: new Loading-Screen?
SO AMAZING I WOULD LOVE THIS UPDATE ON S7 . Although we all know that all champs were never made animated like kayle , morgana etc. but its a great IDEA LOVE IT
Emillie (EUW)
: I finally did it. 1 million mastery.
Is ahri a a great champ to climb the elo ladder?
stelilol (EUW)
: [Champion conception] - Vallian, the undead soul
: That's what i call a skin ! (Star Guardian Urgot )
This is really a great idea XD. Although Urgot is like a creepy dude, u can make him look cute and pretty by adding this skin. like varus's classic skin is pretty evil looking. but they added heartseeker varus and made him look pretty weird XD. Gr8 art and idea.
: Gifting hextech Loot
If you guys believe that there is some problem that people can gift unlimited times abd it will never end this way. Then i have come to a decision and a mew idea that we keep limits to gifting friends for e.g. Gifting 10 or less times a year.
Infernape (EUW)
: Then it will result in no one paying for skins. There'd be no point in paying for skins if you can get the shard from someone else.
Actually you can pay for skins. U dont get the exact skins everytime and exactly which you want. Likewise, u just need to play games and earn chests and keys and get the mystery skin for free.
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