: Can you prove that? Otherwise I can't believe you
I think that was the old system. When someone got permabanned they could create a new account, and if they showed positive attitude on the new account, they would unban the old one. But that system doesn't exist anymore, it hasn't been used for a long time. So no, there is no way to get unbanned.
: As stated by Altiverse a system chooses who will get an account. I don't know exactly how it works but I assume it has something to do with playrate and behaviour. What I do know is, if Riot decides to rework poros and you play a lot of poros you are more likely to be accepted. ######Please switch the word "poros" with any champion or role you want
I would play a lot of Poros if I could :C
Txileno (EUW)
: LCK Spring: SSG vs. SKT
As an SKT fan, I'm not even mad. The way SSG played.... So amazing, so clean! The top KR teams are such a pleasure to watch :D can't wait for playoffs.
: Who do you think is the most fun Champion to play In League?
The thing is, what others find fun, you may not. Some people think Yi is fun, I find him extremely boring. I'd say you should try the free rotation champions. That's the best way to find stuff you find fun. Good luck^^
: Teemo is broken
Pantheon, Olaf, Rumble... They all destroy him in lane and make him useless for the rest of the game. Edit: If you have a problem dealing with Teemo, check [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/60mcek/best_teemo_euw_recently_hit_challenger_ama/) out. This guy is a challenger Teemo main and in this AMA he answered quite a few questions on how to deal with Teemo.
: The community being worse then ever
>During a ranking game my mom felt from the stairs, So i tell this to my team and go afk for like 5-7 min to help my mum. Why even tell that to your teammates? Just leave and help your mom.
24thDiK (EUW)
: Oh mai god mate. I said, that i have met a guy in bronze, that does not imply that every single bronze player is way better than challenger, I mean, wow, i am so shocked that you cannot see this through. Go play your own games mate. Keep up the delusions that you have successfully built up because without them, you have nothing more left. You cannot lose them, keep on the firm grip on what ever beliefs you have already developed mate. I am closing this discussion off, because it is going nowhere near the actual truth that i have perceived by my own experience of the people
> I am closing this discussion off, because it is going nowhere near the actual truth Same, mate, same. IF the bronze guy was better than challengers, then he was a challenger smurf. Otherwise he wouldn't be stuck in bronze (: that's all I'm gonna say. Have a good day.
24thDiK (EUW)
: Oh god mate, i see you have absolutely no clue what is way above the level of Fakers level of play. These people are not being stuck or somewhat like that, they are playing perfectly to the environment that they are in. Have you ever seen a fractal pattern of movement by a player in the game? It's like, what is the closes pixel till you can get in range in order not to get hit by a spell shot? What does it mean to coherently move in adaptation to the opponent moving towards you? You got to adjust the fractal movement patter all the time, tiniest change in position requires instant adaptation at the smallest possible positional micro movement and so on and so on..... Anyways man, i have supported some insanely talented ad carries that are just invisible to people who are judging how skilled a person is by the useless ranking system that is completely out dated and completely out of control. So yea, if you want to find somewhat faker level, go ahead, keep on looking in challenger tear all day long, you might find something there. And what is beyond the level of faker? Let me tell you what, the fractal patterns of the whole sequence of events that make ego dead guys bound to be stuck on the level that they find them selves in right now and you know why is that? Because on that level of play, it is not about wining or losing anymore, it is not about the rankings or mmr, it is about the best possible out come for everyone involved in that game. Team players, team players on both teams at the same time. So yea, get over it, start relearning what you have learned, because it is soooo out dated and boring. Get real, mate, keep on trying to look past the social constructs that are deeply embedded into your silly sized consciousness.
