: Meus grandisssimos cabrões da riot games filhos de uma ganda adotada que vende o seu corpo
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: C'mon rito gomes
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: Yeah and I had the same reaction... i recognised that he had distinct parallels with riven but he had a very different take on the theme of a great sword duelest.
he isnt riven, riven is easier to play and is much much more rewarding. She deals more dmg, has more survivability , more garanteed cc and much more mobility. They just nerfed riven down to a minion and called her aatrox. At least give me the option to play the old aatrox he was fun, dealt more dmg and even had more cc.
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: CLash
I was gold 5 last season, I am a top main and I can play pretty much anything including Morde xD
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: I think the biggest nightmare is leona+miss fortune. If you get hooked buy leona its gg.
or you play in the back and heal for 600 hp every 2 seconds
Eratos (EUW)
: play janna then and gain elo xd..I find more op someone like {{champion:89}} {{champion:201}} then janna..
sure lets do that oh wait my team picked full ad with no tanks...
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Can braindead Zoe be removed from this damned game? The answer is the same, no.
sadly you are right cause those %%%%%%s in the balance team need broken champs to climb so they can say they arent bronze
: Play Blitz or thresh then. free win against Janna
sure if you can hit all your q´s and since im in silver skillshots dont exist
: but they are squishy. champs like Leona, Alistar, Blitzcrank and Rakan can wreck havoc to them if you know how.
Sure thats true but the range on most of their shields/ heals is way too high. Look at janna she can be behind her entire team while healing/ shielding her frontline , thats also one of the problems I have with these champs their range is too damn high...I also dislike that they have cc abilities that are realy prominent but I get why that is...
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: If you're talking about that WW of your last game, it's his first placements - and he probably muted everyone from start because apparently that's how it's advised by shit players to shit players.
hmm...thank you , was really unsure if he was a real player or not...
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Dr Drevan (EUW)
: Orange essence
Orange wont change do whatever.
: The Annie should still have a chance to win... the game shouldn't ever outright favour only complex champions. But zed still does have advantages... he is longer ranged, he is much more mobile, he is better at target selection, he gets more options... he has advantages coming from his higher skill ceiling, but none of that matters if the zed player makes a mistake which Annie capitalizes on as the ability to do that shows more skill than mastering a champion... ultimately learning how to punish is how you win games. So if the Annie makes fewer mistakes than the zed she should win so long as she capitalizes on these mistakes... because that's how league works. Zed shouldn't get a get out of jail free card because he plays zed because that create a metas, that makes champions obsolete... the exact thing you don't like about the game.
Not saying she doesnt have a chance but its should be very hard . Not a straight 50-50 more like 75-25 in favor of zed. Mobas need the meta, all current genres do ,sadly.
: Even before hand the team with the best team work won... the only reason people could solo carry before hand wasn't because of the game, it was because the team work on both sides where as bad as each other thus it could come down to personal skill, this is less so the case as you've progressed higher now thus people are actually gonna use advantages like team work better and your team skills haven't developed similarly. The game hasn't changed, your just playing vs better players who understand this better than you where used to.
May be , any way I could improve a it ? Besides playing team-focused champs and trying to hug my team at all times?
: Except that has a lot more variations than you realise. If they are the same skill level then yes they have the same chance to win, and that's something that should happen as if the individual skill of two players are the same it comes down to who can capitalize on a mistake the best which has extremely little to do with how much you play the champion. If they are wildly different skill levels that's not true in the slightest... if the zed is diamond and the Annie is bronze then the zed has a higher chance of winning as he will make fewer mistakes while also punishing the Annie for her mistakes... if it's the other way round then the zed has less chance of winning as the Annie will be able to make fewer mistakes and punish better, doesn't matter how much the zed has played if his game knowledge isn't up to scratch he is at a disadvantage. So it doesn't come down to champion... It's individual skill and game knowledge which gives the advantage, and that is healthier for the game than a person having a massive advantage because they enjoy or are good at a particular champion.
But it should come down to the champion ( to a certain a extent) if you have played 500 games of zed and you are playing against a annie that is the same elo as you , you should be able to absolutly destroy her in every way ,shape and form. I know thats a rly rly high standart but thats how I think a game should be balanced ( experience over shortcuts , not experience equals shortcuts).
: Firstly that's actually physically impossible for a moba, simple truth. Secondly 50% win rates aren't uniformly good... win rates change based on difficulty, hard to play champions have a lower win rate naturally because newer players mess up on them and cause their team to lose, while entry level champions have a naturally higher win rate because a greater number of people are competent on them... So an azir having a 50% win rate means he is in need of nerfs, whole an amumu hitting 50% means buffs are in order.
Yeah , I understand that , I know it impossible to exist but in a perfect world a first time annie shouldnt have the same chances to win as a guys who has played 500 games of zed.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Just 2v2 then. .-. I personally still end up in way too many 1v1s for my taste. <.<
I hate 2v2´s... you need to rely one someone to play how you want them to play. Kinda why I main top , if I die I know I missplayed or I got put in a situation where I couldnt win.
