: Question about Night & Dawn event
even releases in 45 mins like almost every event does
: how do you win in silver?
guys...he literally said he always wins lane but the other lanes int and thats why he lose, his support is not the issue most of the times xD u can so easily climb playing soloq as a adc/support player, I think the thing u need most is to not let your other lanes bad plays affect you, or do anything that will affect them negativly, aka flame them for giving first blood etc. I feel like at the time i had the highest winrate, 86% on janna, it wasnt cuz my team was better then the enemy team but because i was literally playing mother for my team, when my toplaner was 0/3 and was like "gg i go afk jungler trash no help" i sweet talk the dude to stay and try to play, thats how i win more games. The team that end up not trashtalking and tilting eachother the most, wins.
Nahiri (EUW)
: So...seen a lot of people already having the new skins but I cant buy them
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: Were talking about riot games as if they would think this far and program a sub slot when they could work on more TFT Loot Boxes and Prestige skins.
the fact it it says in the clash tab on the client that u get a sub slot after participating 1 day of clash, as we have but no sub spot as said
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: unable to connect
: This community
tbf the team who can keep their team calmest wins, i always feel like a mum trying to make my jungler adc and toplaner not rage quit the game,u have to sweet talk them into staying and trying and if theyy do u win cuz the enemy cant
Mártir (EUW)
: Yuumi is unplayable
I never lose on that champion lol, i have 63% winratio in total on her and 100% winratio the past 7 days.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stormpeaks66,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=WgEaAiP1,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-02T14:21:02.202+0000) > > I'm not asking that as an entitled customer , i just think of it as a commercial gesture due to all the issues that happened the past week. Then you're acting entitled. If you think a free service provider should hand out commercial gestures when no real money issue was involved (nobody lost skins or whatever, and playing LoL isn't a moneymaker), then you're acting entitled.
You are aware right? that a lot of people bought the event pass, expecting to be able to grind games during the event to get enough tokens for everything they want, not being able to play and therefor not being able to grind games for tokens and then not getting what you paid for, should be compensated Thats not acting entitled. I bought a pass, expecting that if i play my a** off ill be able to get this and that and now all of that is down the drain and i wasted my money
: Something wrong with the client?
: Suggestion; make remake possible if a player never left base.
Ive also lost many games where a player connect to the game but is afk from the beginning, disconnects from the game at min 1 for being idle for to long, so never had the player at all, but cant remake since the player did load the loadingscreen, just went to take a shit and then forgot about league and went to sleep or something
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
As u can remake if u fail to load in, why dont u just simply force close the client in the loading screen then you can remake as of now, adding that u can remake if someone is afk from the start and disconnects at min 1 for being idle for to long, i dont see why not
xweeti (EUNE)
: Just bougth the new lunar revel pass. i dont recieve my tokens after a game.
same, i feel scammed, been playing hard all night to get tokens, none xD yey, waste of time
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Ńabi (EUW)
: 16:00 for GMT**** https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/party?iso=20190128T08&p0=137&msg=ARURF%2B&font=sanserif made by : riot mort https://twitter.com/Mortdog/status/1089734868622180352
actually, now when looking at it again, this countdown goes up and not down, well done lol
Ńabi (EUW)
: 16:00 for GMT**** https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/party?iso=20190128T08&p0=137&msg=ARURF%2B&font=sanserif made by : riot mort https://twitter.com/Mortdog/status/1089734868622180352
that link says its in 6 hours and 25 minutes, aka 20:00 GMT 21:00 CET, so what ur saying and what ur linking doesnt really line up
: when will the Lunar revel event come out???
