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Smerk (EUW)
: Did you try repairing the client?
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: RIP my eyes
I fixed it with put screen to boardress or smthing
: Having lower and lower FPS during the Summoner Rift's games
It is normal its going down. Mainly at late game. The game got more infos and its killing your fps. BUT if your computer goes down like that try to clean up the windows. With antivirus, CCleaner, find things that you dont need and uninstall them even games that you arent playing, even if you will play them in the future you can install them back.
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Doomley (EUW)
: You will not lose anything that you have.
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: Ideal score for rank S
Does it matter if you lost or win ? like with score 15/3/14 and lost you get S but if you win you get A+ ??
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Alexsis (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Necksomile,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=9sa6JWmK,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-17T17:43:18.256+0000) > > I end season at s4 but i done my flex que on b5 now i dont have in loading screen silver boarder is this beacuse of flex or i didnt receive s6 rewards yet. And second thing 1 my friend said to that if you havent hole season chat ban or ban im getting som season rewards but i get nothing is it true or false ? Haven't heard that you get reward for flex rank S6, only soloq/duoq. If you reached bronze soloq/duoq ladder you should received your rewards very soon. (Only one icon)
i end solo/duo on s4 and i got on flex b5 i got silver boarder for 1 day and then it dissapeard
: A veteren player with a very nooby question
try thornmail they will die with you
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Prof Lux (EUNE)
: Teemo's Skins
omega squad and bunny are best i dont like little devil that much
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Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: Jungling 2nd Role
Master yi , Volibear and lee if lee get mastered it sill be really usefull
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: Stuck in division
So now i had a game with olaf i was dominating lane hardly against pantheon i was 2v1ing and pushing but my team feed botlane our was at end of the game 2/15 jungler 1/4 and mid 4/9 they just drag me down when i was pushing top they come at 5 but my team juts sit in jungle and dont push dont take objective dont even help and that happenede every time and we lost
Nyanter (EUW)
: dont worry it's the same in Plat. a lot of shitbags and boosted flamers and stuff in everygame. And guess what when you check their profile they all are dynamic (aka boosted) preference...interesting... things i find important to climb are: -Being able to do damage and get kills in lane -being able to dive (because people don't know how to do this) -strong poke -strong roam -strong in teamfight my favorite champ is malphite but i dont play him in ranked because he is weak in lane and team gets destroyed while you suffer against a random meathead darius your oppenent picked. I suggest you olaf (easy lane, strong roam, easy dives) Jayce (strong lane, good poke, fast tower pushes) yi ( basically you farm till 6 and then countergank the enemy jgler once ,you will snowball off that) graves (very strong champion, fast push is very good when you cant rely on your team for objectives) i would recommend you to avoid playing champions that requires many knowledge to capitalize on your advantages you get in early laning phase (kha, panth,..) because people doesnt know how to play around these champions and the later it goes the more these kind of champions fall off and gets destroyed in teamfights. Well the easiest way to climb is of course to find people to duo trio with.
rekopitam (EUW)
: Sorry, no , your wrong. Silver players also have no idea what they are doing. They don't run into you and die like bronze players do, and they don't tilt / flame as hard, but they are equally clueless. You might not realise it, but silvers are out of postion CONSTANTLY. On this account, my smurf, I frequently get a first blood double kill, because not only do silvers just posistion awfully, but they never trade properly, rarely attack you back in short trades, and are extremley predictable. Silvers are equally as clueless. My advice is : Learn how to trade and punish people for mis posistioning , you don't need much game knowledge to hard carry silver, only a lead.
can you try 1 game with me ? If not idc thx for some tips
rekopitam (EUW)
: sorry if your stuck in silver you deserve to be silver Check my match history, silver is arguably easier then bronze to climb out of ( at least in my opinion ). You should start reviewing your mistakes if you want to climb. The only thing that happens in every one of your games is that YOU are in the game, you are the only non-variable in that game, and with 500 games that should tell you something.
so its all about me yes ? i climbed from b4 to s5 in 1 week. then i get stuck
: - Could you add some pictures of your recent stats? - What champions do you like to play? (What lanes?) - Do you use wards a lot? - Do you use the chat more than required?
check out my match history, im playing jungle or top. I ussually got good KDA not more deads than kills. Im just getting kills when other lanes feed and then comes mid lane they just burst me. In jungle im only playing kha or elise. and on top fighters. i dont think im warding a lot and i dont use that much chat
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losta33 (EUNE)
: Respect comes first
Omfg completly bad translate :D as i ve seen cz version
: lf coach
You should boost me. I got nice mechanics on vayne but it isnt something for me playing 1 champ and unfortunately there isnt another adc assasint or style of playstyle like vayne {{item:3070}}
Danmic (EUNE)
: Champion Advice? Don't know who to buy
Its about your playstyle try to find out role. My friend was playing from beggining yasuo but wasnt too good at it then he tried sona and he goes 1 elo up.Find your playstyle you are new. But what was you saying try Tank Ekko or season 7 rengar
: try razer cortex
and try avast cleaner it will clean your pc and configurate it good.
mareks223 (EUNE)
: l have better shit my fps is less than 60 on all settings but usualy l have 70+ un medium {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
try razer cortex
: Same problem :(
leave it 10 mins and it will start to patch
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