: Oh no people are actually playing a team based game as a team... shock horror. The buddy system is how your supposed to play the game... It's team based, the team with the best coordination is usually the one which wins in the end... complaining that the enemy team is using an advantage they are supposed to use is just pointless, nor will this ever change nor should it.
Not complaing about people playing as a team , just complaining that its alot harder to carry alone when compared to earlier seasons what kinda spoils the thing I liked about league , sure its a team game but if you are good enough you could carry , nowadays thats almost impossible... Maybe I just suck alot idk.
Potchikir (EUW)
: I find it funny how riot always talks about clear counterplay then they rework cho gath znd give him no clear counterplay
It was the same for the assasin rework, sure they got a " slower" burst but they removed the counterplay against talon/ akali/ shaco by nerfing pinks. This is also ignoring the fact that they all got better a their role.
: The game cannot be without meta there are champs who their kits are Much better and stronger than others Plus this is what makes it LoL. but i hate Metas Which are actually Really Broken LIKE REALLY REALLY Makes the game something like P2W when you play a strong champion to win, like chogath and zed at the moment Zed is at least ok because you need skill to play him and has a hard Early game, But when it comes to chogath Thats Stupidly broken.
Thats exactly what I think.
EpicLoLer (EUW)
: no meta would be the worst meta since it would mean that all champions collapse into a mindless pool of meaningless decisions. stop complaining about something that isn't problematic in the slightest.
Not saying its a problem , just saying I dont like it...
EpicLoLer (EUW)
: in all seriousness.. the solution to your concerns is to uninstall league... you clearly don't like aspects about the game that are essential to how it's played...
But I like those aspects , I just dont like how carrying alone is much harder than in previous seasons and how lane doesnt mean anything anymore. I am a quite biased since laning is by far my best stage in the game.
Ìxeas (EUW)
: Last season everyone complained about tank meta. Season before that everyone complained about assassins meta. Make your mind ffs.
The perfect meta would be no meta, where every champ has a 50% winrate and where all roles are usefull. Metas make the game "boring" but there is no way to avoid them sadly . Sure you can play off meta but the enemy will probably still play by the meta ( buddy system, camp the adc and all that) and kick your ass.[or not( those are the fun games)].
Eveninn (EUW)
: Wait, what metas don't support the buddy system? :c Those sound like aweful metas, I hope they never happen. :(
Having a few 2v1´s when you arent expecting it is fine but when every single 1v1 turns into a 2v1 or more it starts to become anoying , and sure I could not got for fights but then we are just playing farm simulator and aram.
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N1ghtOG (EUW)
Yeah I got realy tilted I still hate that champ tho.
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: [champion concept] Lenus - The Mad Medic
He reminds me of the medic in tf2.
Sinking (EUW)
: Battlecast Warwick
Anivia has to comeout first
: Champion Idea: Tesantyl the cosmic assasine
In her ult does she run overterrain?
: >Sure no champ does 100% of what urgot does but cho is realy close Cho is close, yes, because the concepts are pretty similar. The main difference, is the strength in the early game...with the latest changes to spikes, Urgot has a much stronger early game (if he lands Disdain into a Purge, that's almost a kill), whereas CHogath becomes stronger late.
When I play urgot I dont feel that powerful early... guess I just suck at the early game... xD
: >no one had his dmg reduction Except every tank, and every champion with an active that either reduces damage or increases tankstats (there about 30 of those I think)... >a slow on autos Except everyone who built Mallet. Oh and speaking of slow, Nasus does that with a point&click ability, at double the range, and its a stronger slow that also reduces AS... >on a shield Which might as well not have existed at all for how weak it was >a last whisper worth of armor reduction True, but other champions have true damage, %hp damage, %hp magic damage or even %hp TRUE damage >a ult that countered assasins Oh you mean like every taunt, CC and Suppression in the game? ---- ---- My point is not to diminuish old Orgod, who I loved and played. My point is, that your premise of _"Champion X is worthless, because Champion Y does Ability A better and Champion Z does Ability B better"_ is absurd.
Yeah I guess it kinda is dumb but Cho atm can do 80% of urgot can do and in better way + he also has his own things like healing due to stone born pact , his max health dmg , his ungodly amount of hp in the mid -late game . Sure no champ does 100% of what urgot does but cho is realy close . For the time being I think you would do better playing Cho instead of urgot.
: > you forgot the stone plate+ r combo, you know the one that can one shot any champ under 2000 hp And most fighters will have more than 2000 health and a good way to keep it higher than that. Plus in a 1v1 gargoyles doesn't work nearly as effectively... So long as your not in a teamfight the gargoyle R combo isn't nearly as good. > MORE MOBILE? he has 300 base speed... that fat spider isnt going anywhere with out boots He also has a dash... that fat spider might not be going to many places but he is going further than cho'gath ever could. > The split push thing I kinda agree but split pushing champs suck in 90% of elos so why bother... Hardly... split pushing is really good low elo as no one knows who to deal with it, and when done well it's highly effective in high elo.
