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: Looking for an active and ambitious person to manage competitive teams in a community
I'd be interested if I could get a bit more info about my duties and benefits in PM ;)
: G5 utility supp main looking for duo ~!
Hey, I am getting back into the game after a long break, currently unranked on a fresh 30lvl account, I was plat 1 last time I was playing and you seem like a really nice person and I would love to try to play with you :) If you are interested, please feel free to add me :D Have a nice day
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: LF a serious team to join
apply here if yoiu're interested
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: Not that im holding a grudge but. . "Most time ive tried making a team or joining a team it doesnt work or doesnt go to plan because people dont stick to a schedule or they just say they wanna join and then they just leave or get mad after a game or two" You were in the team i'm currently in. After days of consistently playing, we decide to play the next day, nothing out of the ordinary. Only to realise that our support (you) had removed and deleted us all. XD. We never got mad in game. Infact out of the 6? games we all player together, we lost only one. We decided to get another person in to cover for you as you were playing with friends one day. The day after, you deleted us. Just saying. Think you have the problem, not us. But good look in making/finding a team. Hope it works out. {{champion:236}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:117}}
I just assumed you found someone else and I wasn't really needed, didn't get "mad" at any of you :P quite opposite infact, but anyway good luck to you aswell :D
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Nayula (EUW)
: LF Team for next season silver/gold
If you want to try to start a team with me add me in game :)
: Looking for silver-gold support
Don't play with him, he is toxic and he's terrible, if he's a smurf I'm Maradona
Catchdown (EUW)
: Normals/ranked
I don't really like normals but I'm up for some duoQ if you are interested, I'm silver 1 at the moment, so if you're in bronze-silver-gold hit me up :D
: adc looking for smurf support
I was plat 1 last season on eune as support main, decided to make acc on west and try to main adc here, failed terribly :D now I'm in silver 1 and decided to go back to support, if you want we can give it a try :)
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: diamond support smurfing
I was never dia, but I ended in plat 1 last season, playin on silver 1 acc looking to get plat as soon as possible, I play support/adc/jungle, add me if you're interested
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Fador (EUW)
: Forming Gold+ Team for weekly tournaments+practices - Looking for more
IGN: NeSsQQuiCk Role you wish to play(you may put a 2nd role if you would like): sup or adc Current Rank/Highest Rank: gold V / plat 1 Top 5 Champions in respective role: thresh, alistar, soraka, braum, taric --- Jinx, Jhin, Lucian, Cait, Sivir What makes you want to join this team? Wanna improve, play consistently, and have some fun
: LF SMURF to play placement games PLAT1+ (Im Diamond 1 - jungler)
I was plat 1 last season as a support main, currently in silver 2 on my smurf after 15-20 games(played off roles and screwed around but I want to get it to plat atleast as soon as possible so I'm about to tryhard a bit), added you
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xRiiice (EUW)
: Creating a new team LF players Plat/gold/silver
Adama (EUW)
: May I ask you why you smurf?
Wanted to have acc on Euw, and eune
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: Dia 4 ADC main , added u on gold1
added me? I'm a support main so that could work, but rank gap is too big :(
: Add me if you want to smurf !
I was plat 1 last season on east, now I'm silver 3 on west after placements and couple of games, added you :)
: I still dont have the tag, we can chose it
add me in game :D
: Thresh Club
what's the tag?
: L.F Hiigh Platin / Dia ADC Main for My Unranked Support Smurf. For Longer Time.
I was plat 1 last season as a support main, adc is my secodary, it's not as good as my support but if you want to give it a try, add me
TyIa (EUW)
: Sign us up coach
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Just a friendly advice, I've seen someone posting here a few days ago that he got permabanned cause he added his name to the winning time for the Ryze skin. don't try to fraud riot. Not saying you will just letting you know in case
well that is very stupid, I'm not allowed to participate as an organiser and I'm not planning to :)
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Burzur (EUW)
: Diamond adc smurfing in gold LF duo support dont be boring
I was plat 1 as support main last season on eune (same name as on west) and if you want to climb faster with someone, let's do some duoQ
: Looking for a DuoQ Support! I'm Platinum 1.
so triggering, I was plat 1 last season on EUNE (same name as this acc) as support main, made acc on west and tried to switch to adc, didn't really work, if you got a smurf to help me climb faster, we can duo, if not I'll try to get high plat on my own, and add you when I do :) hopefully it doesn't take too long
031156 (EUW)
: looking for smurf / dia main elo pls
I was plat 1 as a support main last season on eune, same name as this account, if you don't find diamond player, add me :)
Løuie (EUW)
: [Team Superbad] Looking for Support [Silver+]
I was plat 1 as support main last season on eune, this sounds like some good fun :D lez go
: Looking for duo smurf account, d3+
I was plat 1 last season on EUNE as support main, played only 15-ish games in soloQ and I'm currently silver 3, but played mostly adc and didn't do that well, if you are looking for buddy to play with, I can play with you till dia 5, but I'm not good enough yet to reach master tier or high dia
: Hey we don't need a adc currently but if you want i can refer you to another team in our clan
sure thing, if they need adc, tell them to add me in game
: Gold+ Team looking for Mid, Jungle and Top to Form a New Team READ CAREFULLY :)
hhxbj7399 (EUW)
: smurf looking for other smurfs or plat 3+ players with good winrate/kda
I came from plat 1 acc on east to new acc on west, didn't really tryhard at all this season mostly played flex with friends for fun, got 15ish games in soloQ and I got silver 3, add me if interested
: Smurfing support from EUNE looking ADC in EUW.
I was plat 1 last season on eune, got silver 3 after my placements on west, add me if u wanna play
Mirizada (EUW)
: G3 Support LF Team/Flex/Duo
Plat 1 last season on eune, just finished my placements and ended up in silver 3 (fresh account), got mic add me if ur interested
: Looking for premade adc
Plat 1 last season on eune, just finished my placements and ended up in silver 3 (fresh account), if you're 16+ and got mic add me
: Did I play too passively? (No bot game)
Hey man, check my post if you are looking for someone to play with and maybe learn something
: When should I go to actual games?
Hey man, check my post if you are looking for someone to play with and maybe learn something
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