meowsuo (EUW)
: The only person i can think of right now in EUW who would be helpful about learning something about the game would be the one and only, the special, the commander of minions, the bard master himself KREPO. But he might not stream too often as he's busy most of the time being a caster for Riot's e-sports matches in the LCS. But still might worth a try when you can find him when he's streaming. Scumbag Krepo or more commonly now just Krepo is a former League of Legends pro gamer and often explains things in his streams. His account name in EUW should be 'Krepo' when you want to take a look into his profile. He's a Support player. But also other streamers and former pro's can be occasionally helpful to learn something about the game, it just happens not that often. {{champion:157}} meow
I've never seen Krepo stream :/ Don't you know of anyone who streams frequently?
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Dodgem (EUW)
: Playing League on 5g internet.
New things, new problems. I'm sure there's a workaround to it however. What kind of "bugs/glitches"?
VladovsKi (EUNE)
: 7 Rp request
If you send Riot a support ticket they'll hopefully give you the RP. They might ask you for a picture or drawing of something related to the game but it's not necessary if you can't make it. Send them the ticket from here:
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Ziomek42KK (EUNE)
: Warlord's Bloodlust not working with shaco crit
Poor Shaco :/ Riot can't even give him new skill icons :/
CrySumPT (EUW)
: Don't push lanes and put some bots on the enemy team.
The waves keep slow pushing and bots suck at wave clear (I want bots who can be killed easily so I can get fed ex:Soraka).
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FilipBonbon (EUNE)
: You can carry with garen Top, Jungle or even Support if needed. Here's a guide how to play garen: [](
: You're on a good footing with Yi, Jax, and Xin, as they're not button spammers (unlike Urgot and Karthus - Don't play them with high ping) {{champion:266}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:20}} would be pretty good for you. Aatrox is just whacking things, Naut has long cooldowns anyway and doesn't need to be particularly reactive, Warwick is whacking things again, and with an easy ult, and Nunu doesn't need you to be frothing at the mouth in order to work his magic.
I don't like Warwick since he can't gank without his ult or blue smite + red buff. Aatrox, Nautilus and Nunu might be good for me, thanks.
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: Which server should I play on?
> [{quoted}](name=National Outcast,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=71tv0qzE,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-26T21:01:27.764+0000) > > I live in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia to be more specific) and I currently play on the EUW server, I tried EUNE but it's pretty much the same ping. > Turkey servers are insignificantly better but still laggy (135+ms ping). > > I've heard of something like LoL Garena, Asian clients et cetera, I was wondering if there was some kind of server/client like that for Middle Eastern players? **bump**
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: Problem with Replay.GG and other camera questions
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Kian987 (EUW)
: Vomitable update: stop playing LoL untill...
I carried as Teemo... I made a bet I'll start to main Teemo if SKT lost 1 game at Worlds. Haha, damn you SKT, ruined everything with that blind invade... I was reluctant at first but I keep my promises, sadly.
Just Cat (EUW)
: An extra passive for lee sin
Well Lee Sin isn't that useless late game. I mean if you can get a good ult (notice i said "good ult" not "Insec") you can turn a teamfight in your favor.
: Top 5 ADC's?
*waits for Teemo to come in the ADC meta*
Encrux (EUW)
: It took me 5 minutes to realize what went wrong. First of all: Azir needs time to scale. He's a late game champion dealing tons of damage when he gets his 3-4 items. And second of all: You didn't play as a team at all. Yeah, you stomped your lanes and got many kills early. But I didn't see you grouping and people got caught out alone all the time. You had an advantage and didn't use it. That's why you lost.
Seems like the basic things a Silver/Bronze player wouldn't know about. I didn't know Azir was a late game champion and I could've been a team player and focus more on objectives instead of split pushing and finding kills. Thanks for your input.
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Inaphyt (EUW)
: The community right now.
Enjoy the OP sweetness until Season 6.
AyyLeMaus (EUW)
: Dude I can play normally now i think they fixed it!
I'm gonna go try again in 1 hour, hoping for the best.
AyyLeMaus (EUW)
: Well the reinstalling didn't work at all for me. Still the same. I guess it must be, as you said, a problem with the patch. I just send a ticket to riot support, lets see if they can help us further... I hope they can fix this soon.
I've sent a ticket too and I'm sure there'll be a positive result.
AyyLeMaus (EUW)
: Dude I had been having exactly the same trouble since Sunday. My internet is perfectly fine and I never had this problem before... I'm reinstalling to see if it works. But i got the feeling its some trouble server side.
I reinstalled LoL but it still happens. I'm pretty sure there's a problem with the patch or something since not everyone disconnects/can't issue commands.
: get your provider from somewhere else than afrika
Well I'm technically in the corner of Asia (Middle East). It just started to recently happen, never before.
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EmEx (EUW)
: hahaha have you considered that you actually have to wait just as long to start a game, cham select and loading screen + wait time to get a that actually mean less action and less gaming.
I'd guess but I'd rather take that than a 40 minute game that is needlessly stretching out so the enemy can beat the **** out of me and make me feel miserable.
MistWind (EUW)
: since games are shorter can we surrender at min mark
Haha, I would love a 10 min surrender mark. There's no point in saying "Wait for the throws" anymore, the games aren't going to be as long anymore. I love this new system, more action and quicker games and in the result more games and more fun.
: U can try EUNE tho i doubt it will change much, any other server will just be further form you and wont help
EUNE is actually more laggier that EUW even tough NE is closer to the Middle East.
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Savage Devi (EUNE)
: It actually should refresh each time you post something :3 You look level 10 in my screen
I guess that's an okay system.
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