Other years it have started on the 10th of january or around, we 2 weeks late this year ;c
radetari (EUNE)
: Games still being decided by botlane
Funny, playing duo botlane with my bf a lot latley, we always win with like 100 cs and like 7/0 in lane, but u know what? that doesnt matter since enemy renekton top is 10/0 and mid zoe is 12/0, nope im pretty sure its not always decided by botlane, and latley as a plat support main in soloq, ive had a lot of swain´s and yasuos botlane to support, nope adc isnt always there e.e
DerPunkt (EUW)
: True. Thats prolly why they did something to the system. I am not trying to make you a villain here. i am just pointing out. Something must have been actively done by riot to have the situation with you. And I totally agree there needs to be a better way to allow play with friends that still is in a competetive enviorment.
i just feel like my soloq mmr right now is affecting my flex que mmr, and i dont feel like that should be the case, before s9, we earned and lost equal amounts of sr, indicating that our mmr is kinda equal (in flex) its not like i earned 40 for a win and he 17, we both earned around 20 eatch win. Besides in soloq i main support but since he mains support in flex i fill and most of the time gets jungle top or adc, i am not a plat in those regards hint why my mmr is lower in flex then in soloq, but with s9 starting ot kinda felt like it deleted my flex que mmr and just put in my soloq one instead and now im to high.
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Nono I was aware of that. i read the link They did not admitt, they claimed they know what causes it and are fixing it. Does not necessarily mean its a bug. Take everything riot says with a grain of salt. Every time they don't give a proper explanation they leave something out that they either want to hide or just don't want to be known just yet. So what caused the bug is the question, if it was a bug. Who had his greasy fingers on the code. It should not start to bug out of nothing. And I just think they changed something, what is absoletly in their right to fix some of the issues with flexQ and while doing so either %%%%ed up, or %%%%ed something up while doing somehting good.
but we arent destroying people like you mentioned, we actually have hard matches but now unable to play together, so what happens then? ill log onto a friend of mine account that is iron instead to play with him, yeah, thats a lot better then having two silver flex players play together, having a plat soloq playing with a silver soloq on a smurf. so i guess the only time ill be able to play with him on my main again is when they introduce the role system to euw in 3 months, untill then sorry irons for destroying ur soloq games, but i got no other choice
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Let me toss a wild guess out here. I am fairly knowledgeable about the whole rank/mmr system in the background. And I have had many discussion about this on the boards and with friends. People where really really frustrated with FlexQ matchmaking. Regularly you saw Diamonds in what should be silver games. And that frustrated the hell out of people. FlexQ also servers no real purpose atm. Ever since Riot removed team ranked it felt into a weird state. So now flex Q serves the purpose for friends to play *serious* games with their friends spread on different ranks. This works well as long as you are not a group of 4. This also was the cause of the missmatched games. These groups of widely spreads skill have to matched with something, And A diamond with his bronze friends will be matched with all silver teams and just destroy the. There simply is no way around. Place them against plat and the whole plat squad will abuse the Bronze nubs. So the matchmaking in this Q was always troublesome. I believe, Riot tried to address this behind the scenes of all the ranked changes this year. They try to find a way to match these groups in more fair matches. This might have lead to them adjusting who can play with who. This all is based on rank so far. I have a friend who was not Ranked in Flex and basic rank always is 1200 this is the same as mid silver ( or was) so he should be able to play with us, but the system expected a rank to see if it was OK so he had to get one first. Maybe Riot now rewrote the code to match people based on MMR now. And somebody set the gaps to close. Or what is very well possible since you both are somhwere in silver and you said you are a plat player it might be that the rank system brought you to silver but your MMR does not fit this at all. Maybe your MMRs are far from each other and this is why the system blocks it, but sionce MMR is hidden there is no way to know that. So Riot now has to find a way to transport this information without telling you what your MMR is since they want it to stay a secret with good reason. Bare in mind, this is a wild guess. It could come down to just a bug, but one thing is certain they did something with the system otherwise it would not have gone bad.
