: talk for urself on eune works everything fine
im talking for eu west {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: make more shit to do less bugfix
https://imgur.com/fUj5D4v the game got ultrabugged after opening the thing
: make more shit to do less bugfix
we want more money https://imgur.com/VRLA0gc
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: Because that's probably the base MMR. In order to be in silver 3-4-5 you have to have a worse than base MMR - which means you'd have to play in previous seasons and be worse than average when starting the new one.
so, if you find 3 time in a row a %%%%%%ed team who feed and loose, you are %%%%ed up because your MMR wilò go down, and good luck on finding normal people
: You don't seem to understand how MMR works. Base MMR is around silver, as Snarky here explained as well. Basically a new player, that just started out, will have your MMR. No matter his rank, matchmaking ONLY takes into count your MMR. Hence equal MMR = ability to be matched with/against you. This is not rocket science. To avoid unranked players get to plat-diamond ELO, and upon season start, climb back up to say diamond from your 10 placement matches. You will still see CURRENTLY unranked players - but you will see that in the past season they were diamonds as well.
ok, but why ONLY in silver 2 and not in silver 3-4-5? MMR is only at silver2?
: Dont listen to what Shadwoo has to say here. I agree with what you said, it definitely happens, and is so infuriating! But it is just apart of the journey out of bronze xD. Once you claw your way out you'll see it starting to disappear! I hope... There is always that one person though. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
ins't only bronze, im silver 2 (for now) and all the time i find people like this, main yasuo 0/10, main zed 0/10, main jungler 0 gank at 15 minute, pre mid and jng, the mid get 0 gank, same top and bot, you can win top/mid/bot or jng, but if the rest of the team finish 0/5 at 10 minute you can't do to much, you can tell what they need to do, no wait, you can't, they are pro you suck, you NEED to find the right people with the right mentality, otherwise you will loose, no matter what, the ONLY thing you can do, is to pray for a DC on the enemy team, or a miracle from your team in this game i got ultra lucky, because the enemy jungler decided to trolling at 10 minute, my bot and mid have lost their lane, so, i won thk to a miracle (https://imgur.com/iTHFUc2) my jungler and me got feed thk to kindred PS: my bot and mid lost the tower at 8 minute
: Unranked doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. It just means they haven't played their placements. This automatic assumption that someone that's un ranked is immediately bad is so weird. _**We literally ALL start off unranked. **_ Every season. Amazing. At Silver elo, you're also hovering around the average to slightly under average mark. Players who are doing their placements will likely wade their way through here as they move up or down the ladder to their appropriate rank.
the fact is, on silver 3-4-5 i can find sometime, but rarely unranked people, on silver 2 only unranked, i don't think it's a MMR
: ***
why for people like you, asking is crying?, im not allowed to ask? and how do you win when your team feed everyone? i don't think you, faker etc can win 1 vs 9, where your team is able only to feed and die from minions
: why i need to play all the %%%%ing time with unranked player when i get promoted to silver 2?
so im hard stuck at silver 2 and i can't get to silver 1 because this game is complete trash like the riot company?
: why i need to play all the %%%%ing time with unranked player when i get promoted to silver 2?
oh right, this is the enemy team https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/538352946161647636/594106157174489089/unknown.png?width=1053&height=358
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: are there server problems or just me?
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