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YipFosh (EUW)
: lol is dead if they don't work carefully
It's all good, I used to flame and try to win. But now when I see a %%%%%% I just have some fun and build whatever is fun for me. Ranked have become dominion games for me. If someone doesn't care and I want to flame him instead I just have fun. I improved (: Thank you Riot and community!
KokOnBush (EUW)
: You can auto mute the shit, you just need to turn off sound, put on some %%%%ing music, go full braindead, and dragg the chat out of your screen since you want to int soft Int soft = 0; int hard = 2k rep 9x.;
I'm not inting just it's annoying seeing the pings. But good idea on muting pingsound.
: No, pings are considered fundamental Communication to the game unlike chat. So i doubt Riot will give auto-mute option
That may be but most often the pings I see are beyond useless and just are spampings. I instamute pings but leave chat on cause I enjoy people crying about reports.
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xZabaksx (EUW)
: You meet him often? Are you a high rank? Because in my gold elo I never meet anyone twice
no, its in normals.. I'm not even 30 yet to be able to play ranked.
: Welcome ^^ You won't face him anyways after a while. It's rare to face the same players
You say that, but it's been 2 consecutive days now... yesterday I had 3 games back to back with him on my team, and a game playing against him after that. Can't wait to finally get 30 and play some ranked.
: Write a support ticket about it.
if that is the only option for me to get finally some normal games I will do that. Thank you for the advice.
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