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: New Client
The Alpha Client still has alot of bugs that need to be fixed. For us with low end pc is a nightmare. We are lucky if it even opens up and starts to run long enough to start a game. And dont get me started on Champ Select not only is it extremly laggy especially when you start to trade, when you rearrange your skills it sometimes bugs out not leaving the skills highlighted or even show what level of points were added and sometimes the window wont close. (always happened to me when my team were banning and i was rearranging my skills. pick champ popped up and i couldnt pick a champ or close the skill window resulting in lp loss).
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: This shouldn't be allowed Riot.
Clearly that darius isnt full tank and clearly you dont understand how darius kit works he was able to do 1000 true dmg because he had 5 stack of his passive ontop of you meaning his ult does the full true dmg and that is not including the insane extra ad he gets when he enrages. so ya he dunked you
NemesisNS (EUW)
: Wrong border ?
i finished last season gold 4 so yes the border i got now is Gold 1
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The TabIe (EUW)
: ***
What did I just read?
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 18 (Eune/Euw) Worlds Special nr 1 GO FNATIC!
Incubuus (EUW)
: Kindred (Chinese New Year skin)
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