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ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Why it's Riot fault that people are toxic?
People become toxic when they feel like they lose control. Like, when they are not the ones deciding whether a game is lost. For example, you win your lane, and come out ahead with 3/1, but since top lane and jungle died to their top laner so much that he is 10/0 and proceeds to bully our midlander, the game is lost and there is nothing that you can do to stop the snowballing, it’s on the player to make a mistake, not your ability to outplay them as they have much much more stats than you. Aka, the player have lost control and the game is decided by the fact that his teammate do not know how to farm safely. He becomes toxic and calls out his team and eventually is banned.
Yateveo (EUNE)
: LoL uninstalls itself while playing
I guess so many people told you to uninstall the game, eventually the game even got fed up and uninstalled
T3x1300 (EUNE)
: Yuumi is more than useless now???
maybe the untargetability is what makes her impossible to balance
: if none of enemy buy items to cut your heal is normal {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
they saved ignite for me, but it did nothing, cause I just bullied them so hard they barely got any gold
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: OP/Broken Ability Combinations
Morgana q and any targeted ability
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: if her ultimate gets nerfed then her basic combo should get buffed.
maybe shorter cd on her e, so that she would have to land a few of those before, ultimately ulting to get the kill, instead of being instablown up the second u get hit by q
: He is like most assassins, highly susceptible to hard cc, but has a lot of burst damage. Sadly, in our elo, teams often can't coordinate enough to focus someone down or position accordingly. In high elo and progames red kanye is the to-go mode, because he can survive some cc and heal up.
Before I always saw red kayns even in gold elo, only red kayns. Now I haven't seen a red kayn in a few days only blue kayns, and they seem to do better than what red kayns used to
: Multiple URF Queues
IIRC, Urf is such as a popular gamemode that when it leaves, a lot of people feel unfullfilled when playing regular league so they quit (most come back eventually, but you can't always trust that it will be the case), so I guess that ARURF is a compromise to still give us URF yet make regular league seem appealing since at least you can choose who to play in the regular gamemode. (I might be wrong, but this is what I caught from a video that gave second hand source)
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: Me (mage support player) seeing {{champion:350}} on opponent team: {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Me seeing a fed jax with a yuumi {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Kravixman (EUNE)
: I will make it short, as I see hate on Yuumi again... {{champion:555}} Hello there... **Press R** EEEEEEEEEEEKRKKRKKRKRKRKKR*(ENEMY SLAIN)* **Press R** EKEKEKEKKEEEKRKERKEKREKRKERKEKREKRKERKERKERK *(DOUBLE KILL)* **Press R** EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK *(TRIPLE KILL)* **Press R** EKEKEKERKERKEKREKEKEKEKEKEKEEKEKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKEKKEKE *(QUADRA KILL)* **Press R** EKEKREKREKEREKKEKEKEKKERKEKRKERKEKEKEKEKEKRKERKEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEKEKEKEKEKKEKEKEKKEKEKEKKE *(PENTA KILL)* {{champion:555}} Wait... wasn't I 0/6/2, 5 sec ago? Who cares, time to spend my 4k gold and repeat this in 5min. **^^^** *This is the sound his ultimate... kinda makes.* And this is unhealthy in my taste and probably few other non hooky' boyz. If your team does not want to buy red wards and focus Rengar first, its their issue. Stop Yuumi hate. Meow.
yes, Pyke is overpowered atm, but that can be fixed with numbers and/or potentionalyl removing some unnecessary feature that makes him overloaded. Yuumi by the design is broken (not OP), but broken, her ability to sit on a fed carry without being in any harms way, while at the same making the fed carry into 2 champions at the same time, as if 1 of them wasn't enough.
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: Why ring for janna or yuumi?
It's cause their abilities allow them to get out of almost any situation without dying, so they can easily stack the item
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KakarotDZ (EUW)
: for me i prefer the pre patch one , because really , now it's like here is a bit of everything but not enough to make an impact , the waves used to be really good in skirmishes even if you're melee , because you heal alot out of gunblade and your ulti helps , but now it's like meh , i'm ranged but still can get gap closed by literally every one
Agree I prefer, as at least, you could win some 1v1s with the wave ability. Now all champs are off limits until level 11, though farming is a little easier. Plus they removed the true damage Though I do prefer prerework , as it at least didnt lock you until level 16 to have an impact. You could win skirmishes already from level 2 if you played her well enough (and I used to "main" her, she was my go to champ when I wanted to win a game, as I could msot of the time carry with her)
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: Is Pyke okay?
He is still kinda overloaded, oneshotting your everyday adc. So yeah I would say so
: Why is this community so toxic?
There are a ton of smurfs in lower levels, and a lot of them are highly toxic. For some reason they forget that making new accounts is actually for new players and not smurfs. But since smurfing is so common, I guess they expect the games to be on the same level as on their other account.
Spearki (EUW)
: UNjustified baan riot won't remove it!!!!!!
Kan inte göra något annat än att upvota din post. Hoppas någon från riot ser den och att det löser sig.
