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: [Champion Concept]-Pedro Jesus Ramirez, The Immigrant.
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Eambo (EUW)
: I like it, but I'd tweak it. Ult in shouldn't be there. In my opinion there should be a counter beside your teammates icon (where the green indicator currently is) to indicate when their ult is back up. But that's my opinion. There should also be a ping for 'back in lane' or something. We have an Enemy Missing, but no way to say they're back X-D Enemy this and that down I don't think are necessary, but warded would be useful too.
lol riot reply my old dream came true hahah
: Pick Order: URF here is mine
: Pick Order: URF
[]( Morgana + Lux combo :D
: More Ping Options
you stole it from me
luriCos (EUW)
: Sometimes i cant even hit the right icon when many things are going on. How am I supposed to hit all those tiny areas? I think your idea behind it is nice but needs to be simplified.
well this is just like "fast" made thing , so maybe riot could make it look better...
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