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Neblinio (EUW)
: QoL request: let us disable or delay HUD tooltips
Sorry, what option is that? I've looked for a while but didn't find it. Turning off "new player tooltips" doesn't hide ability tooltips.
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: game crash
Same problem. I uploaded my crash logs to the Riot Games Log Reader: It says that I didn't have at least 1GB RAM when the crash happened. I have 12GB installed and nothing else was running, so there must be a memory leak in the game. BTW, I found a way to regain control of your computer without needing to restart. Set your task manager to be **always on top** (look in the options menu to find the toggle). When the game crashes again, you can at least ctrl+alt+supr and close all League processes to regain control of your PC faster than rebooting.
Rellaes (EUW)
: Left click on mini-map while camera is locked
Please hotfix this asap, it's really annoying and potentially game breaking. Also the F keys are broken, can't be intentional.
anarchy3 (EUNE)
: The free Dreadknight Garen skin code not working
Same problem, my Dreadknight Garen code isn't working. Can you please help me? Thanks


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