Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Some things you're talking about are a bit questionable, but there is one thing that you should accept: IF you're going Duo then you will face stronger opponents. I don't know if you're playing with your friend from this account or you made a smurf, but if it's with this one then it's natural to have some gold and higher players in your games.
I made a new started from lvl 1 with my friend... Would make no sense to teach him the game when he have to face gold and plat every game :/..
chill22518 (EUNE)
: well it's because you're level 30 so they match him up with higher people
Perhaps you should read the it all again, nowhere it says i am lvl 30, but it says we are all below 30
Kunkel (EUW)
: Could u send the name of the Account u are talking about i honestly can not imagine it is like that. I also smurfed with some friend and though we got matched with toher smurfs as well (which is ok because iam also smurfing) we never got matched with anyone who was 30, especially not with gold-diamond players.
Will see if i can make some screenshots of the following games we play... to be honest, I know how to play league, but anything else on a pc i am really bad at :D..
Nagy San (EUW)
: Matchmaking below lvl 30 is messed up
AND HERE I AM AGAIN... Been playing on my low lvl acc with my friend, soon to be lvl 26 now,,, and still we meet diamonds and plat.... Last game our entire team was below lvl 30 highest was lvl 28, enemy on the other hand was Diamond 1, Platinum 1, platinum 4, Gold 3 and lvl 20.. Thank you RIOT for that insanely sry to say F***ed matchmaking.. it should not be possible for higly ranked players to go play against low lvls.. This happens all the time, i really cant see how you can allow this if you want new players to ever enjoy the game....
MadClown (EUNE)
: I am completly wrong when i ward more then supp even tough i main mid?I am completly wrong when i know when to split push and when to snowball which lane to feed if i am jungler?I am completly wrong in those situations?I am wrong when i realized my mistakes and improved and changed champions on mid for example instead of taking zed and wining my lane but having problems if other enemy lanes are fed i take ekko and vlad whos ults have given me penta kills?When you get your head out of clouds and realize that you dont know that much and still need to know more you will carry and with that climb.I play this game everyday especially normal draft and constantly i am matched with plat players recently even diamond feel free to check my matcg history i know my skill cap i i know how much i can do and where do i need to improve so playing against silver and gold means nothing to me and its super easy if i am being honest.But like i said its you its not your team nor your afk nor your duo jungle its YOU when you improve and learn where can you do more and how that is when you will climb.. Edit i think i posted to the wrong person...meh
Its a normal game not a ranked, you will end up against gold, plat or higher, a few times you even meet challenger players.. I have played against Alex Ich (did i die? was feeding him so badly :/ ) it dosn't mean my rank is challenger though.. If you ward just a bit above average i think their will be a fair chance of you warding more than alot of supports :)
: Above level 30 isnt any different , if my unranked ass gets matched with any more golds and above I might aswell play ranked with my equal skilled bronze bretheren.
Ranked and normal games are not the same, so its normal in normal games to meet high ranked players. This i think is fine actually, you will only get better by this... But new players dont have a chance to learn the game. We had an ashe with 11 cs after 50 mins against a gold 2 kata who finds it funny to see how many times she can kill ashebefore they end the game....
NichtHurz (EUW)
: But this still doesn't make any sense. Even if he is a Smurf and playing really well compared to his teammates he's still below lvl 20 so he can't even have runes or proper masteries. This just shouldn't happen as long as you're not playing with your mainacc and are lvl 20+ at least. Otherwise it's just unfair (as the rune system is anyways, it's punishing new players way too hard for not knowing the game).
Exactly.. Yesterday we played alot of games, lost 9 in a row, still we had gold and some few platinum playing darius or trynd just running over everybody.. After 15 mins Darius just walked around the map E Q R repeat... I can say for now i have 2 friends who won't play league no more, after 2 weeks of this they just can't see the fun in this game.....
: Have to agree with Neochan here. I don't know if you're using your main account to play with these new players, but it heavily affects the match making. Also performing way better than a new player should on a smurf account will boost your normal MMR quite fast, since it recognizes when a player plays way better than he should be, looking at CS, Kills, assists and deaths. If you want to teach new players the game on a smurf account, make sure not to overperform and to win every game with him. The system will put you against better players really fast.
Ofc i dont use my main acc to play aith new players, that would make no sense at all... Would leave them completely helpless bringing in lvl 30 players.. Highest so fr was 1 diamond and 2 plat 3 against our highest (me) lvl 18.. Also, I take the supp role (taric) talking him through the game, telling them where to go, what to do... not doing anything but letting them... I have to do really good with Taric to be matched up with all those gold and platinum players...
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: All Disconnect ?
Thank you Riot, your servers crashed and i get a LEAVE.. How is it our fault your stuff isnt working properly? How is it fait that everyone gets a DEFEAT/LEAVE.... Your Loss Prevented system is shit, sry but true.. I played a game where all ten players had no laggs, no one was complaing the game was running smoothly but we lost and i got loss prevented on that one? Why??? Makes no sense

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