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: that seems interesting but I feel like that wouldn't work
I mean, it wouldnt solve all issues, but every once in a while you have someone connecting
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: Is this a fair ban?
I'm gonna go against the flow on this one and said that it all depends on context. For example, In my opinion. If someone calls you a "stupid idiot who should get cancer", I believe that answering with "Tough talk for a feeder" is a complete valid response (especially if they are feeding, which means that they have no grounds to even criticise their teammate on for how they are playing).
CJXander (EUNE)
: Qyiana is not picked by anyone
She's supposed to be this element champ, but she doesn't feel like she uses her elements at all. Also, she's completely dependent on ult. Ult + double q, if they die, you win, if they don't you lose, and have to wait until next ult.
: Smurfs are the cause of the toxicity
Smurfs are really toxic. It makes the game literally unplayable for new players. I created a new account in order to play with a friend who was completely new to the game. All of our games were filled with smurfs (I know I was one so I'm a bit of a hypocrite, but it didn't stop there), they proceed to flame at the new players for being bad at the game (NO %%%%ING SHIT SHERLOCK). This wasn't just a one time thing, it was in every single game. i can only imagine how that must feel like for new players.
talldog (EUNE)
: Same here and got LeaverBuster.
I got back after 7 min into game, and we won (I basically carried as well), got leaverbuster :/
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MrCloudes (EUNE)
: Please Don't Change Aurelion Sol's ,,W"
Im excited about the kayle changes. I was already gonna suggest that they should move ranged to first level of passive, but seems like they already that idea in mind.
: TFT Pyke ability way too strong
Oh he is busted in TFT and normal league. Guess they want to stick to the theme
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: How does the ban system work ?
For some reason I've been very lucky with reports. I seem to get messages that the appropriate action has been taken against rule breakers for just minor toxicity etc. I don't know if your report hold different value and that my report has "earned" more value??
: I haven't really heard anyone talk much about the newest udyr skin
so no udyr visual update/rework. that's my take on it :(
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: Fizz Montage - Insane
most of it was regular fizz gameplay
: Opinion about removal of Twisted Treeline [POLL]
the game attracted too many bots. wasnt uncommon to play have 2 in your team and play vs 3. If I wanted ti play a bot game Id choose that myself. It wasn't given enough attention to monitor the bots, and if they arent gonna do better monitoring, Id rather have them remove it.
Vialpando (EUNE)
: You know that Yuumi isn't the problem in such situation? 10/0 Jax is. The point is she is too easy to play.
10/0 jax was a bad example. But a real anecdote: Their jax was like 1/5 or something. he was absolutely trash. He then gets his items and he is a little better, but still pretty bad. Then their yuumi realise that she can sit on Jax. SHe does, he jumps in and he is unkillable from heals and trying to fight him = to getting stunned and mauled down by their jax.
Vialpando (EUNE)
: While I agree with you to some degree there would be problems with that. First of all, Yuumi is a support so she should stick to her adc all the time. She has extremely low hp and whole concept of her is that she's little parasite who leeches off carries. From my point of view she should chose only one target like Kalista and if she chooses to jump off she should wait more to jump on again. Her cd's are ridiculously low for the amount of heal, poke and mobility she has. I don't think she's op, I don't think she's broken. I just think her kit is annoying to play against and she's the easiest support to play in the League. She has to be more challenging for a player who picks her.
I think she's broken when she sits on a 10/0 Jax, so that he is literally unkillable. In an even team, she is fair.
wowlukas (EUNE)
: Why delete twisted treeline :(
I love playing 3v3, but normals 3v3 is just filled with bots. It's not even fun.
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: {{champion:53}} minor kit upgrade so he isn’t so one dimensional {{champion:31}} full VGU, make him the Godzilla he deserves to be (also reduce some of the more toxic elements of his kit) {{champion:42}} minor kit rework perhaps... idk I just want a VU. {{champion:131}} make her either an assasin or a diver not both {{champion:36}} major VGU. {{champion:9}} major VGU, such a toxic champion {{champion:120}} kit rework, needs to be in a space where he can be balanced around his mobile dps fighting style without him resorting to his E burst build. {{champion:24}} full VGU {{champion:96}} small kit upgrade I think, again same as corki I mostly want an excuse to give him a VU like ez got {{champion:54}} VGU (Warwick level, similar abilities but modernised, and a VU). {{champion:56}} samecas diana, assasin/diver hybrids just aren’t healthy for anyone involved. {{champion:33}} kit rework to reduce frustration and stat checking, could honestly get away with not doing a VU he’s pretty solid. {{champion:35}} full VGU {{champion:223}} the changes throughout his time has irreparably fudged him up... riot need to choose support or top it’s obvious they can’t coexist anymore {{champion:77}} full VGU {{champion:106}} full VGU There’s prob others, and a ton that could just do with VUs, butthese are the gameplay ones imo
oh I forgot a lot. Especially Udyr and nocturne.
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