: Gold 3 suport looking for a clash team
I am also gold 3 jg or adc looking for a team EUW :): NandesukaLife
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: Still better then Mecha Zero Sion that I got...... It was free so whatever, was still hoping for something decent...
You joking? Thats great skin.
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WarlockBN (EUNE)
: did they nerf {{champion:39}} yet ? i was thinking someone was talking a but a real problem ... not some LOL champs XD
i talked before that conq combined with force is op but rito dont think so. And {{item:3802}} is also 2 broken. Mages can just spam abilities without using brain because you can get mana and cdr 2 easy in game right now. Honestly game feels like hack and slash right now. Considering that average age of league players in 14-15 i am not surprised. I am probably just getting to old for this game. Probably best thing to do is to uninstall league and play something else for a while.
: I'm sorry? Sona? Sona. How is Sona broken?
look her stats. Legit highest wr of all supports and adcs by far. All you have to do is smash keyboard with your hands or head it dont even matter.
BM Electro (EUNE)
: That's because these champions can't kill super tanky enemies that's supposed to be the ADC's job now whether they are doing this job is another matter entirely (ADC's are weak supports are just good).
but nobody plays tanks. they are even worse than ads.
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N o (EUW)
: Saying "easy" should be punished way harder
if you get tilted by something like that you should probably play something like hello kitty online.
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
yep they already started buffing adcs so they do more dmg also. Personally i miss days when league had strategic part. Now its just 30 min people dumping one shots on each other. Jg pathing dont matter much anymore. Split pushing is harder than ever because its hard for other 4 people 2 survive amount of dmg and engage in game.
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Master Mid (EUNE)
: Account suspension For what?
i dont understand why they dont perm this elo boosters.


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