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: agreed but rengar got his mecha skin right? the only thing i don't get is that xayah and rakan get their second skins while they came out last year while champions like taliyah and aurelion sol who are littarly 2 years old and still got no second skin
Riot is pretty transparent when it comes to this kind of stuff. Designing a skin takes a lot more than you might think. You can't just say let's make a skin for that champ and start doing so. You need a concept of what you want to do and for some champions it's harder to find a theme than for others. They don't create skins for the sake of it.
: Hello, i was the Kayn and yes i noticed that when i ulted you. Not to sure what it is or if they'll fix it as it seems pretty minor
There is nothing to fix here. That's how those ults work.
EFC Godyr (EUW)
: is 1 tank support enough in a good team comp?
The question that you need to ask yourself is, do we need a tank sup? Maybe your team needs something else. It could lack damage, engage or disengage, a ton of cc, heals. Just look at your team and the enemy team and imagine how the game would go. Also try to play what you are comfortable with and don't go into champ select with the mentality that you have to counterpick. most of the time you probably end up playing a champion you have no experience with and lose regardless.
: {{champion:164}} has no feet, so thats why she is a bad waifu material also
Do you have some kind of foot fetish going on?
: Thats not an ADC, thats a toplaner. Basically a pimped version of AD Kennen.
What makes him a toplaner in your opinion?
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: Which Skins did you get!?
I got nice deals 2 Riven skins got 175k mastery on Riven so that's justified and pretty sweet I don't think I will buy them but it makes sense to me
: Im really enjoying Sion!
U literlly feel nothing if you play fulltank I always take 9x0,5% health seals 3x1,5% health quints attack speed marks and scaling mr glyphs defensive masteries of course and there you go 4500 hp with only cinderhulk and warmogs I also like the keystone that gives you 10 permanent health per large jungle monster it synergizes pretty well with his passive and my setup and u can get it pretty fast to 300 in the jungle after a full clear you already gained 140 (173) Hp for free plus the 9% total Hp and the 15% Bonus Hp makes an extra of 33 hp you also instantly get the warmogs passive since u already have well over 3000 Hp I had games where I ended up having 8000 Hp
: Bots In 3v3
those are bots from users not from riot people do that to level up accounts and or farm ip to sell the accounts after they reach lvl 30 I don't know if this is still as common as it was a few months ago but it probably still happens since it's kinda hard to find out
: Riot can you think about that :)
champion mastery is a good indicator for this you can also check your ranked stats don't know why you would need that information other than for ranked
jongoman (EUW)
: server
Network Operations – a few seconds ago We have temporarily disabled logins while we investigate an issue causing games to not start. 32 minutes ago Network Operations — We're aware of a problem causing games to fail to load, and are working on a fix.
eNNzyy (EUW)
: Please help we lost a game because of everyone dc just now
Network Operations – a few seconds ago We have temporarily disabled logins while we investigate an issue causing games to not start. 32 minutes ago Network Operations — We're aware of a problem causing games to fail to load, and are working on a fix.
: Update on EUW Server
And it says 29 minutes ago when I checked 10 minutes ago there was only the tb issue
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Genesais,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=twyE72PA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-12-11T15:01:25.928+0000) > > Is it possible to gift someone you just added an icon? I can't say with 100% certainty but I'm pretty sure it has the same gifting requirements, so it'll be 24 hours before you can gift them if you've just added them.
Thanks for the reply Was wondering because it said exchange.storeprocessor.error So it probably doesn't work
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi MÌTCH, Unfortunately the EUNE store has just been taken down as an issue was causing it to become inaccesible for some players - we're taking a look at it now! Please keep an eye on the [Service Status]( for any updates - sorry to you (and everyone else) for the inconvenience, we hope to get it back up and running at full capacity ASAP.
Is it possible to gift someone you just added an icon?
: ITEM IDEA for skillshot based champs/junglers.
too strong what's the point of having a skillshot when it takes 0 skill to land it
Jannas Bro (EUNE)
: 'scuse me?! I tested poppy on a custom game VS BOTS !!! and I could not believe how ruined her damage was. If you do not build her full damage like adc you won't be able to do anything and u need 40% cooldown reduction trust and believe. You pretty much can't do anything with her now Q very short range even if you are main poppy it would be hard to get it against real players. W is pretty much so useless after everyone's in it?! and E shorter range than before this i know for sure. And ult - why be a skillshot ? when it only throws them towards their base ?! what's the point if you can't throw them towards your own nexus and let them take damage from towers what's the point !??! and all spells take so much mana after you do 3-4 combos you are out of mana um excuse me !?