Oh ok then, I guess Bronze ADCs are better than Challenger ADCs, right? (: Anyone can look like a god if you play vs bronze players, who make SO many mistakes xD If any of those "insanely talented ad carries" you are talking about were to face a world class ADC, they'd be destroyed. But LCS and LCK teams better start looking for pro players in EUW Bronze, right :^)
24thDiK (EUW)
: Of course playing maokai top is super more difficult than playing zed mid lollll, what a comparison xDDDD The actual worshiping of him makes all other pros underestimate the true talent that they have them selves lol. Have you seen a game where Jennsen said in the interview that " This is my chance to prove my worth by beating faker in mid lane" And suddenly, he ended up feeding whole game long. He was putting so much pressure on him self that he literally froze, wasn't even leaving his lane lol. Just letting faker free farm him all game long.......... So yea, the whole delusional worshiping and putting praise and expectation of him being the best,is already a flawed mindset by other pros other than faker. The higher the skill level of a competitive play, the more psychological factors are taking place in the mind set of the players. And social constructs start playing a massive role in the preconception of the whole sequence of events that will eventually take material form during the game it self. Remember, thoughts manifest into actions which are creating the real world experiences and consequences. Get over it, saw very very talented people stuck in bronze, easily the level of faker and perhaps better than him in other ways than faker is yet to become, hopefully xD Why aren't they getting to the top? you would ask, if they are so good, why are they not getting out of bronze? Preconceptions :P Social constructs, psychological, environmental factors of the whole reality make em stuck there without them even realizing how good they actually are. :D And yes, this topic might go on and on, i might get carried with the flow of thought and yet there is no real life purpose of me writing one thousand word essay all over again at the things that are solid real and invisible to normal human beings that are stuck in the whole social game that is absolutely fake, same as the worship of faker lol :D
Ok, I took you seriously till you said >saw very very talented people stuck in bronze, easily the level of faker and perhaps better than him Any person who is as good as Faker, or as good as ANY pro, or even as good as any random Diamond, wouldn't be stuck in bronze xD Not sure what you consider "very very talented", but someone who can't win games to get out of Bronze is not good at League :D If someone is good at LOL they will get out of Bronze. That's it. It's that simple. And when talking about Jensen (I think I know what game you're talking about, too lazy to check)... Faker simply outclassed him. And why do you think pros look up to faker, want to prove themselves while playing against faker,... Because they know how good he is. Do you think everyone just throw games when playing against him, miss skillshots intentionally when aiming at him, walk into his ults? No, he's just, you know... Good.
24thDiK (EUW)
: Bullshit, bro, i call bullshit, he is ain't the best in the world. His team makes him look good. That is simple as that. Everybody else does the heavy lifting during the actual games. Mid lane is super overrated in the game, when the other lanes are more skill and talent oriented. I mean, have you seen any after game footage when the team is celebrating victories? I mean, Fakes is always left in an awkward spot, you can see it from his face and body language of feeling lost. I mean, his team mates rather than him, are greeting each other, hugging each other while hes standing awkwardly somewhere near them. I mean dude, there is a real reason for that being the real truth
Whoa are you for real? Do you even realise how much pressure Faker takes away from the other lanes? He gets camped in every single game, yet he still rarely dies. He dodges skillshots like he's scripting,... If you say he's so overrated and awful, why do all the pro players always say he's the best player? >Mid lane is super overrated in the game, when the other lanes are more skill and talent oriented. Are you for real? So you're saying it's harder to play a Top Maokai than a Mid Zed?
Rstonius (EUW)
: Gaming has become a sport. Even though its not as physical as other sports the gaming industry has boomed so much that professional gamers are treated almost the same as professional athletes. It's the same thing with football and basketball. They earn 100x more than what a doctor or firefighter earns but they don't do things such as save lives for their jobs. It's all because of the entertainment industry. People pay a lot of money and pay a lot of attention to the entertainment industry whether it be e-sports or sports, entertainment is entertainment, and if it has anything to do with a sport then it will earn big bucks. Also people idolize faker because hes one of the best in the industry when it comes to LoL. It's the same thing as having a role model or idol in football or basketball. Everyone wants to be the best at something, so they look up to the person they want to become.
>Also people idolize faker because hes ~~one of~~ the best in the industry when it comes to LoL. Fixed it :^)
kiro1315 (EUNE)
: Why you worship Faker?
Whoa, I came back to boards after a month, just to see if this community is talking about anything Esports related, and I see this thread... >he looks like he is 20 years old ,but his job is playing League of Legends. He IS 20, and his job IS playing League of Legends. >He doesn't deserve a single dollar,because he earns money by PLAYING VIDEO GAMES! Yes, because he's the best at it? Some people are nowhere near his level of understanding of the game, yet earn close to what he makes. >A doctor and a fire fighter don't earn that much,but they actually save people's lives. And a football player only only kicks the ball around. An actor just stands in front of a camera and says stuff people tell them to say. A singer is just standing on stage and, _GASP_, singing! >What a world!People admire video gamers,not live savers!! I DO admire firefighters, police officers, doctors,... Does that mean I can't admire a person who is SO much better at something I play and enjoy, and am I in the wrong for finding joy in watching him play this video game near perfectly? https://68.media.tumblr.com/c6658c13d48c1e00a43ce1ac6d5bc8a2/tumblr_n5glezhHdW1qj2459o1_500.png
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Najns,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=ETwsnAGb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-01T09:30:32.863+0000) > > Huni (and the rest of SKT) started to stream on Twitch yesterday (: (HYPE) > > https://www.twitch.tv/huni I guess twitch is paying them more :)
Well, if you consider Azubu didn't pay their streamers at all, even if they had a contract, anything is better than nothing :P But seriously, ATM they don't have a contract with anyone, but I'm guessing they'll get a contract with Twitch (it's supposed to be on 6th February). Faker starts streaming on Twitch on Monday btw (according to Peanut and the other SKT members mentioning it on their streams). _HYPE!_
: Anyone know where Huni is streaming?