They have admitted its a bug, at least when it comes to the soloq/dueque one, where people report of the same issue that they cant que with friends they could before. but they havent said anything about flex, if its just automaticly included in the fix they are pushing out today or tomorrow, i cant tell and it worries me :/
: The game telling you it's time for you to move on from this relationship :/ On a serious side : https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/fZNWAi8O-cant-queue-with-pre-difference-is-too-high?comment=000c
alright, i do hope this isnt just a fix for duoque aka the solo/duo ranked but also flex <_<, as on twitter it says they will fix duoqueing in 1-2 days, not sure if that means flex also will get fixed or not
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MLucifer (EUW)
: Had the same issue in duo que. But we did our first rank alone and then we got our starting rank. Silver 3 and bronze 1, then we could rank again together. So solution: do one game and hope starting ranks are only one division apart.
Funny part is, I was plat last season in soloq, after my first placement and losing it my provisional rank became silver 1, he played his 10 placements and got his rank of bronze 2 (thats more then 1 division apart) and we can que in solo/duoq? but we cant flex que where we ended same rank and division of silver 5...
: Hello, 1) I said to you that if you are under honor level 2 you lose the rank, I am sorry for misleading you was a bad choice of words, you don't actually lose the rank itself, you lose the visual of it so you apear as unranked and can't show it as borders, armour etc, you also apear unrak in profile, but the system remember and know your last season rank. 2) When new season start you are not getting rank reset and become unranked, you are getting a soft reset of last season rank, so even if you apear unranked you still have a rank base on last season rank, so if last season was a big difference that you can't que togede its same now just lower for both of you but still a difference. 3) If you were both same rank as you said both gold in flex, there's the possibility the system soft reset your rank very different (it's based on mmr not on visual division display) and you end up different mmr, or simply a bug, after you solo play the 10 placement games and get your permanent rank, if you are not to 2 division different (like gold- bronze, silver - iron etc) you will be able to duo.
Im not gonna play 10 games of flex alone without my friend just for this, we been playing flex together for months, exact same rank and now we cant
Nahiri (EUW)
: Cant play with my friend anymore
but we where both same -.- both silver 5, why are we suddenly to far apart...i dont want to play flex que alone...and how come i can play with him on my iron smurf? Silver 5+silver 5= cant que silver 5+iron 1= can que makes PERFECT! sense
: So where u start in Season9
Plat last season, played my first game, silver 1 :D yey
Carrot (EUNE)
: Flex Rank difference "TOO HIGH"
me and my friend been playing flex que together for months, last time yesterday, both in silver, we cant que either, mmr difference to high apparently
: If you have a process title that contains 'cheat' or similar keywords. The game will close after few seconds or even minutes.
Im aware of that and as im aware i dont have any process like that as im literally to dumb to even know how to install a cheat engine, beside i dont know why id decide to cheat now after playing since s2, especially in flex que 3 divisions of my actual rank
: First game of Season 9
I had this yesterday, had been playing league all day and suddenly 10 minutes into a match i got this every 2 minutes, we lost that game since i was basicly afk, restarting my pc didnt do the trick either, tried to launch league today and works fine. shame i had to lose my promos because league of legends decides it wont let you win it. game didnt manage to que me with irons in my promos this time, so decided to kick me out instead to make sure i lost it as usual xD
Mada (EUW)
: "should have" what you wanted to write is spelled "should've" jesus %%%%ing christ this is so irritating
oh im sorry ill never try to help people on the forums again, sorry that i tried to be helpful
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Charaktar (EUW)
: Unable to play ranked with a friend
Having the same issue, and me and my friend played together in flex que yesterday, today we arent allowed to due to sr difference, what?
: Banner? >
u should of gotten the banner same time as the skin, if u didnt get the skin either u where probably to low honor lvl or been reported and punished the last few months before the season ended and therefor disqualify for rewards. If u did get the skin then it appears to be some kind of bug or ur playing another ranked mode, if u ranked plat in soloq ur banner wont show up in flex, and vise versa, should show up in normals and aram tho
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