Doomley (EUW)
: >I was never bronze in my life WTF... You were never higher than that either. At least, not on that account which is all that matters. You played against low bronze players in those games so ofc you are going to get bronze too. It's not like, you play against bronze players and get gold.
was playing vs plat/gold players, since i was premade with my plat friend... but can't be sure other team had no bronzies :S and yh on this account i was never higher, but still bronze 5 is unfair for winning 9 games
Doomley (EUW)
: They increased the amount of drop in elo in season 6 because they wanted it to be equal in all elos. Challenger players always drop to at least plat 1. This means that silver 3 players should be dropping to at least bronze 5. Also let's notice that flex queue mmr is completely its own and has nothing to do with solo/duo mmr. As i said in one other comment, if you play against bronze players in your placement games, you are going to get bronze. Max low silver. It matters who you play against.
i was playing vs plat players, i had my friend premade with me and he was plat... well at least i think i was playing vs plat players :S
Lunnainn (EUNE)
: Yeah, winning 9/10 in placements only gave Silver 5 last season. I know, because I did it playing Brand Support. However, I agree that it's utterly bullshit that it's giving bronze 5. But "atleast gold 5" isnt accurate.
last season i was gold 3 and i ended up silver 5 after placements and i lost like 4 games doing so, but now this season... i win 9 and bronze 5.. not even bronze 1 or 2...really unfair..
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Maybe you became worse? Nothing is impossible.
is what im thinking but it feels stupid, because i always win my lane and i always lose the game.. early game im always good but after some time.. idk i feel like im losing skill or something and i play for like 4 years i should be doing better not getting worse
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