Huni (and the rest of SKT) started to stream on Twitch yesterday (: (HYPE) https://www.twitch.tv/huni
Draqone (EUW)
: Red side bans
Because they don't want eather Camille, LB or Rengar on the enemy team. Blue team would just pick the one that suits their planned team composition the best, and noone is willing to take that chance.
: Best of SKTT1 HUNI LCK Spring 2017 week 1 & 2 - Impressive debut of Huni
I'm so glad Huni proved all the haters wrong. Everyone was saying how he's not good enough for Korea, and now people can't stop praising him. I hope he keeps it up^^
voidplaya (EUNE)
Chech your email, you got an explanation for your ban.
: completely different if the person actually asked for an opinion on whether or not they should stream, and that's just you, on youtube it's only the amazing players that are above diamond 1 that get loads of viewers
Really? I didn't know Sp4zie is above Diamond 1.
: If you walk to a random woman on the street and go "don't bother wearing that, you are waaaay too fat for that", don't expect a pleasant response. Just because something is true, does not mean you can be rude about it. And I personally have fallen asleep during high elo streams, and have subbed to a few low elo ones. Streaming is more about entertainment than showing e-peen.
^this! Not everyone just wants to watch high elo players. If I wanna see quality games, I'll watch LCK. If I wanna enjoy a stream and have fun, I won't look at the person's elo.
Excandar (EUW)
: ...be even better if we could get a simulation of what six items + your runes do to a given champ. Too much to hope for .....?
You'll be able to see that when the practice mode comes out :P
BexXz (EUW)
: nope, championselect chat and end game chat dont get recorded and so not judged.
Pre/post game chat DOES get recorded. It just doean't show up in the chat logs.
abraklaas (EUW)
: Whats the best to drink when playing lol?
Some good red wine makes games way more fun :P
: > [{quoted}](name=Najns,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ibHu4E7E,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-14T14:15:17.730+0000) > > Umm no. Azir, Kalista, Gnar and GP have been nerfed a LOT. That's what influenced their winrate. > Also, are you seriously calling Rumble as easy as Garen? Really? Yes because they had high skill cap.
No, they were not nerfed because they were "high skill cap", they were nerfed because they were too strong. They were WAY too rewarding for learning them Just because a champion is hard to play doesn't mean they should be broken.
: > [{quoted}](name=highfeanor,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ibHu4E7E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-14T12:40:03.001+0000) > > Win rates are not about high skill cap. Janna is too easy champion just press E and get 53 win rate or Shaco is the most risk champion but he has 54 win rate same as Corki is hard champion too but he has 54% win rate. It's just about mains how much play good and meta. And 50% win rate is not enough there is 134 champion and Fiora not in top 67(or 50) Win rates shows high skill cap. Examples: Azir, Kalista, Gnar, GP.
Umm no. Azir, Kalista, Gnar and GP have been nerfed a LOT. That's what influenced their winrate. Also, are you seriously calling Rumble as easy as Garen? Really?
: Tanks hits more than any Role
As mentioned before, Juggernauts are meant to deal damage. A better example of a Tank that is too strong would be Poppy, since she has so much CC, is extremely tanky and still deals quite a bit of damage.
: > Tanks aren't supposed to have damage in general Here's the problem with your example; You chose two Juggernauts to prove your point. Juggernauts are tanky champs that make up for their lack of CC with damage. That's why Garen and Darius deal a crap tonne of damage. This isn't indicative of every tank.
>their lack of CC with damage. But death is the strongest CC :P
: How team fortress 2 does it
Just because someone is a serious player doesn't mean they are willing to pay money to play. And people are already complaining about long queue times, imagine what would happen to queues if it was pay to play. Waiting 20+ minutes would be a minimum. With this logic just make lol pay to play like wow.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I wish I could hug you all!
Aww lovely poem^^ Also... I have a question I wanted to ask for a while now... Why are you not green anymore? :C
: Start of the Season: 10 Bans on Pro-Play
I think this is great, since it will bring a bigger champion diveraity. But it will hurt the pros with smaller champion pool a lot, and we will see pros signature champions a lot less. But the matches will be more fun to watch imo.