A 2 temmo worth of dash that has a wind up isnt a dash its a fancier version of walking... Sure no one can deal with it but if you are splitpushing and your team doesnt know what to do ( which is most of the time) it wont be worth your time.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: He is really,really reliant on hitting his q and getting into range but oh boy,when he gets there it's gonna hurt. I think the sweetest thing is that he got the rare combination of range(more than any melee top laner anyway),tankines and burst. Time will tell if he will perform for better or worse at his current state.
But his q is so SLOW to deploy its makes it realy hard to hit. ( which I guess makes the champion interesting to master in the long run but makes way to hard to learn)
: Cho is worse at dueling and struggles to have the same amount of power against melee champions... especially fighters like Warwick as cho'gath struggles greatly vs them. He also doesn't have nearly as good of an early game than urgot. Urgot also is frankly more mobile and a better split pusher.
you forgot the stone plate+ r combo, you know the one that can one shot any champ under 2000 hp. MORE MOBILE? he has 300 base speed... that fat spider isnt going anywhere with out boots. The split push thing I kinda agree but split pushing champs suck in 90% of elos so why bother...
: I don't think he's great. He can bully in lane phase but his Q and E are easily dodged. Also, his W move speed decrease is REALLY bad. He's slow during his W that anyone can just run away from him until it finishes. His range is also so low that most ranged champions can attack him from outside of his W. Overall I think he needs some quality of life changes to try and make him more able to do the things he's supposed to do. As an additional note, his ult is terrible. You see it once per game, if that. There are very few opportunities for him to use it when it actually makes sense. For the most part, he just uses it to finish a kill he was already going to get, but in style.
ikr? His ult is more of a ks machine than a execute....
: > [{quoted}](name=TheCyborgDerp,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=E5lwiwEr,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-27T21:35:08.271+0000) > > I care about urgot cause unlike most people I actualy played him when he was &quot;underpowered&quot; And there was none who could do what he did better :D ?
no, no one had his dmg reduction ,a slow on autos and abilities on a shield , homing projectiles , a last whisper worth of armor reduction , a ult that countered assasins and feared his enemies.
: If this is the way you reason when it come to champs, then there are a truckload of champs you are never going to play because "some other champ does this better". So why do you care about Urgot? Leave it to those who likes it and use your supposedly perfect champs for every purpose instead.
I care about urgot cause unlike most people I actualy played him when he was "underpowered"
: But do those champions do everything better than urgot... It's difficult to say play X instead as they have a better Y tool... because those champions lack a lot of what urgot has. Does singed have an execute better than urgot, can syndra be as tanky, does voli have ranged poke, does karthus have fast attacks with burst, does trist do well in the middle of the enemy team, does illaoi have a flip. You don't play urgot for any one thing... same as you play no champion for just one insignificant thing... you play him because he is the only one that brings all of these strengths in one neat package. Plus none of these guys make melee champions live's hell like urgot (commence the Gaston song)... that's why you pick urgot, so be a bully and an A hat to shirt ranged immobile champions.
but he isnt cho does everything better
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: 1: Cause People in lower elos tend to think "Support" cant carry thats why autofill exists so there are game to Play cause without it you would Need to wait a lot of time to get into a game even in lower elos. People Need to understand that Support is a "carry" role which has more Impact than both adc/top combined. 2: Why shouldnt there be a punishment for dodging? Maybe for normals its a bit dumb but in ranked its pretty much self explained. Dont like my Team > dodge, dont like the viktor pick > dodge, dont like the enemy Team comp > dodge, I think you get the Point. People would abuse it to no end like they did in the past. 3: No idea about that one tbh, once you get autofilled tho you have about 3-4 games autofill protection. Ofc you are autofill protected in Promos aswell so you can try your hardest to carry with your roles. Prolly just unlucky . Shouldnt matter if its a Remake or not if you get autofilled. It depends on the time you are playing. If a lot of People are playing your Chance of getting autofilled is lower if less People Play higher
I dont know about supp (the role ) being more of a carry role than top lane I think it depends on the champs you are playing. But I get what you mean I just think people dont like to rly on other people especially a bronze-silver adc. I know there is no way of improving that but If it could be improved I think more people would like to play supp , like it happens in other elos. Sure there should be a punishment but I think the lp loss would be enough adding the queue penalty just makes it so you are forced to play a game that you will lose cause if you dodge you will need to wait 30 minutes before your next game I find that wrong.If you dont feel confortable on your team / you made a mistake you should be able to dodge with minor punishments such lp loss; maybe you would lose 3-6-12-24 and so forth.
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