Schipis (EUW)
: I need a Community. add me Schipis
Hi awesome just added! Mystic#0633 add me in discord and send me a PM!
: i added u
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Twinbo (EUW)
: Looking for new people to play with!
Hi! If you are intrested on to joining a comminuty i would like too invite u there! let me know!
: Hey, this server sounds nice. My Discord is Yuugenmagan#7004.
: Looking for friends to play with and have a good time!
Hey there! i would prefer joining a comunnity with awesome people to play with and hang aroungd and having a good time.
: i added u
: You were too lazy to just put the link in the post, alright
I wanted to guys to conact me if u really were intrested! that´s why! and we dont want to people just to join without me or carpe knowing it. But ill link u just add me on West or discord Mystic #0633
majoc (EUNE)
: Yes sorry :D ChickenCluckCluck#7485
majoc (EUNE)
: Discord name is ChickenCluckCluck. I'm currently on.
i need 4 numbers to0 ChickenCluckCluck#
: cani join xd i am 20 <3 discord : gnosis #0501
Didnt find u, try to add me Mystic #0633
: cani join xd i am 20 <3 discord : gnosis #0501
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majoc (EUNE)
: Hi.I'm just 12 but belive me I've been playing this game for what?6 years?Yeah that should be right. I've always played alone and everyone in this community of LOL on EU East and West is just DUMB.So I would LOVE some real communication. If you want me to show demonstrate in a game or something sure.But there is one thing I do NOT tolerate.Swearing.I accept stupid,idiot,dumb and stuff like that but know...the f word and stuff... Waiting for your response. Note:Haven't really tested this forum thing so dont know if I will get a notification when you reply :P
Oh hi! Only 12 y/o and played leauge since 6y/o? Cool! Yea, we started this little community of our beacuse we didnt like to play alone aswell so why not do a server where people can hang and play together! WE also have rules of that u mention, so it will be fine! If u have more question feel free to ask! What is your discord name? :D
: Its cool! Send me when u can i will be home in the evening
iCarpe has added you in leauge!
: Why u dont post the server address?
Me or Carpe need to know if someone wanna join so they need to ask us first! but if u are intrested ill link u! NP :)
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Yuvhi (EUW)
: Main Supp Need ADC - HIGHT ELO CARRY
Hey, looking for a good supp who i really can trust who knows what to do. Im currently silver 2 but that dosent mean that im good. Not to brag or anything but im pretty good as adc :)
: we dont care about rank but I will if you add me ingame we can see if you can play some games with my team. Im coach for the team btw
Tjena, anatar att du är svensk. Men undrar hur erat team är. ge mig lite info om er! Letar efter ett bra team/spelare som jag kan lita på vad dem gör.
Papilios (EUW)
: Looking for a team i play mainly top and supp
Nothing els? Dont u have some requirements? Looking for a team i can trust when play.


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