I played poppy one time so far Enemy team had a poppy too was going full tank early game was kinda meh but midgame was insanely good the other poppy went for damage but since her ad scalings suck she didn't achieve much with it ur Q deals % health damage u really don't need any damage at all go full tank activate your built in ghost that even prevents them fro dashing, smack them into walls, Q and they are half dead already the magic damage from your passive is pretty good and the shield u get scales with 15% total hp that's huge bigger than sions and it's for free and deals damage the amount of mr and armor u get from your passive is insane under 40% health and u have the ability to remove players from a fight with no counterplay if u hit enemy teleports... nope riven wants to jump on ur adc... nope ur having a bad teamfight... nope your mid laner gets ganked... nope poppy saves the day
Solash (EUW)
: Cannot unsee
looks like a shield to me
Stell (EUNE)
: > An Artist doesn't recreate > Nor does he copy 100% > it sure takes some effort but Art is something else If i go outside and paint what i see, i'm just copying and recreating what i see
Indeed, that takes more Skill tho and it's not the intellectual property of someone else that's a huge difference imagine if u would paint mona lisa and tell everyone it is your painting It is not, it is a copy and u would probably be in trouble for saying that u kno It takes skill to copy something yes Is it art? Not in my opinon
: Patch 5.22 Minion Block Problem......
This is especially annoying with Maokai, Malphite, Sion... So hard to last hit if 2 minions are low U just can't get to them But u don't want to use a Spell since there is no flask anymore And if u don't want to push it's even worse to cs
: They can rework him without reworking his ultimate skin (look at fiora post rework skins and after) They need to rework his kit and update his VU to something that does not look RETARDED ___________________________________________________________ Honestly i just want a rework; I dont care about his skin , cause in my mind reworks are way better than skins
Fiora has no ultimate skin that alters looks and particle effects and if they rework his kit they can't reuse the old effects since it wouldn't work nor would it make any sense So they would have to rework his skin since it is an ultimate skin wich has way more to it than a regular skin U can't compare Fiora to Udyr in that case
Riryz (EUW)
: that is actually the problem. people payed a lot for the spirit guard udyr skin. they paid for "spirit guard udyr" not another skin. they bought that skin because they liked exactly THAT skin. not because its an ultimate skin. if you would gift them another skin they would be pretty upset if they dont like that new skins look. also as some already mentioned i see, spirit guard udyr was made exactly because udyr needed a VU but they dropped that and made spirit guard udyr to serve as a visual update (however you had to pay). even tough i dont own spirit guard udyr i know how annoying that would be. (also gonna be honest, i have definetly not udyr and it look way more fun then spirit guard imo :) )
I'd rather say they would be pissed because everyone could play Spirit Guard Udyr for free while they get a new skin they might not like
: Making spirit guard udyr the default skin is going to be hard for the money eating RITO. First they have to make a skin to compensate for the players that bought spirit guard (which will take some time as the amount of rp used for spirit guard is a large amount) They wont give refunds cause, well they dont make money and refunding such a huge amount of rp is insane (returning $200 is pretty much dumb). So on the matter if riot were to make a VU (not change the existing one) it would be better more intuitive and would showcase riots skills (honestly I enjoys riots reworks as it breathes new life into a old champion and rekindles my love for that said champion) Riot should rework him to make him fit in this meta more (he is easily kited and with these new mobility champs udyr is a turtle ; pun intended)
-They can't rework him without reworking his ultimate skin -they set the limits for a rework and VU already with this skin If they don't
Stell (EUNE)
: It still requires mad skills to recreate it like that.
An **Artist** doesn't recreate Nor does he copy 100% it sure takes some effort but **Art** is something else
: dude, if this is your attitude when in League games then I hope you rot in bronze. Other people have feelings and we don't need people like you to ruin them.
**This Is a 100% Copy of River Spirit Nami's Artwork ** > Its my one of best arts I wouldn't call this **Art** and neither would I claim it to be mine. Because it is not! It is the work of someone else! You wanna tell me it's okay to essentially steal the work of someone else?
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: I need serious tips against Fiora.
"Ai long for a worzy Upponunt" {{champion:114}}
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: Is Udyr going to get a VU ?
Imho Spirit Guard Udyr should have been his VU It doesn't add anything new to his Theme It's basically Udyr Udyr It jsut looks a million times beter than default Udyr they should make this his default and gift everyone who owns SGU a real Ultimate Skin A Skin that actually has a new Theme and isn't just Udyr looking better than his default
: MERGING Poacher and Trailblazer into 1 item
if they would increase the gold u gain, people would build it but 20 gold is a joke if it was 50 I would build it
: River Spirit Nami(My art :D)
Why not use a printer next time? I mean yeah looks good but I wouldn't call it Art since it's literally just a copy of the original I wouldn't call myself an Artist if I would have drawn this and neither should you
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: Well looks like draven face mod is not illegal then.
