nice new Bed :x feel free to mail it to me per https://www.twitch.tv/myrania Or we just meet anotherway :D
: "I badly want that skin" event
Hi first of all. Thanks for this great Giveaway. I wanna participate with Sweetheart {{champion:1}} I main support and sometimes I go with Support Annie even tho its not that popular anymore. I really like her and I really like this Skin. I wanted to get it yesterday but I had that friend wanting a skin desperatly. I just gifted him that one and well :x couldnt get mine.. Would be cool If I would win here :D PS: dont delete your account maybe you wanna comeback anytime and well :D then you would be sad having no account {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} See ya my Friend!
: Having Riot actually take an active part in the EU boards would be the ideal, while it is what I aim for I don't actually see it happening as Riot makes no effort to do so themselves and it would take a significant change in their attitude towards EU to see things improve.
Yes I think thats what all normal Players from EUW wish for.. Sometimes it just sucks... look at today.. there is some Issue with disconnects and people unable to reconnect in the Game.. restarting wont help nothing.. Thats happening to quite alot. But its not even mentioned on the Service Status Page? " http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#euw " It occures about two hours ago... and there is not even a notification. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/de/c/hilfe-support-de/t3bd12b3-frozen-disconnect-kein-reconnect-maglich-und-nun-reports-fressen-nehme-ich-an (No Riot Post till know... ) http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/de/c/allgemeiner-chat-de/nLyQ5qZ9-verbindungsaufbau-ingame-verbindungaufbau-kommt-aber-nicht-zu-stande (Same as above no post...) Is Riot even aware of it? Does they even give a .... ? What should we do if this happens to us? Am I really up to ask the Community and their Solutions? It's not like their all bad but I would like to have a clear statement from Riot before II'm doing shit or something.. its making me mad -.- its like were not even there? Riot... do you even care about this ? About EUW?
: Lack of communication from Riot to EU
I just think the same as You. Dear Riot. All we wish is a bit more communication from you. Sometimes we felt like not that much important as NA.. as example. There are not that much Post of you guys here. Sometimes ur not even there. We dont really need to know what was the Problem but knowing there is something wrong with the Server or the Game itself helps, so we could prepare for that and know its not kinda our fault. You see what I mean? There is awesome Riot Content, there is so much we have but we just simply want you guys arround us. Telling us some Stuff, or simply just commenting on everything we just post down here. Its kind of sad, that in one Day only 1 Riot Member posted something and did not even answer to those other posts. To get in a Discussion with us. Explaning, whats going on. Whats he thinking about these wishes? Why he couldnt provide us this Help. We can't see whats Behind all this. You simply have to tell us. But the sad Part ist you don't do that. And for the frustraded ones of us... it simply seems as you don't want to talk with us? I am just Sad :/ because this Lack of Communication hurts... Myra


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