Nol (EUNE)
: I don't think that you understand what I am saying. Its about the polys... Fortnite has many polyes and the graphics are HD and crisp... you are getting confused the styles with the polys and shading. So all of the art stays the same but with more polys and better shading. Look at this video that Rito Games did Called so you wanna make games: (Watch till min 5)
: No idea, I just thought it would look cool. But skins aren't canon in the lore anyways
Doriennn (EUW)
Well, yeah, that needs fixing...
: custom HUD
Maybe not banned, but if Riot updates one thing, your downloaded HUD might not work anymore.
Nol (EUNE)
: Petition to upgrade League of Legends Graphics ( Pics of VI, Darius, Blitz how they would look)
I think it's the same like saying ''Hey Fortnite, your graphics are outdated, please update them to newer models''. Ofcourse they won't do that, because the graphics are there for a reason. Not because else it requires a too good pc, but because that's the feel the game's supposed to be having. I think it's the same with LoL, the graphics is what gives the game its theme and feel.
: Ornn skin Piltover Customs
How would that fit his theme though? Or how would Ornn fit in the Piltover universe?
Doriennn (EUW)
: Nidalee hitbox
What about a video showing it?
I'm very curious! Please show something :D
: What is your dream team (champion-wise)?
{{champion:516}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:201}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: [SUGGESTION] Concept for a Shaco Rework
Hey there! Dunno if you'll still read this 'cause the post is from quite some time ago, but I got a major problem with almost every rework concept for Shaco, also with yours. I think he, as a person, is really unique and nothing is done with that. He's a joker, he's mysterious kinda, and even dark. Nothing is done with his characteristics or his personality (in my opinion)...
: Dude...what a necromancer. Also, we already have azir and sand soldiers. Yorick and his ghouls+mist walker. And also ad malzahar.
The pic you see in the post does not have minions like Azir/Yorick/Malzahar. It is as @Papuciitis says: a person riding on something.
Papuciitis (EUNE)
: Soo, something like {{champion:20}} ?
RogueDek (EUW)
: Cool, but would obviously be an hard champ to play, especially if it had a remote control "champion". Like the cult leader, the main champion would have a minion he could control to farm and do stuff for him. Obviously this would be extremely broken since Riot can't even handle one champion to balance, how could they handle 1,5?
He doesn't need a minion right? What you see could just be the champion with abilities. It could be a support champion and a cult leader in the lore. Blood Moon is seen as a cult but that's just skins so...
Tarolock (EUNE)
: you dont get mastery tokens on aram, only on SR
So sad... But thanks!
: Riot, why not give a new permanent new map with a new gamemode?
I think it'd be cool if they would have a rotating map every half year or something, so there's always a 4th map. And then a 5th map that works like the rotating maps now.
: AI bots in blind pick as well not only aram and twisted
Those bots are mostly accounts right? Not Riot's bots
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Èclair (EUNE)
: Probably not judging from that he had them executed before he even become one of the Noxus leaders: > Manipulating a young nobleman named Jericho Swain into revealing the cult’s involvement, LeBlanc allowed herself to be executed along with the most prominent conspirators… or at least, so it appeared. ###[Source.](
Swain had them (the Black Rose?) excecuted? Your added lore says otherwise right?
: Swain was never really part of the black rose (I think). He merely had a brittle alliance with them, held together only by the fact that their goals aligned. Im pretty sure both swain and LB were always ready to plunge a knife in the other's back.
And indeed, LeBlanc tried to do that by poisoning Boram Darkwill's mind. _But Swain, emboldened by forbidden lore from within the Immortal Bastion, did something wholly unexpected, managing to drag Darkwill from the throne and seize Noxus for himself._
: I'm more interested in figuring what LeBlanc is. According to her new lore, she was around when Mordekaiser ruled the Immortal Bastion, which was centuries ago in universe. I know the obvious argument for why she's still around is "cuz magic", but I really hope there is more to it than that.
Some people say that LeBlanc is _guile_ in the Trifarix due to her title _the deceiver_. Any thoughts about that?
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