Stell (EUNE)
: The reason why you got permabanned but "the others" didn't
: You should have wished him to step on a lego every hour. That's far worse.
But nobody deserves that, no matter how bad they are :C
: Riot Scam Me
I know right! I started playing 7 years ago when this champion Bard came out. Not sure if you remember him, he's so old! And after I bought all of his 15 skins I was banned because of this scam game Underwatch or something similar! Rito plz D: </3
duckarp (EUNE)
: Your whole argument is that others were more toxic. That tactic stopped working in pre-school I'm afraid. The fact you got a perma means this was hardly your first time or you were much more toxic than you're pretending here. Either way, bans for toxicity are never lifted, hence the name "permanent".
>That tactic stopped working in pre-school I'm afraid. But it didn't work in pre-school either :C
íGengar (EUW)
: Yeah that's my point, because lets face it I would rather have a Ziggs on my team with his turret capabilities and global pressure and AOE teamfight damage than yet another Caitlyn that either snowballs hard or becomes irrelevant.
^this! And I want to say tradisional ADCs are not so irrelevant SO badly, but I can't. I haven't played much during the past few days, but in those rare games, I had an afk ADC. And it didn't even make a difference. I won two 4v5 games where my adc was afk, because their adc was so irrelevant, so it was basicly a 4v4. It's really sad tbh.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Yup. I guess you took this idea from Magikarp right? xDDDDDDDD
You know Ziggs ADC is a top pick in Korea, right? Magikarp didn't invent that, challenger players are playing it instead of traditional ADC.
: RIOT, can you tell us how many people actually pick a champion in "select your champion" menu?
It lasts like 20 seconds... Is it really so hard to just show what champion you want to play, so you can get a good team composition?
: What is your biggest achievement/fail of last season
Not sure about the biggest achievement... But I once ulted as Ryze, and our Caitlyn ddecided to join the ult... And I ulted her directly into a Blitz hook. I was told to kill myself and she ragequit. It was funny as hell tho xD
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: i am aware of your oponion but: Problem is a lot of his fans are very young and have never got drunk before. So they seem to believe alcohol literally mind controls you to do bad things and you have 0 control for the entire night. Therefore he should be free from all responsibility. remember that a lot of people are under the age of 21 (legal age of consumption in America) and just because you drink doesnt mean that you should drink to the point of not giving a crap of what you do, and having no self control and act like a twat... Alcohol is used to relax and have fun, not to OD like a majority of the worlds population does these days and act like an C...
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: exposing the truth in a civil manner, or having a complaint and asking why about the topic of support staff is bannable Posting a match history with feeders and asking how you could do better to carry is considered 'name shaming' When you werent even name shaming in the first place and just using the match as an example... Point is, you get banned for little reason, just because a Mod felt like being powerful that day of time, sure a warning would be nice EXPLAINING WHAT YOU DID WRONG, apart from a 'you got banned for bla bla bla with no further explanation as to why, i mean come on, the EUW boards are completely dead, these mods might as well take the time in fully explaining why, and hey maybe even 'reforming' board posters... then you have what seems to be 12 year olds, making the cringest and un-funniest thread jokes like 'I HAVE A COOKIE? I WILL SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE XD ' gets upvoted +12 it makes me wonder if you want to get recognsied and not banned here you have to act like a 7 year old that watches to much kids cartoon... edit: thats my personal view of the EUW boards community, even In NA you can get away with curse language..
Well, they DO explain it (one of my comments was deleted once, and they clearly stated why). And yeah, Boards are quite dead. That's why people usually just stick to Reddit for info/discussions. But I still think that the people hanging out here are nice, that's why I said "lovely boards community". And about naming and shaming... >We know that players report publicly with the best intentions, but it often leads to a witchhunt, rarely resulting in a positive discussion. (taken from the boards rules)... It's for the best. If you have a problem with a certain player, contact Riot Support.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: 20 accounts banned, yeah where 16 accounts where perma banned on sight when tyler didnt even do anything, (his early stream proved that) where he would make an account and literally the game after he would get perma banned, Because Riot officials where basically watching his stream and banning any new accounts he made, despite a 'clean record of no flaming and inting on that account' (again proven on his stream) And riot used that to twist the truth with their official tyler1 post stating that he had 15+ banned accounts from flaming and inting, WHEN IN REALITY, he only flamed and inted in 3 accounts...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah5GKfg-qgQ In this video he said 12 of his accounts were banned for him being toxic.
