aphelium (EUW)
: Well, thats a thing that would be loveley but here is a thing... I'm a lux main, and as such i got her ultimate skin, that skin came with some special icons, that if you "equip" change your background to that champ with that skin (same for udyr sona and ezreal, ultimate skins in general whatever). Here's the thing... those icons are a "reward" let's call it for having that skin, so, what should we do, reward everyone? for now it's a ultimate skin thingy only, tho i admit i'd love to see that implemented, it wouldn't be 100% fair for ppl who bought those ultimates. For now it's a reward. Let's see what rito does in the future about that.
As a fellow Lux main I salute you {{sticker:sg-lux}} also I agree
: Call him easy to play when you can play him XDDDD
like i said i suck with the fighter role overall, i rather play mage and supports
: "Yasuo is such an easy champion, i suck at him if i try him" Ooooooooh, the irony. Not really liking yasuo mains either, but he is not an easy champ.
in my opinion yasuo is quiet easy to play, though i do suck with him. but thats not the champ it self its my play style. i dont like playing fighters/assasins that much i rather play mages and supports
: Torches? READY. Pitchforks? READY. Mob? READY. Ok boys, time to burn this witch.
oh sh!t, gotta run{{champion:120}}
hibiki2k (EUW)
: make ff at 5 m when u have hard troll in ur team ty
It will result in surrenders when someone did not get the lane they wanted, also 4man team troll can surrender aswell to ruin your game you can finally play mid after those instalocks yasuo mains
: Draven Draven 2017
The skin is really ugly lol, its just draven with a inflated head yay so fun, if i literally have to see those draven minions and champions once more i will not play league until those are gone lol
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: Will there be cake?
ofcourse especially for you :D
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: Help ! FPS problem
My FPS also dropped alot but this is actually since the new client, i used to have up to 210 FPS but now it is having a hard time reaching 140fps+huge drops especially when a minion wave walk into my screen. i used to stream alot but due to the drops i stopped streaming until ij have a gaming pc {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
judger54 (EUW)
: [feedback] Mercury's Treads icon is pointing the wrong way
: How do you make a Mordekaiser chroma?
: Can THIS get fixed already?
they way you titled this post and the content in it will not encourage riot to fix it, and they are aware of this bug "[Client Bug] Grayed out accept button" would be a more attractive title for riot employees and swearing and raging in your post wont make it attractive either
Husker (EUW)
: Best League Related Valentines Poem
Aatrox is Red zac is green Our yasuo is worthless and 0/14
: Roses are red Violets are blue I main Syndra and get called a noob
I'm in a room a room with four walls syndra missed everything but *R* and she replaced all her balls you are way ahead syndra is a savage she isnt even fed but still deals TONS OF DAMAGE {{item:3078}} I Queued up for a game I chose to fill i got mid and played syndra and after that game i could prove she takes no skill
Enzer0 (EUW)
: Every game I play,Yasuo is picked, but if he is banned, then riven - I expect My ban comes along,I camille I click For she is OP, for the damage she can inflict. I type away to my dear allies but i'm just met with rolling eyes and sighs, Maybe we can win, if we were only to try, But how can we win, with Cho'gath that size! Their Vayne is fed, our carry is dead Im as tanky as bread and our top is Zed! "listen" I said, their only 10 kills ahead! We can win this! Instead - They all fled. Alone I stood, as solid as wood like the division I belong in - fearing. Clearing my thoughts and opening my eyes I could see! The Light, the surprise inside! The Music played and with One bullet she popped. I shouted TWO! as another one dropped. My traps of Art, are set off from foes afar with a deadly flourish, I stop them where they are. With one shot left I take aim with one chance, with this last shout - I make my advance. FOUR! --------- Silence... as they rift reels no more. But one final foe remains, escaping postwar. A flash, a dodge - His desperate despair. As I reload my gun, I take aim with care. As I send my shot down barrel with the force of my will, the music stops, replaced by PENTAKILL! The last man standing, no running no retreat! Superminions backdoor'ed us - Now i'm reading... DEFEAT. {{champion:202}}
wow.. that was awesome especially from : "The Music played and with one bullet she popped" from there on its perfect
: Are the 7 minute games to farm IP bannable?
sorry but what exactly are 7 min games :/
: No gift notification,maybe because its still in rental period? I hope someone gifted me <3
You still have the icons and 26 days have passed, did it got gifted to you? :)
: Pool Party Taliyah skin, thats awesome.
i even imagined the sounds effects already lol love the idea would love to see it someday
: Easiest way to increase the quality of ranked games
Laughing in 11 ms Though this would be unfair for people far from the server. i know a person in dubai playing on EUW cuz thats the best server to play on for him, and he got a meh ping of 120 or so but because you got mad of that game because of disconnects you cant let rito refuse people with bad internet to play ranked. plus most of those disconnects en reconnects are caused by spikes and not a constant ping of 500+ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: After trying out Syndra, I've found out that she is much easier than she looks.
