: Tell me if it works out for you, I've only done it like what 4 times now ? so it's still possible that it's just been one hell of a big streak of luck
so far it didnt work. also, a lot of times i am the only one who has a specific champ(a single lv2 lissandra) and yet i cant get another shard
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I suspected something like this is possible but I tried to do it the opposite way and my premade was trying to hoard champs other players went for. In the end this didn't work in a slightest though :D. I will try this then. It would be nice if this worked as it woud mean the system is badly designed and needs to change. Which I would welcome it is just gamble currently whether you get 3star or not. Even with not spending gold for XP and rerolling from start to get level3 asap, I am sometimes not able to get single (gold1) champ to level3 anyway and that means fast loss.
i think blocking others work only with a large group. ill explain: lets say the pool is made of: 12 garens 12 lulus 12 vaynes 12 chos 12 vayns with 8 players, lets say every one take 5(total of 40 out of 56) champs so if they take somewhat randomly at the begging of the match then they will block each other's updrages, ofc some will just have luck and get the ones they need from the pool before the others, and those are also the cases that cant be blocked. if two people focus on same champs and "swap" then most time (in this case every time) they will get an upgrade. if the "blocked" person does not have the luck to get what he needs first, then he still has the chance that the others who bought what he needs will sell/die so you need like 4 people only blocking every card that becomes available(which will be funny)
: "Cheating" in TFT thanks to a premade ?
gonna check this out and see if you are right... and i have EXTREMELY bad luck, to the point where i am level 7 and have 1 lv3 and 3 lv2 with 2 items and maybe 2 vombi stats
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