: tyler1 had like 20 banned accounts. and it wasnt a 1 night drunk inting issue. it was a consistent flaming and trolling issue. constantly. every single game. feeding in 1 game will not get most people banned, or punished. and swearing on stream either.
http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Short+Dog The problem is that it wasn't just one game... And the fact that he's a pro, and he's supposed to be a "role model" for behavior in game...
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: hes worse then tyler1 imo, Meteos is a liar 'omg had a ping spike' as he walks into velkoz on purpose, and other BS nonsense that EVERYONE can see through that hes lying during his inting game.. and being drunk on stream is not only annoying but unproffesional asf , and your making a fool of yourself too... He honestly deserves a 3 game LCS ban, and thats to bad for the team if they cant replace him, it will teach a lesson to everyone to be respectful and to teach his followers the correct way... IDK what ban he needs, but he needs a ban and not a 'warning' Because I can clearly tell all of you that at 4:27 in the video where 'jayce' types in chat, Jayce will get a nice little report and a 5 gmae chat ban, yet meteos will walk freely even if he gets x9 reports after the game... This is why so many players think the report system is complete trash when it comes to dealing with int feeders..
Well, afaik Meteos is currently a substitute jungler for C9, so I don't think banning him in 3 games would do any good... But don't get me wrong, I DO think he should get punished. I think he should have a harsher punishment then "normal" players, just because he's a pro. And pros are supposed to be "role models" or something. And people seeing stuff like this from a person who is supposed to represent the League of Legends community, people will start to copy him (like they do with a lot of popular streamers/pros)... I don't know which punishment would be the best, since he's a sub and not in the main roster for C9, but he's still playing under C9 name, and he is still a pro. If he goes unpunished, this is some serious bullshit.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: "lovely Boards community" yeah, give a proper critism and you get down-voted to oblivion with no response as to why... Some kid gets butt hurt about a comment, and you get a 2week ban from posting on the boards.. Yeah a really nice 'boards community' (Sarcasm over 1000) I wouldnt be suprised if board Mods, are anime fans that like crappy jokes and ban you on sight with anything that they dont agree with..
>I wouldnt be suprised if board Mods, are anime fans that like crappy jokes and ban you on sight with anything that they dont agree with.. The mods don't just ban people because they don't agree with them... They ban people who break the boards rules. If you got a ban, you must have broken them. People downvote if they don't agree with you. It's normal. And they upvote posts they agree with, like your post about Meteos (which I mostly agree with btw). And yeah, I DO think it's a lovely boards community.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: Why is C9 'Meteos' not getting punished?
Let's not compare him to Tyler1. Tyler had 14 banned accounts before he was perma permabanned (the Ban on sight thing). He was ALWAYS toxic, and was inting like crazy. Meteos was inting in a few games on a drunk stream. One day, compared to a whole career in Tyler's case. And I'm not trying to defend Meteos, not at all. I also think he should get banned, or punished in any way. But damn, saying he should get the same treatment as Tyler is insane. P.s.: I love what Meteos was saying about Tyler a few months ago, and on this stream he did the same... Such a hypocrite.
Eambo (EUW)
: "New Year New Me" Giveaway! [Entries Closed]
First of all, Happy New Year, Eambo^^ >Current 'Main' or favourite champion? Rumble :D >Why is this champion your main/favourite? I love the mechanic of overheating, and I love the "wtf is this dmg!" comments when people don't realise Rumble deals a LOT of damage with his Q while overheated :D >What champion do you want to win/try out? Camille >Why do you want to win/try out this champion? When I tried her (in a custom, didn't have time for a game at that time) on PBE I thought she's really fun, I love her kit. But since I've been spending all my IP on the candy for the icons (and some extra runes), I can't really buy her, and I won't be able to for a while :P
Rioter Comments
backstard (EUW)
: The side of the game Riot doesn't want you to see....
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS8dNzRhMgk Here, I got you a tutorial :D
11wildy (EUW)
: 1- 22 (since today :D), male, Bronze 4 2-I mainly play Top and Adc with Darius and Varus respectively. Used to play Shyvana top as my main. 3- Silver 4 4- My goal is going for Gold this season. 5- I don't like the Shyvana rework, because I loved leaving behind a trail of fire with Dragon form W....
: New Year RP Give Away... Post in thread to stand a chance to win
1. 20, female, unranked (skipped season 6 ranked, was silver 2 season 5) 2. Top Rumble 3. I did nothing the whole season :C 4. I want to at least play my 10 placements. And if I happen to play more Ranked, I want to get to at least Gold :P 5. I just wish there were more people who wouldn't flame in normals>>
Mr Naekh (EUW)
: Another Goodbye :'(
You have 600 steam games?! O: How much did you spend on all that?!
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