You can't think "damn i messed up" whilst playing Syndra it doesnt matter that much if you miss all your balls because your ult brings them together like its christmas time, and holy cow that ult deals alot damage per ball + since she has received the update she can even use more balls because more time before they disappear i honestly find syndra quiet hard to play since she is heavily based on skillshots but after level 6 it doesnt matter if you miss the balls aslong you have your ult up
: Gaming PC/Laptops
if you are looking for a gaming pc i recommend building it yourself. its cheaper than alot of prebuild ones also a pc is upgradable very easy whilst a upgrading a laptop requires alot of knowledge for only league you can go for some pretty cheap parts but if you are looking to play more intensive games too you should go with somewhat more expensive parts
: Elementalist Lux?
from my own experinces you wont receive the animation and stuff on the new client, this is either removed or still under construction you should have a notification at the bell in the top of your friendlist if you got gifted tho i hope it got gifted to you ^^
: Playing with unlocked camera
im in the same boat as you. i tried to get rid of it but when i die for the first time in the game i blame it on unlocked camera XD but for me unlocked camera is not handy, im very spastic with my mouse and most of the time find myself panning the camera to the middle of nowhere while mid teamfight.
: You had 77 cs. Unless the game lasted less than 10 minutes, you have NO REASON to have 77 cs. You didn't deserve an S.
keep in mind he was jungle and game lasted for 20 min
: Game is unplayable due to how close the fov is.
xEchy (EUNE)
: I think if you read both guides and tried the combinations out on some normal games, you should be fine! But watch out for playing the support,because many players don't know how to bruiser with their support on low elo. Better if you try bruiser+support with a friend! Trust me you'll feel like gods! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
do you possibly have some guides for the ranked 5v5 too?
xEchy (EUNE)
: The First Challenger!
Do you think anyone can reach a high rank using your guide? how about skill and stuff? as a low elo league player i would love to be a higher rank for once in my life and get the victorious skin
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: Im Done With League Of Legends -_-
it gotta be your graphics card, have you been using nvidia geforce experience because i had some negative experience (pun intended) as well lately. but i was experiencing low fps (used to:80-120 but barely reached 60) and i was unable to change settings in game or i would crash. How i fixed it 1. repair league 2. start game, still problems? 3. close any nvidia geforce experience tasks 4. restart pc 5. start game, should be fixed now :)
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: listen to me now u derpy crap, yasuo isn't OP, teemo is hehe xd ######no offense
honestly i find yasuo way more annoying than teemo.
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: It won't send that message to everyone who reported, just the one which triggered the punishment... high chance one of your teammates reported as well and the message went to him instead.
thats not true, i play with my friends alot and when someone is really really salty etc. they get a 3-5 multireport and if he get punished all of us received that message
Dimarank (EUW)
: How can i carry myself out of silver?
step 1: Stop blaming your team > If the bot lane feed 16 each and jungler 14. watch your own faults rather than your team's fault. you can improve yourself but not other players
TSC Nick (EUW)
: Searching for team
Are you still looking for a team. You got the prefix already :^)
: [EUNE] TSC Recruiting !
Hello TSC Brother from another team Mother Kappa
: Takes 30 seconds to get out of loeading screen
did you recently got the new windows update? i did and it really ducked *Quack* up my FPS and stuff. not only in league also overwatch is harming under this. also my FPS jumps above my cap sometimes that also shouldnt be happening, the new windows update had a negative and a positive impact on my FPS weird shit
: Does it really matter? "OMG she has no wiskers, fck this game, fck U rito, I quit bla bla bla!" Look I understand that Ahri is everyones waifu or something, but come on... its just 3 lines... why make it sound like if it were the end of the world crisis?
never said its a big point, just want to say it in case off, also her tail sparkles are missing btw
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vladz2k (EUNE)
: Does Azir W get Attack Speed based on Azirs Attack Speed?
When azir click on a champ the soldier will attack (if in range) so ya its his attack speed but it looks slightly slower because of the animation
: Bug Yasuo
you mean that bug where he freezes after an auto attack? when doing bug reports please tell what the bug is too ^^
: This morning I woke up and I found 3 of my skins rerolled in i permanent one, i just got hacked?
Nah man, you was drunk last night. You invited me for a ranked game. locked in teemo jungle and our teammate dodged then you told me that you rerolled your skins Kappa
OwOlaire (EUW)
: Looking for players!
Add me :D im also 16 :P plus i would also love some more players to play with especially at night because most TSC Farts sleep already :3
Asphixia (EUW)
: A bit of a rework on Support rankings
I agree with you, some support players take for example more farm than other what causes the mastery system to think he did better than other support
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: Dynamic Queue is destroying the game we all love. I suggest we all stop buying RP.
what do you mean with > Elo boosting is now legal, allowed. Not going to do it, but if i want i get let someone play on my account? doenst that break the term of "Account Sharing"
: Exiled Morgana Splashart (PBE vs. Current)
Agree, not only Exiled morgana but also Crimson Akali, Nightraven Fiora, most of the karthus skins and general wukong I do not agree with the choices of riot for Crimson akali, i love the splash how it is now and its my favorite akali skin
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=1hA2HnXy,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2016-03-26T22:35:06.755+0000) > > Hi guys, > > This is a known issue in 6.6 - while a bit annoying it's not gamebreaking so it may not be fixed immediately, but rest assured it's on the list! :) Was there a worsened version of this before 6.6? Because I've sometimes had that my hud is really badly pixelated and while not game breaking its quit ugly.
This is/Was also a bug. very ugly i know but that was random. the actual pixelated hud is always there until it get fixed by riot
: Riot even censors this.
It is reported as nudity and pornographic material by some watchers. and because youtube sux it actually made it innapropiate. this isnt censorred by Riot Games
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