: Will gold TFT players get after season rewards?
Tft player should not be getting the Victorious skin. Even though its in the league client Riot has said before that tft is supposed to be a different game and not just a game mode. They will probably get something thats actually tft related though
: Power Creep
I have to aggree. It feels like a lot of new champs/reworks have overloaded kits.
: Nautilus should get a rework, I call it by 2020
Its not really his kit that needs to be updated but rather his visuals. He just looks old which makes him feel old sometimes
: Why not an S rank ?
206 Farm is not that much considering your kda and the game length. You also didnt kill any minions in the enemy jungle or placed any control wards. You could have probably had up to 100 farm more in a game like this. If you are that ahead the enemy jungle can become your jungle. So from what i see: 1. you could have farmed a lot more (half the kills with more farm might have been an s) 2. more control Wards and overall vision 3. maybe Kill Participation too idk Dont underestimate the importance of farm for the ratings
: Kai'sa - why AP?
Her passive gives her bonus magic dmg on her AAs and missing health dmg when it reaches 4 Stacks (both scale with AP). Because of this rageblade is a really good item for her. Go for nashors and maybe some other ap items if your team lacks magic damage and go for crit if you need more physical damage. The Ap scalings on her Q are acually quite good with 148% for evolved singe target. In general you shouldnt go for full AP but rather AP On hit.
: When the SG skins are releasing ? >:(
im guessing this weekend. just be patient
: Is there any commands for custom game?
You have to use the Practice tool for stuff like that
: riot did it again
{{champion:145}} just hit the pbe as Void/Ranger/Assassin Cost:5
s0ber (EUNE)
: where is urf?
We’re going to be enabling ARURF on the PBE for testing, starting very shortly. Up front: ARURF is not coming back in 9.18. We are planning to bring it back later in the year, though, and since we're in a calmer testing window to ensure things are stable for Worlds, figured now would be a great time to get well ahead of any possible issues. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/mA4Lz9ER-arurf-available-for-testing Official post from Riot when urf came to the pbe
: Please revert Aurelion Sols W change.
: Urf is on PBE since 2 weeks and will come pretty soon :)
We’re going to be enabling ARURF on the PBE for testing, starting very shortly. Up front: ARURF is not coming back in 9.18. We are planning to bring it back later in the year, though, and since we're in a calmer testing window to ensure things are stable for Worlds, figured now would be a great time to get well ahead of any possible issues. this was an official comment from riot when Urf came to the pbe
Lucky Block (EUNE)
: bro its on wednesday 11 :)
pretty sure riot said its only on pbe because this is a light testing phase. And that it will probably come later this year, not in the next patch
foxxof120 (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol - patch 9.17 :/
I completely agree. Just played him and he feels completely different. Instead of constantly looking to position properly in teamfights to hit your w as much as possible you now have a 2 second window where you dont do anything at all. It also felt like cc hit my damage output a lot harder then it would have before. They should have pushed him more into the direction of a sustain dps mage instead of a burst mage.
: Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong in ranked?
Aurelion sol in particular is pretty weak if you get really close to him since he cant use his w or q properly. So you should just try to jump him with ekko and stay in melee range. Give him a hard time clearing the wave since he has to position pretty weird to get a fast clear on the wave. If you have other matchups where you struggle to farm due to poke try to clear the wave asap and roam to the other lanes. Its better to try and get ahead somewhere else or get your team ahead than staying in lane not being able to farm properly.
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: Ways to save a teammate that Urgot is about to execute.
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Toomindu (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol Audio bug (e)
And i thought it was the skin. Its so weird if you dont have sound on your w. Feels kinda weak then.
Doomley (EUW)
: at least you can see when they have the stun ready and tf stun has a time limit in which it must be used. Taric also had longer range in his stun and when built right, he could keep enemies perma stunned (40% cdr). Taric is 100x better than he was before so he has been compensated for the loss of point and click stun.
Don't forget that tf actually has to pick the right card too.
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Febos (EUW)
: Why?
Too many op champs that are really unfun to play against
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: Level 5 champion mastery
Maybe they will implement that at some point. That would be really nice. But they will probably not do that
: Delete One Champion
just delete {{champion:17}} About {{champion:412}} tankyness remember he doesnt get Armor per level
: When is it when I appear on my enemies mini map?
I cant think of anything that would make you visible to the enemy except for the reasons you listed and certain enemy abilities like Tf ultimate. If you use a movement spell in your base your enemy will probably not know.
Kiimahrii (EUW)
: No freaking one promissed URF on the 1st April, the selfish community just "assumed" it'd be today because it was alsot last years. Riot made an exclusive posts saying that URF is not comming on the 1ST APRIL and that it is not a joke. However, there is still chances of it being released on the 2ND APRIL. It would be, in my opinion, a very bad april joke, but still a joke. Riot said they'd release rotating Qeue with Poroking today, which the community is not happy about, but, since it has not been implemented yet, can not just be interpretated as a joke too, but also it might even be more likely that it will be URF released any moment, and not PoroKing. The patcher has had some URF data patched in aswell, and the Loginscreen resembles URF. This could also be a joke, but it doesn't guarantee a no-URF weekend. In my opinion, releasing URF on a later point, today or during the weekend, would be a horrible joke. If it or another, unlikely gamemode, is not released though, this "event" would indeed suck. Because the amount of effort actualy put into this event is the real joke. A few threads, created by 1 or 2 people at 7am about Draven, and horrible-made Draven masks on every champion and minion, does not compensate the 500RP I spent on DravenDraven (to support Riot) by far.
I really hope they release it tomorrow. I mean this draven thing is kind of funny for one game or so before it gets really annoying. But most important is that this event is not urf. I really hope they make this stupid joke and release urf tomorrow or at least in the next few days as long as we get urf soon.
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McArgo (EUNE)
: Should we get a new game mode?
If there is a new game mode it should be completely different from the classic one, not just one more lane or something
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Bombardox (EUW)
: Skarner forgotten ?
i dont really think the reason for skarner not being played is that he is bad. Its probably because the other tank junglers are so much better right now.
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