: Well shit... What should we do now.... Not like he has any other skins, aye?
Axelney (EUW)
: lmfao actually you assumed everything by yourself. You shamed the girl ON HER SEX since the very beginning and and my argument that she doesn't deserve shame ON HER SEX was the same on the very beginning. It's actually you hiding saying that your comments had nothing to do with her sex after you realized how bad that sounded. wp. {{champion:21}}
: How the **** did you manage to forget DRAAAAAAAVEN's moustache?
he has none on soul reaver draven
Eveninn (EUW)
: Because they want kills and deal dmg, this game isn't about winning, only having good stats, the rest is your teams Job! /sarcsm off, since it seems like lot of People missunderstand me lately v.v it's because of the "You have to carry yourself about of bronze/silver/Gold" bulls-.... ehhh thingy everyone says. Maybe not 100%, but I dare bet that it's a part of the reasoning.
U can carry yourslef from bronze to gold It's not even that hard if u have enough practice on at least one champion that isn't going to get banned and can play at least 3 roles
: Why is everyone trying to play carries?
I love to play fulltanks but the thing is u don't have enough damage to kill anyone solo So u have to rely on your teammates to deal the damage guess what happens if they don't have enough damage, your peel is worthless you lose
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: Its a good work, but too obvious, the axe model itself tells you it is not it.
so u think i should do a better one?
PepijndM (EUW)
: "Let me pick [champion] or I will dodge", in the very first game after the release (or first free champ rotation) of [champion] like Azir, my games got dodges about 10 times, I never even tried to get azir but teammates.... sigh
u can't pick free champs in ranked
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: And I started to be happy after seeing this thread name, then I realized Im living in this world of trolls
man, this took me 20 minutes and i had to recreate parts of dravens face I should be the one crying
12a12b12d (EUNE)
: [ Skin Suggestion ] : Wild syndra
GishBomb (EUNE)
: A Zed masterpiece
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: You gave me an idea... What about making him untargetable when casting Q? Also what about doubling the W heal/damage output by 100% bonus when using an ability(can occur only let's say every 10 seconds), heal doesn't get to 300% when below 50% health XDDD. Or maybe increase his blood well size? The ultimate heals almost nothing early and in late it does heal kinda much, but you still will be killed probably. So what about increasing blood well size? :P
We already have Fizz You could just engage on someone when he blows his cc That's not a good Idea
Khada Wolf (EUNE)
: I don't find her fun. And why should I abuse it? I don't care about the rank, I'm here to have fun, and guess what? Playing against broken kit isn't fun.
why are u plat 5 then? If u don't care about ranked and wanna have fun don't play ranked
: Bro ... i did a solo pennta with her -.- she is broken as f*ck
Bro how many games have u played on your account?
: What? I see why you would say yeah play the broken champ but if everyone on league did this there would only be 8 champs in the game 2. why do you want op champs in the game its no fun for anyone if some says that's a noob champ and your rolling your face on the key board to win what skill do you think you have it then make you "scared" to play champs that do then you get flamed by the person playing riven
I play Riven myself a lot and u definetely don't roll your face on the keyboard Just shows how little knowledge u have about Riven And I don't play Riven because I think she is **BROKEN** or **OP** I play her because she is fun to play (my Opinion) I said play her to know how to play against her I know how to deal with Riven Just because u don't doesn't make her OP Look at Zed's kit He is melee but can still farm and harass from a safe distance cause he can spam his Q If u decide to raom against him, he also has good waveclear and since he is ad you can say goodbye to your tower he is pretty much ungankable if his shadow is up and has tons of outplay potential he is so safe to play that we saw him in the LCS and Worlds Haven't seen Riven a lot there tho
: I'm kinda confused about Aatrox's current state.
I tell you what the problems are: Low hp pool and resistances Bloodprice is garbage simply because it negates the healing from your lifesteal items and doesn't deal enough damage compared to other champions abilities E is garbage and hard to land Q is garbage and gets interrupted very easy even his passive is crap since you are going to die anyways most of the time and since u are pretty much forced to switch to bloodthirst your dps goes down hard while it still doesn't heal you enough Idk maybe I'm just retarded but that is what I experienced in most of my aatrox games If you manage to get ahead he can be pretty good tho
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