gordza (EUW)
: Its ridiculous, I got honoured 2x by my teammates in two of the games I listed because I tried winning and stopping the people initially flaming, yet people who literally afk'd the games report me and the autoban system says I am in the wrong. League would be better without the ban system than how it currently is.
Bruv league is literally one of the few games that bans for "flame" ahah riot games is a joke of a company
gordza (EUW)
: This is just ridiculous now, the ban system is completely broken
Hey dude they put a chat in the game but they don't want you to use it they think is for knowing each other or something and not to talk about the game itself ahah disgusting riot games https://www.gofundme.com/money-for-the-lawsuit-against-riot-games


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